Crazy Credit Card Strategies for HUGE Rewards Ft Richard Debs

Crazy Credit Card Strategies for HUGE Rewards Ft Richard Debs

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we're all about getting amazing Value out of credit cards in the form of Points and Miles so you can earn free Luxury travel or even more free economy Travel if that's what you prefer and Today I have a special guest on the show Who has made several videos about really Thinking outside the box in terms of Getting credit card rewards earning Massive multipliers on his spending and That is none other than Richard Debs Welcome to the show Richard hey Ben Thank you so much for taking the time to Talk to me um I think we're going to Share some exciting news with everyone And uh so I appreciate your time it's Awesome man yeah and we've got some yeah Like you said we got some really Exciting things to uh to go through in This episode which I think you're all Going to enjoy um how to get huge Multipliers on credit cards um so first Of all I know you did a few videos um Specifically talking about the built Card uh and then we're going to go into A few other cards at the end so do stick Around for that um but you are getting Some massive multiply And um I want to talk about first of all We've got the uh the 4X on everything Method with the built card so why don't You uh let us know a little bit about That so the built car it really holds a

Special place in my heart cuz I got it Early last year uh right before I went To Africa for a long-term trip and so The reason I picked the built card is Because one of my philosophies when it Comes to travel and using credit cards To facilitate my travel is I want to Make sure that when when I'm at home I Can use credit cards to earn points and Then when I travel abroad especially cuz I do 2 3 4 5 months T abroad I can Continue to use credit cards to earn Points so I strategically pick cards That don't have foreign transaction fees Have great multipliers Etc and so I got The built card early last year and the Reason I wanted to get it right before My trip is because of its 2x category on Travel the reason that's important is Because the places that I stay in Africa Are typically coded as guest houses or They're coded as hotels which is falls Under the 2x travel umbrella so I'm like This would be amazing if I can use my Built card and earn 2x it would be great But then I used it to pay or book those You know those stays on rent day which Is the first of the month so I started Earning 4X on my rent abroad so you Book Like A month's you Book Like A month's Worth of guest houses in one day right Something like that try to be strategic Yeah that's that's super cool uh and Sometimes I might book like a 3 week say

In one place right especially if I'm in A new area and I want to go around and Travel and have a home base and so uh That's been my Approach as well and so It's just been a great card to use until December 2023 when built released new Guidance for his tier structures they Changed the way you can earn um you know You can earn your status and that Directly impacted me because it forced Me to now change my approach to how I'm Using the bill card in the past you Could use your rent spend and your Non-rent spend towards your status right So it as long as you spend enough in Points then you know you uh earn enough Points then you can make it into the Gold status which is what I wanted to to Achieve but starting 2024 that's no Longer the case right there's two ways That you can earn um that you can earn Your status One is using rent but you Need a crazy amount of points like for Gold I used to 50,000 points would do it And this year it's 125,000 points that I Need and that's just too I mean I don't My rent is not that high in spend for me To do that but luckily built has a Second method which is the non-rent Spend right and you only need $25,000 in Non-rent spend uh to achieve gold status In 2024 so I looked at it I said I'm not Putting $25,000 in non-rent spent on the Card because I spread out my expenses

Across many cards but I said how can I Keep using the built card to get my gold Status because it is very valuable and It's been proven to be valuable because I've transferred out my built points at A rate of 125% to Emirates to Flying Blue I mean it's just proven itself to Be fantastic and I was like a little Scared initially but then when I thought About it I said okay I have all this Non-category non-rent spend that I'm Spending on my 2x catchall cards like The AMX blue business plus my Venture X If I move those and I put them on the Built card but not only put them on the Built card but schedule them to go out On the first of the month I will keep Earning my 2x multiplier so I'm not Losing anything by doing that in Addition to that I'm getting more spend On the card more non-rent spend on the Card which is going to get me to the Spend requirement of $25,000 so now I'm At Gold status fantastic I love it it's Beautiful and you know what the beauty About built is it's it's not just gold And platinum folks that are going to get The benefit if you get the built card You start off at Blue status blue status Alone is fantastic like the transfer Rate 75% for blue status amazing let's Just explain the transfer rate um for People that that aren't familiar with it Sure so um so there's four status tiers

