Citi’s NEW Premium Card (Strata Elite) New Details…

Citi's NEW Premium Card (Strata Elite) New Details...

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a bit of an update on City's Long-awaited rumored premium card the City strata Elite all right we're going To get into that but first of all if you Do want to support the show why not get Up to 12 free stocks from our sponsor The Brokerage app Weeble okay the Minimum you can get is six and that is a Minimum value of 34 maximum is 12 if you Really luck out and if you get all the Best stocks at the best values it could Be worth several thousand dollars and That is simply for opening a new account With Weeble and depositing any amount of Money okay it is an amazing deal I will Put the link for it below Weeble of Course is the Fantastic zero commission Investing brokerage app it has better Charts and tools than the competition we Won't name any names Robin Hood anyway Link for that deal is below do check it Out guys right so without further Ado Let's actually get into this so last Year if you don't know City actually Trademarked Um two terms okay and I'm pull those up On screen for you now right so we've got The city strata Premiere most people Seem to think that this would be a Replacement for the current City Premiere so they're just adding that Word strata in to Rebrand it okay City Premiere if you don't know it's a

Mid-level city car that earns city thank You points and then we have another Trademark which is the city strata Elite All right and these were trademarked About a year ago September 2022 And people think that this city Strider Elite would be a premium card to replace The city Prestige which is City's Highest card now if you don't know the City Prestige isn't currently available To new card holders so the only one you Can currently sign up for is the City Premiere however people who already have The city Prestige are grandfathered into It okay so that's the logic that's what People think Um but we do have a little bit of new Information about this and so let's Check out actually this article here From Doctor of credit right so they've Got some new info now I don't know how They know this Maybe they've seen some information That's been sent to them but let me read Out to you what they say okay these Cards are getting closer to finally Launching the city strata Elite will Compete with the American Express Platinum with a comparable annual fee And coupon book credits okay I'm sure People are very pleased to hear that Overall doesn't look super compelling From what I've seen But City might tweak The offerings before launch

So he says it doesn't look super Compelling from what he's seen But Doctor of credit do have a pretty high Standard they're all about rinsing Maximum value out of the card so you Know just because he says it's not Valuable to him doesn't mean that other People might not find it I'm a good guy Now I don't know he said from what I've Seen so I'm guessing he's seen some Insider information somehow although It's surprising that they didn't State Their Source normally they would at Least say oh this is what someone sent To them or what was posted in the Comments or posted on Reddit Etc so I'm Surprised I don't share the source Um but yeah from from what I gather They're citing Insider information Annual fee roughly similar to the AmEx Platinum okay that would be 695 annual Fee then you've got a coupon book so I'm Guess you're including some sort of Travel credit some other kind of credits Etc now it's a little bit annoying to See there's not really based on any Evidence whatsoever all right but there Was a little bit of evidence from a While back from a few months ago that Does show that city is looking into Creating a premium offering which is I Think why doctor of credit is saying This card will be a premium card and That was this okay let's take a look at

This so this is an article from a Website called which card to get and the Article is called is Citibank Re-entering the Ultra Premium Credit Card Market Now the reason they think this Is because they found this survey on a Certain website it doesn't actually say What website they found this on but it Is a public survey for helping City Elevate their credit card concierge Offering now if you think concierge you Think premium credit cards okay like Annex Platinum Amex Centurion Chase Sapphire Reserve Etc let me read this Out to you One of the features of a good credit Card is the concierge service that are Included historically these concierge Benefits have included things like Vacation packages air travel booking Restaurant booking and other exciting Experiences to enrich and enhance the Life of the card holder however changes In consumer behaviors and preferences Provide a great opportunity to take a Closer look at how concierge benefit Offering might evolve to the modern card Holder okay and city is looking for People to take part Um in that survey all right now Interesting thing about concierge is With the Advent of the internet okay you Can now book vacation packages online

You can even book flights hotels or a Flight hotel car rental package through These Banks own travel portals online Without the need to phone someone up so In certain respects concierge is out of Date which is probably why they are Wanting to get new fresh ideas now in my Opinion concierge services are best Suited to booking restaurants and Experience appearances that are hard to Book on your own because if you have a Big company like Amex or city having a Relationship with a certain restaurant Or a certain concert venue or whatever And they can block off a few a few seats For AMEX card holders or city card Holders and then you can call the Concierge and get access to those seats That are saved that's a really great Perk okay so in my opinion that's where Concierge services in the 21st century Should be going booking hard to get Experiences also certain VIP packages That you could book where they create a Package and they have maybe a limited Number of them a little bit similar to Amex's buy Invitation Only packages I Was looking at one for Wimbledon tennis And it's sort of a package you book Through Amex you get access to the Lounge you get a VIP experience Courtside seats Etc Um so yeah offering these sort of Packages and getting you bookings too

Hard to get experiences in my opinion That's where concierge should be going And it's good to see City doing that now That they they do have private clients Okay uh not to be confused with Chase Private Client but just you know not a Proper noun but a regular noun private Clients uh which they could be offering This concierge to as well but obviously If they were gonna do a premium card Like this rumored strata Elite Um then they would need a concierge Service for that card as well so guys Um that's sort of the new information About this card the newest thing we know Is Doctor of credit is saying that the Card is coming out soon giving no Explanation to where that information Comes from but hey it starts with Reddit They have a good reputation so it Obviously comes from somewhere they're Not going to just say it off the top of Their head Um but I would like to see uh obviously You know the source of that if they Would be willing to disclose Um but maybe you know for certain Reasons they don't want to expose their Source or whatever so keep your eyes Glued to this guys the card will be Coming out soon we'll give you more Information Um you know when we know and if you do Want to support support the channel

Through applying for credit cards with Our links we do thank you we have our Credit card guide below if you want any Of the credit cards in that guide do Feel free to learn more about them by Clicking through tarpana website and also if you're Looking for a card that is not listed on That site just click through to you can search by issuer And you can basically learn more about And even click through and apply for any Card pretty much from any issuer in the US so if you are looking for a way that You can support us without incurring any Cost to yourself just through your Credit card applications that is a way That you can do it and we thank you very Much if you use our links obviously do Make sure that the welcome bonus offers On that site are competitive also if you Want up to 12 free stocks from Weeble we Will put that link below as well as Always please subscribe to the channel If you're new thanks for watching we'll See you next time bye

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