CONFIRMED: Amex Now LIMITING Bonuses on Flagship Cards

CONFIRMED: Amex Now LIMITING Bonuses on Flagship Cards

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now we have seen a lot of new Regulations and restrictions around American Express bonuses over the past Few weeks including on the Delta Airlines cards AMX limiting you getting A bonus on the lower tier cards if You've already had one on one of the Higher tier cards then a week or so Later we saw a similar thing added to The cashback cards now in the video Where I talked about the cashback cards I predicted that maybe we would see this Coming to amx's Flagship products of Gold platinum and green in the future Will this be added to the terms of Conditions of the American Express Flagship products like the green golden Platinum I think it could be and guess What yep it's been added to the flagship Products of gold platinum and green as Well well actually the specific language Has only been added to the terms and Conditions of the gold card but it Affects those applying for the whole Series of cards because it dictates the Order in which you can apply so let's Take a look at the terms and conditions On the Platinum we just have the thing About not being eligible to receive Bonuses if you've already had a bonus on Another version of the Platinum like the Charles swab Platinum um or if you had This card previously so no change there

Then on the gold they have added terms Saying that you will not be eligible for A bonus on the gold card if you have Received a bonus on any version of the Platinum card and then on green it's Actually unchanged so you just have the Lifetime language you can't get the Bonus on the green if you've had a bonus On green before so what does this mean Well it means that the gold and the Platinum are now effectively linked and You have to apply for them in ascending Order and if you don't if you apply for The Platinum first you will not get a Bonus on the AMX gold card if you apply For it later in reality though I think That most people will apply for them in That order anyway since the gold is less Of a commitment because of a lower Annual fee so it makes more sense to get It first but if this becomes the norm What's next I guess this is just them Tightening up after a period of giving Away huge bonuses uh during the tail end Of the pandemic and we already saw a few Days ago them raising the spend Requirement on the gold card as well From $4,000 up to $6,000 so it seems the Gold card is a specific Target maybe the MX gold card is just too good all right I personally really love it I love how It earns four points per dollar on Restaurants worldwide and US Supermarkets I earned like 60,000 points

That way last year right that's enough For a business class ticket to Europe so There seem to be a lot of changes going On look out for more I'm sure there will Be more changes but you know what hasn't Changed the fact that you can still get Up to 12 free stocks from our sponsor Weeble it is a brokerage app where you Can buy and trade stocks cryptos and Even open an IRA and when you deposit Any amount of money in a new account you Can get six free stocks minimum at a Minimum value of $34 altogether but you Could luck out and get up to 12 free Stocks and they could be at much higher Values giving you a maximum possible Value of over $30,000 luck of the draw what you get Link is below all right guys thanks for Watching do subscribe for the latest Credit card and personal finance news on The channel we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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