With built there's the blue status which Everyone gets there's no spend Requirement there um silver status The Next Step Up you need $10,000 a year and Spend um to get to Silver status gold is $225,000 a year to get in uh to Gold Status and platinum is $50,000 a year Right so Back back to my my strategy here so I Moved all my non rent non-category spend Onto the bill card and I intentionally Pay it on the first of the month it's Like old school like I got paid let me Pay my bills on the first of the month So I have a spreadsheet with all all my Subscriptions and my insurance and Everything and those categories are Things that things like pet insurance Car insurance uh my oil my gas my Electricity so all that like catchall Stuff right stuff that doesn't fall Neatly into a category that has an Elevated multiplier that's what I moved On to the built card putting it on the Card on the first of the month means I'm Getting 2x right so it's a 2X catchall I'm getting all the spend that I need to Achieve gold status to meet that $25,000 A year requirement but then Bill offers Throughout the year these amazing Transfer boosts I'm talking amazing Where gold status you would transfer at 125% so you take your built points and You can transfer them to Emirates or

Flying blue or IHG or Air Canada um and They transfer at those crazy rates and It's just a no-brainer for me that's Awesome so how how many points how many Of the final type of points like airline Miles does it work out at per dollar is It four per dollar or or more you my 2x Uh category so everything that I'm Earning 2x on the card when I transfer It out to Gold it's 4.2 4.25x wow right so but that's gold set Silver would get Um 4X gold is 4.25x and platinum is 4.5x I'm not going near Platinum I mean I'm Dabbling with the idea of of making it To platinum but gold is kind of my sweet Spot so I want to go back to a point Earlier about why gold is a sweet spot All the statuses get some nice benefits Gold is a sweet spot and we saw it in March because March had they had a March Madness where people would vote on Different uh uh you know we got to vote On different Ben uh prizes and stuff and Gold and platinum actually got to take Advantage of not just the number one Prize but the first two prizes right so If you're blue or silver you only got The first one so I I can see a lot more Of that coming down the pike and I think I think built changed their status here Because built status is more valuable Than ever so they're making it harder For us to get status because of the

Value that's coming that that we have And that's coming down the road all Right well that that is an awesome way To get you know such a huge multiplier On non-category spend let's now look at Your second strategy which is the Skyhigh multiplier uh on a certain Category you are saying uh 32 points per Dollar and 40 points per dollar up to Those amounts uh I mean that just sounds Mindboggling to most people but why Don't you explain how you get that built Dining is really the key here so when I Think about using the built card to Really stack the points when it comes to Built dining there's a couple components So there's the built status and then you Have your rent day transfers built has a Concept of that's called built dining Which is in 20 plus cities around around The US so these are Partnerships that They have with restaurants around where You not only earn the points on the card That you charge right so that's tied to Your built wallet so the built wallet is An app you download it you don't even Need the built card to have the built Wallet you can put your AMX gold on it Whatever card you want so you can earn The multipliers of that card but then You're also going to earn built points From the restaurant if it's a built Dining restaurant and they have lots of Built dining restaurants I mean there're

Some of the best of the best some of Them are like they have a great variety So what I did in Boston cuz I'm I'm Bas In Boston and New York uh I went on the Built dining website and I said show me All the restaurants because I wanted to Search for all the 10x restaurants right It the multipliers on built dining range From 2x to 10x I'm not playing with a 2X And 3X I need as many points as I can Get right so I went in and I couldn't Search by multiplier so what I did is I Loaded all the restaurants on the page I Hit contrl F I hit 10x I saw six Results luckily one of my favorite Restaurants Rosa Mexicano was one of the 8X restaurants which there's a ton of as Well and so those are the restaurants That I've been strategically going to on The first of the month I'm guessing the First step is going to be going there on Rent day right which gets you the double Points on dining so 2 * 3x which would Be 6X that's the first step right that's The first step so 6X on dining using the Built car now so that that's an Important point cuz some folks say well The AMX gold has a 4X multiplier but so That's better than 3x and that's fine But on rent day your built card is now 6X and not only that based on what we Discussed earlier with the 4X catchall When you transfer out your 3x built Points that transfers out at 6X it's at

