CONFIRMED: Amex Cards Limiting Delta Sky Club Access…

CONFIRMED: Amex Cards Limiting Delta Sky Club Access…

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a bit of a sad video for you Today because Delta Airlines is making Some changes to who they will allow in To their Delta Sky Club airport lounges And this is going to affect people who Get access through the American Express Platinum Card and other co-branded Delta Amex cards now we actually did a rumor Video of this a few weeks ago because a Pretty accurate version of this was Leaked on Reddit by someone who claims To be an American Express employee and I Guess they really are an American Express employee because they pretty Much knew quite a close version of What's going to happen so they were Pretty close but not quite and in this Video I want to go through the actual Changes of what is going to be happening Which are now public and if you are new To our Channel we cover everything Credit card and luxury travel related so Do subscribe for new videos every week And uh hopefully most of the time it'll Be good news rather than bad so let's Start from the beginning credit cards Such as the American Express Platinum Card and the other co-branded Delta American Express cards allow travelers To get into the Delta Sky Club airport Lounges when they are flying Delta even If they're only flying economy it's a Very useful perk but there are changes

Happening now the first change is that You will no longer be able to get into The Delta Sky Club with a credit card if You only have a basic economy fare now This was already a rule for Delta Flyers Getting access in other ways but now as Of January 1st 2024 it will be a rule For people getting access to the Delta Sky Club with American Express cards now To be honest with this one it really Doesn't affect me I would never book Basic economy anyway but perhaps for a Younger person on a budget I can see how It might mess up your plan next let's Talk about one American Express card That is not just having their access Limited but is actually losing access Completely and that is the Delta Platinum Card this is their mid-tier Credit card and it has a 250 annual fee So it's what I call a tier 3.5 card in My five Tier credit card ladder system You can check out my video on that I'll Put it on the end card of this video it Looks like this on screen now but it Basically covers my credit card ladder System that I created to help people Understand the different types of credit Cards that are available on the Us Credit card market now the Delta Platinum card offers paid access Currently to the Delta Sky Club you pay Fifty dollars for a pass and you can Also get passes for up to two guests but

That is changing and already on the Landing page for the Delta platinum on Mx's website it says effective one one Twenty four this benefit will no longer Be available so the Delta Platinum is Losing access completely and that Includes the business version of the Card so there are now only four publicly Available American Express cards that Can get you into the Sky Club but even Those four are going to be faced with New limitations so let's get into that Now but for first if you do have a lot Of credit cards and you struggle to keep Track of your balances your rewards Balances Etc across all your accounts a Great solution for that is the sponsor Of today's video the smartphone app Max Rewards it allows you to keep Information on all of your credit cards Even if they are from different issuers Such as your balances your points and Miles balances your upcoming bills in One easy to use dashboard inside their App Max rewards also keeps track of Bonus spend categories even the ones That change every quarter and always Suggests the best credit card for every Purchase it's especially useful if you Have American Express cards because the Pro version of Max rewards Max rewards Gold will activate all of your Amex Offers for you adding them to your cards So that you never miss a deal and you

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May even save money without realizing it It's happened to me several times I've Used an Amex offer I've come home and Found an email saying I saved some money And I didn't even know it the average User it saves around 700 per year with Amex offers and you can get a free month Of Max rewards gold with my link below Or you can just download the app and try Out the free features alright so the Four cards that can still access the Sky Club are the American Express Platinum The business Platinum the Delta reserve And the Delta Reserve business but they Will be limited so starting in 2025 and Yes I know 2025 pack yourself on the Back you got a whole year to wait for This but anyway starting in 2025 the Access policies will be the MX Platinum Six visits per year the business Platinum six visits per year the Delta Reserve 10 visits per year and the Delta Reserve business also 10 visits per year And for some reason this is based on What Delta calls their program year Which is from February 1st to January 31st the following year so it's out of Sync with a normal year by one month oh And in case there are any Centurion Card Members watching this don't worry guys Your access is not changing but hey for A 5 000 annual fee I'd hope that you'd Get unlimited access but there is still A way that you can get unlimited access

