Crazy New Welcome Bonus on THIS Credit Card (ACT FAST)

Crazy New Welcome Bonus on THIS Credit Card (ACT FAST)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I want to talk about a Couple of awesome credit card bonuses You can get right now one is a first Year cashback match and no this isn't on The Discover It cashback card but a card From a different issue we'll talk about That in a minute and also we have your Last chance for a 75,000 Point offer on One of the C- branded Hyatt Hotel credit Cards from Chase and high points are Some of my favorite points they are some Of the most valuable Hotel points out There you can book those High All-inclusive resorts with them so stick Around for that but first let's talk About this firste cashback match and This is on the Chase Freedom unlimited Card now this is how they describe it in The offer terms with this offer you will Receive a one-time bonus equal to all Cash Back Rewards earned during your First 12 monthly billing Cycles from Account opening with your Chase Freedom Unlimited card so they're basically Doing the same thing as discover does on Their cashback card a first year Cashback match but while discover on Their Flagship Discover It cashback card Does have a limit on how much you can Earn since their 5% quarterly categories Are limited to $1,500 per quarter so that's a maximum Of $6,000 in spending per year that you

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Would earn double 5% so 10% on then Everything else you're only getting Double 1% which is simply 2% not even Better than the city double cash whereas With this new offer on the freedom Unlimited it is as the name suggests Unlimited they even clarify that right On the landing Page so what rate of cash back can you Earn well let's take a look at the Freedom unlimited's regular earning Rates this card used to be just 1.5% Cash back on everything but later they Added a few more cash back categories so As it stands right now we have 5% on Travel book through Chase Ultimate Rewards 3% on dining 3% at drug stores And 1 .5% on everything else thus with Their one-year cashback match that is Going to become 10% on travel book Through Chase Ultimate Rewards 6% on Dining 6% at drug stores and 3% on Everything else and like we said there's No limit to the amount of money you can Spend in those categories so you can Earn unlimited cash back at those higher Rates and remember cash back on this Card is tracked as points so if you have Other Chase cards like the Chase Sapphire preferred Sapphire Reserve or Inc preferred you can transfer those Points over and they take on more value Through the travel portal you can have An extra 25% in value on the sapphire

Preferred and ink preferred so that Would be 12.5% back on travel 7.5% back On dining Etc then if you transfer those Points to the sappire reserve instead You get an extra 50% in value through The travel portal so that's 15% back on Travel and 9% back on dining 4.5% back On everything else and if you transfer The points from the chase sappire Reserve preferred or ink preferred over To Airlines you'll often get 2 cents in Value per point or more so that would Work out at 20% back on travel 12% back On dining and 6% back on everything else The only caveat with this is that you Have to wait 12 months for that lumpsum Payout of your matched points but if you Weren't planning on using them for a Year anyway it wouldn't matter Chase Does describe this as a limited time Offer so I would suggest acting fast on This one currently this offer is only Available through a direct link so I'll Put a link to this card below so that You can learn more about it if we have Our own link it'll be our affiliate link Otherwise I'll put a link to a point Sky Article where you can find the link Directly to the card and using our links Is a great way to help out our Channel Or the Points Guy or whoever link we end Up putting there if we don't have our Own um at no extra cost to yourself Alternatively you can search for the

Freedom unlimited yourself on Google and At the time of recording the offer that You still find on Google is $200 plus 5% Back on Gas and Grocery some some of you May actually prefer that offer so if That's what you prefer you can just Search for the card in Google and that's What you get otherwise if you want the Cashback match offer check out the links Below and in case you're wondering yes This card has no annual fee all right Let's move on to the last chance for a 75,000 Point offer on the world of H Business card now for this one you can Earn a 75,000 Point welcome bonus in two Stages so you get 60,000 points for Spending $5,000 on purchases in the First 3 months and then an additional 15,000 points for a total of 75,000 Points added all together if you spend a Total of $122,000 in 6 months for Account opening now this offer is going To end at 9:00 a.m. eastern time on October 19th that is only 6 days away at The time of recording now this card does Have a $199 annual fee but you get two Times $50 High credits per year so that Takes the annual fee down to just $99 The card gives you high discover status And with every $10,000 you spend on the Card you get five qualifying nights Towards moving up the status ladder it Could be a great fit for some small Businesses or Freelancers and remember

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You don't have to have a company to Qualify for a business credit card many Freelancers or people with side hustles Will be eligible too and the great thing About business credit cards is that they Don't show up on your personal credit Report I'll leave a link below for this One so you can learn more about it if You're interested all right guys that is The video for today links to everything We talked about in this video are below Thank you very much for using our links If you do it does help out our show Although don't feel obliged to I hope You can get value out of this video and Our other videos so please subscribe if You're new and we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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