The Credit Pros

125% you know 6.75 whatever it is so It's still more valuable than that gold 4X oh even if it wasn't rent day it Would still be more valuable yeah even If it wasn't when you transfer it out And and for me the goal is travel so I'm Always going to transfer them out to Partners uh so if you're in the one of The 28 built cities or you know more Than that now probably at this point um You're going to go there on rent day and You're going to use your built card Which is tied to your built wallet on Your app so that's going to give you 6X And then on your your built dining Restaurant let's say you choose a 10x Built dining restaurant built dining is Going to give me 10x my built card is Going to give me 6X that's a 16x meal Wow that's amazing that alone is is Fantastic a 16x meal so let's say that You over the course of a year spend $2,500 in dining all on rent day well Yes on in this specific scenario it's on Rent day using this method using this Method so let's say you strategically go Out once a month for 10 months and spend $250 or you spend $500 in 5 months right So $2,500 on the course of the year That's going to earn you at a 16x Restaurant transferring out to Gold Status that's going to earn you 90,000 build points okay using the Transfer out okay so yeah so we got a we

The Credit Pros

Got our 16x and then when we transfer it Out if we're gold status um it transfers At what was it 125% 125% wow yeah so 125 90,000 miles Partner miles right whatever partner you Know Emirates Flying Blue whatever They're offering for that rent day That's that's just that doesn't count Your built rent points your built travel Points all the Forex catch all points That we're accumulating now it's unheard Of because some folks say well the built Card doesn't have a sign up bonus I Would argue that is a better deal than a Signup bonus yeah why because you get to Do this every year every year you can Spend $2500 earn 90,000 partner miles and as Long as these rent day uh bonuses Continue you get to do this every year It's fantastic normally for 90,000 miles I think on the the chase Inc unlimited I Spent $6,000 to get 90,000 points as the Welcome bonus so this is way less than That your Sapphire Reserve you have to Spend $4,000 to earn 60,000 uh po miles Points yeah your Venture X I think it Was $4,000 $75,000 this is $2500 at $90,000 partner miles on a free Card no annual fee yeah I mean yeah That's that's amazing thank I'm happy That someone else is sharing that Excitement cuz it's like it's like too Good to be true it should be illegal

When you think about it like if you do 5,000 in meals over the year that's 200 Almost 200,000 points yeah that's an Incredible amount nothing is going to Give you those types of points for that Amount of spent you know and so I just I I want to let people know that even Though you hear it doesn't have sign up Bonuses it has something better and this Is has been proven to be a fantastic Approach fantastic strategy to get these Valuable build points and 990,000 mil in I mean you can go to Europe uh roundtrip Business class for about 100,000 miles Depending on the airline you can do United Polaris for like uh 880,000 or 60,000 if you book through Air Canada What what airline programs are you Transferring out where you're getting Because the bonuses they're different Each month aren't they sometimes it's Like Air France km or sometimes this What what uh programs have you Transferred to with those huge bonuses Transferred to Emirates I took advantage Of the Emirates I took 50,000 built Points and transferred and I got 125,000 Emirates miles which was sweet I'm Middle Eastern I got a little Irish in Me but I'm Middle Eastern and so I'm Partial to like Middle Eastern Airlines Emirates Qatar Turkish yeah that that Kind of stuff yeah I love I love I love Transferring in Dubai it's great to to

Go there for D and um so Emirates is is Is one that I've done flying blue is one That I've done as well and so Opportunities are endless and and you Don't need we don't need those transfer Boosts monthly right you just need them A few times a year and as long as they Give them to you towards the end of the Year like after you accumulate all your Points then towards October November December if they give you a great boost Then and you have a and you have a trip In mind that would be the perfect time To transfer your points and get that Elevated uh bonus so just a few little Things we should remind people of with The built card you do have to do five Transactions per month to earn any any Points at all which could be a pack of Gum at a gas station which could be like Five bottles of water for the five Transa I just want people to you know to Know that so that's super easy that's Not really is but you just got to Remember it because if you forgot and You're like no I didn't earn any points But um but yeah five transactions per Month uh and then also like we said yeah If you transfer your miles over you Can't transfer them back as well so do Make sure that you're happy with the Airline that you're getting the bonus on And and it's important also to only Transfer your when you have like I'm