On any of the four publicly available American Express cards that we mentioned And that is the same hoop that Amex Makes you jump through to get free Guests in the Centurion Lounge spend Seventy five thousand dollars per year On your card but you can have a look at How well that's working out for me guys With the free guest thing my personal Platinum is nowhere near at nine Thousand dollars this calendar year and My business Platinum is a little closer At twenty three thousand dollars for 2023 but I'd still require over fifty Thousand dollars in spending to get free Guest access no way I'm gonna do that Before the end of this calendar year but Anyway that is what is happening and Like with when they brought in the Limitation for guests in the Centurion Lounge they had to start tracking it one Year early so the launch of this like we Said is delayed until 2025. so for the Whole of 2024 you're still going to get Unlimited access on any of those four Credit cards but as of January 1st 2024 Or Amex is going to be tracking your Spending and another one of those video Game health bars is gonna appear in your Account and if you spend 75 000 in 2024 You'll get access for the rest of that Year and the entire following year which Would start on February 1st 2025 and end On January 31st 2026. however you've

Already got unlimited access in 2024 so Actually that's not gonna be how it Works but in subsequent years that's how The policy is going to work okay so if You spent 75 000 in 2025 you get Unlimited access for the rest of 2025 Until January 31st 2026 and then from February 1st 2026 until January 31st 2027 you'd also have unlimited access For the whole of that year so what are My thoughts about all of this well Obviously it is a disappointment but for Me I would say it's not going to affect Me that much I've actually never been in A Delta Sky card okay I've been to Admirals clubs they suck United lounges They're a bit better but I've never been To a Sky Club although I do hear that Sky clubs are pretty good I will Actually be flying Delta on my trip to Hawaii next week and I am flying economy Not basic economy but economy because I Just I want to do the whole trip on Points and I just didn't have enough Points to do Um you know to book business class all Right so I mean I'm building a house Right now so I need to save my money so I want I did the whole trip on points And Um yeah we might try and go to the Delta Sky Club uh at JFK and I believe at LAX Because we have a stopover in LAX I Recently changed my airline with the

Business Platinum from American to Delta And because we're flying economy you've Got to pay for bags so I'll use this for Checked bags on the Airline credit and Maybe we'll be able to uh try out going To the Sky Club not sure if I can bring In guests like you know we have two kids With us so not sure how the guest policy Works if anyone uh knows that you can Leave me a comment below will I be able To bring in my kids under 18 not sure Maybe I'll have to pay for them maybe I'll just got kicked out I don't know But anyway we'll see if we can do a Sky Club next week on our way to Hawaii or At our stopover in LA but you know guys In general I think the credit card game The whole you know points and Mars game And stuff it's constantly changing right So they give us a great benefit then They devalue it they give us a huge Welcome bonus a year or two later they Devalue the points it's kind of a game Of cat and mouse right it's like Tom and Jerry so don't feel too bad about it Because you just got to constantly Adjust your strategy all right and there Are still sweet spots there are still Other credit cards that are offering Incredible deals like the Capital One Venture X is offering really great Lounge access right now they're opening Capital One lounges they're opening Chase Sapphire lounges and you know at

The end of the day all this was done To stop crowding in the Delta Sky Club Anyway so you don't want to line up for Half an hour to get into a Delta Sky Club be in the lounge for 10 minutes and Then go you know have to run to get your Flight that's not fun anyway so I guess You know I see it from their point of View too this kind of had to be done Um and obviously it's going to be Unpopular but hey if it makes the Sky Club less busy Um I would say that's a good thing so Just you know just remember it's a game Of cat and mouse The strategy has to constantly be Changing and that's kind of the fun of The whole credit card points in Mars Game anyway right so guys leave your Comments about this below as always if You want to sign up for example the AmEx Platinum I have a link to that card in My credit card guide I will paste that Below as well and also if you want to Support our show through your credit Card applications just in general if you Go to that credit card guide and click Through to the AmEx Platinum it takes You to where you can Then Browse by issuer and you can Basically find credit cards by any Issuer card that you might be interested In and if you do use our link it really Does help out our show at no extra cost

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To yourself so we thank you very much if You do just make sure the welcome bonus You're offered is competitive with what Is publicly available also don't forget To get a three month of Max rewards gold With my link below please subscribe You're new we'll see you next time bye

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