Living proof that this works cuz I Travel and I use my points to travel and Everything but I only transfer my points Over when I know I have a trip in mind Because when you move them to an airline Those will expire at a certain point Right so so I don't move them unless I Know you know I have a trip coming I Want to get these miles Etc yeah cuz There's no way back and different Airlines have different expiry periods And stuff so some Airlines you know Shorter than others um let's let's move On now cuz that that is an incredible But I know obviously not everyone has The built card so I wanted to give a Couple of examples of doing this with Other cards and so I've got an example And know you've got another example um Of something else you've done that's Really cool as well that we'll talk About at the end so I wanted to give you Guys my example with AMX points of Trying to get a really really high Multiplier I don't beat 32 I'm not any Win you um but it is still pretty cool So I'm sure you're familiar with the Site rettin which is where you can get Some really high points multipliers on Certain days so all of the sales Throughout the year like Black Friday President's Day 4th of July all of those Holidays uh rettin um it it gives you High points multipliers and for those

That don't know reton it's basically a Points portal where you click through to Some of your favorite Merchants for Example say Macy's or whatever Or uh different stores like sax fth Avenue you click through shop on their It and they give you either cash back or AMX points um because they've referred You so they're basically getting a Commission and they're sharing that with You and if you choose by default it's Cash back but if you choose AMX points You can earn AMX points so on some of These days they're doing like 12% cash Back Etc so I have an example here let's Say you go to I picked Because the AMX business Platinum has The Dell credit so I've done this where I've actually bought like a hard drive And then I get refunded anyway but I Still get the points right so so let's Say level B that's next level Next Level Next Level all right so um I get the 12 Points per dollar on my purchase with and I also get an extra point Which is the point I would have earned On the card anyway right so I'm getting 13 points per dollar I get the money Back because of the Dell credit although You could say I've paid for that with The annual fee but whatever that's a Side note 13 points per dollar but then What you can do AMX from time to time Does do these transfer bonuses similar

To what built does typically with AMX The transfer bonus it's not just one day It'll be around for like a month or Something uh highest I've seen well one Of the best ones I've taken advantage of Is 40% to British Airways often they do It around the end of the year so I Transfer over 40% um AMX points to British Airways that takes me up to 18.2 Points per dollar or airline miles per Dollar from my original purchase using AMX Platinum through uh ruttin uh at that's great so I actually Started using rackon because I watched Your video about it and so when I go to Best Buy to buy a gear or anything like That um I make sure I use go through Recon first why can't they transfer my AMX points monthly though yeah that's Annoying it's once a quarter isn't it That's the only caveat with racket in It's once a quarter but it's still it's Still it's still excellent yeah and Actually if you guys haven't used rakon Yet we'll put the link below you can Earn $30 or 3,000 AMX points after you Make your first purchase and I think That deal is going on till the end of The month so if you want that little Bonus uh do check it out below and then If you wait until the next sale what Whatever day is coming next Memorial Day Probably um they will have those huge Points multiplies as well um but I want

To move on now to the last uh example Because this is another credit card from City that you uh use uh and you've got a Great strategy with this so why don't You tell us all about that I had a City Custom cash card that I was using for Gas so it was my 5x cash it was my 5x Gas card and then I was able to product Change my second Premiere Card to a Custom cash so now I have two custom Cash cards and so I said I want to Maximize this I want to earn 5x on my Groceries now I my primary grocery store Is Trader Joe's and they sell alcohol Right and and it's also Whole Foods and They have a hot bar which I treat like a Restaurant you know so it's like a Buffet really and um so I got two custom Cash cards and I said I want to earn I Want to take all my grocery spend which Is a high bill because it includes Alcohol because it includes the Whole Foods hot bar and I want to earn 5x on That and so when I got my two cards I Switched from gas onto groceries so now I'm earning 5x on let's say $11,000 in Groceries all right so the reason is Because it caps at $500 yeah so they Have a lot of categories that you can Use your custom cash on and then City Says whichever one is your highest will Give you 5x on that and then everything Else will be 1X it goes against my being To pay 1X for anything like to to earn

1X on it so I always have to maximize it Whenever possible so what I said is Since I know what the categories are let Me pick grocery stores and then when I Go to the grocery store I never want to Pay 1X on any overage so what I do is I Buy a gift card for $500 for that gift Store for for that store so I go to Trader Joe's and I get $500 in gift Cards or I go to Whole Foods I get $500 In gift cards and then anything above That that I need to spend on I just use My AMX gold which ears me forx or I use My you know anything else uh uh the the Next best multiplier card that that you May have right so so if your bill is Like $550 that extra $50 is going on the MX Gold cuz you've only got $500 on the Gift card exactly EXA and the cash is Always confused I'm like I want to pay Buy this gift card for $500 and then I Want to pay for all of this with it like I do it on the spot and they're always Like huh and then it works um but it's It's a great thing so I actually have Three custom cash cards and that's Through product change right well the Second one's through a product change The third one I'm going to authorize you Are on but it's all in the family right So it's so we're maximizing so it's 5x On $500 * 3 cuz I have three of the cards

So that's 5x on $1,500 that's $7,000 thank you points on Groceries stuff I already pay for that Includes alcohol that includes a hot bar And then times 12 which I never really Will get there cuz I always have a trip Coming and I have to leave the country Um but times 12 that's 990,000 thank you Points on groceries so if you're a Family if you have a high grocery bill It's a fantastic strategy now it might Take you a while to perform a product Change right I had to wait a while and City won't give me a double cash card to Because I think they know I'm going to Convert it to a another cust so they're Denying me let's just say something About that cuz City actually allows Product change from any card to any card Within their system actually apparently Except for the Costco card apparently But pretty much any City card could be Converted into a custom cash so if you Have a custom cash already and you want Another one and you've got like a city You know whatever double cash or Anything even American airines card from City it can be converted into another Custom cache yeah they keep denying me I'm very upset with them I'm on the I'm On there with the rep like I have the Pre I have two premieres and you won't Give me a 2X C like really anyway but That's in the side U so it was a product

The Credit Pros

Change and then an authorized user so Now we're at the point where we have Three and I feel like Maxim and you Don't have to all use it for the same Category right if you have a if you're a Real estate agent and your gas bill is High you know for your car you could do One card for your groceries and then Another card for your gas right that way You can get 5x on 500 on three different Categories basically exact so it's just A fun card 5x I mean if I get 5x on Everything I would be very happy and how Many points does that produce per year For you 90,000 if if I were to stay in The US and use it for 12 months it would Be so it's 7,500 per month time 12 which Is 990,000 thank you points that is Awesome if I can get a fourth and a Fifth I will I just w't put that out There City's going to have to stop me They're going to have to stop me from Doing that that's awesome man well you Know guys I hope that's giving you guys Some ideas at home on like how you can Think outside the box with credit card RS if you have any other ideas of your Own uh leave them in the comments below Thank you so much for joining us Richard And why don't you tell everyone how they Can uh find you on YouTube I mean we We'll put your channel but just give us A little introduction to your channel Thanks again for having me Ben I've been

A fan I've been watching your videos I Mean you're one of the the indispensable Channels I go to to learn about credit Cards cuz again I'm a traveler first and And I want to use credit cards so folks Like you giving us the the the you know All that information is fantastic and so My channel is RS Square travel rewards And that's my finance Channel and I also Have a channel I started before that Which is about traveling Africa and Different parts of the world that's my My name Richard Debs DBS and that's my Travel Channel and so they kind of go Hand in hand in that sense cool that is Awesome and we'll put like a link to Your channel and I'll also put a couple Of the videos that you did on the built Card and stuff on screen uh for people To click through and check out guys Don't forget there's that $30 deal or 3,000 AMX points deal with rettin that You can get for signing up as a bonus And also if you want to learn more about The built card we'll put a link to the Built card below as well thank you so Much Richard thank you you guys for Watching we'll see you next time

The Credit Pros

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