Credit Card Expert RANKS US Card Companies BEST to WORST

Credit Card Expert RANKS US Card Companies BEST to WORST

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In this video we rank US credit card companies from BEST to WORDT.

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And today we are ranking credit card Issuers in the US market this is going To be a lot of fun I was inspired by Nico's video you know the crazy watch Guy from Northern Ireland I was hanging out with him a couple of Weeks ago at the Scottish Financial Freedom Summit but anyway he did a video Like this ranking watch brands and we're Gonna do it today with credit card Issuers in the US so let's get started We've got our tier list right here I got The computer screen right next to me and Uh you know if you are new to the credit Card industry in the US this is going to Be really helpful to you because it's Going to let you know which banks which Brands are good and which are actually Kind of lame okay or rubbish or crappy Absolutely horrible I will put you into Who wrote category and uh if you're a Regular viewer of the channel uh do stay With us because this is gonna be a lot Of fun too so we've got our tears we've Got the god tier which is obviously our Highest tier we've got the uh what's it Play Platinum executive Reserve we're Just making fun of the names you know Platinum Reserve executive whatever we Should add a few more buzzwords onto That but anyway that's our kind of best Here below the god tier then we've got Some good value for cards that you know

Offer good value to some people and then We got lame and then we got a special Tier for luxury card all right luxury Card has its owned here but there will Be a few other cards in this tier as Well if luxury card was a watch it would Be an Hublot right all the watch people Are like yeah Hublot is terrible as his Own tier don't want to talk about it off but anyway let's get started Guys alright so Bank of America what we Got Bank of America where are we gonna Put that I think I'm gonna put that in The some good value tier I give you the Reason for this Bank of America it Doesn't have Transfer Partners okay and Transfer Partners are normally what we Want when we're playing the whole credit Card points and Miles game uh collecting Points so we can take business class Flights Etc you get the best value when You transfer points out to a Transfer Partner and Bank of America doesn't have Them but what Bank of America does have Is the prefer Rewards program where if You have a load of money in a Bank of America account or invested with Merrill Lynch and a stocks and shares account You can get extra rewards so I think the Basic benefits if you have like twenty Thousand dollars with them you get Something but if you have a hundred Thousand dollars with them you actually Get 75 extra on your rewards which

Actually takes you up to some pretty Decent multipliers you know some people With a bit of money you can get really Good cashback rates Um with Bank of America so it's Definitely worth checking out it's Definitely going to give good value to Some okay hence why I put it in the some Good value tier but it might give bad Value value to others all right so it's Not something that's highly regarded if You're playing the points and Miles game You want to book first class flights or Whatever but if you want to get high Rates of cash back uh Bank of America Can be really good all right Capital One Capital One so previously I would have Put this in the some good value tier uh But actually I think now I'm going to Put it in the Platinum executive Reserve Elite whatever tier okay Capital One They've really made some huge Improvements in the last few years right They've brought in Transfer Partners Which they never used to have and I Think most of their partners are One-to-one transfer now which is what You want so you can get some really good Value out of their miles they brought in The Venture X Card uh was it last year Was it the year before anyway in the Last couple of years they brought in the Venture X Card which is I would say the Best high level credit card or tier 4

Credit card for people who are newer to The game all right it's a it's a low Financial commitment and it gets you Lounge access with priority pass Capital One and uh Plaza premium so such a great Deal on the The Venture X so Capital One Executive Platinum Elite Reserve Whatever tier Um there you go well done guys All right Barclays where are we gonna Put Barclays I think Um with Barclays I'm gonna put him in The some good value tier Barclays they Do a lot of co-branded cards and I Actually particularly like look I've got It here they're uh Windham business Earner card now this one gets you the uh Windham Diamond status so you can then Status match for Caesar's Diamond so if You're going to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or whatever it's Really good yeah this sounds good as it Used to be that's right yeah Jason that Is right it's not as good as it used to Be so last year me and Jason went down To Atlantic City to do the whole status Match Merry-Go-Round thing and we Started with this card and we got Caesar's Diamond uh from it and then we Transferred to we got status match with MGM we got MGM gold and we from that we Got OSHA we got hard rock and then we Got ocean and we got Hyatt Etc they've Severed that bridge now between Caesars

And MGM gold so you can't start with This card and get like every status you Can get Caesar's Diamond but Caesar's Diamond now only matches to MGM Pearl so You get free parking free parking is Always nice right Jason we paid 15 for Parking so they better match me to Something it better be worth it come on Let's go this one was another one that Was unsuccessful But uh yeah you don't um you don't get MGM gold so not as good as it used to be But they do have a load of other cards Barclays we're talking about Barclays Not just this one card so they do have a Load of other Airline cards and stuff But some of them have good deals so I'm Going to say some good value with Barclays all right Chase Chase has got To be in our executive Platinum Elite Reserve whatever tier because chase you Know it's one of I would say the big Four you know Chase Annex Capital One And City and yeah I mean you can just Get it's it's really good Chase you've Got freedom cars I have the 5x Categories you got the Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Sapphire Reserve their Business cards are really good I just Got a 90 000 Point bonus on one of their Business cards a few months ago they got One of the best most flexible points Currencies out there I think it's 13 Transfer Partners including British

Airways you've got United you've got Hyatt hotels that's one of the best Hotel Transfer Partners so Chase Definitely in our second from Top tier Um luxury card all right we know what Tier this is going in Um it's got its own here why do we make Its own tier that bad it's just that bad It's just that bad yeah I I guess it is So luxury card if you don't know it's a Collection of three cards you got the Black Card you got the platinum card and You got the gold card and they have like Black Card pasted across the front but They're not that good I don't think F Transfer Partners at their point earning Isn't that good they're just not that Good and their annual fees are Ridiculously high a few years ago they Did waive the annual fees for military I Think and then they stopped that which Is a really scummy move anyway luxury Card if they were a watch they would be Hublot right which is like the watch That no watch expert wants to buy no you Know what that'll open it category That's horrendous but um yeah luxury Card you got your own tier alright city City is uh City's one of the big four And but I would say with Chase uh you Know compared to Chase and Capital One It's debatable whether they should go in This uh High tier here I'm kind of Tempted to put them in the some good

Values here because they um got rid of a Lot of the uh benefits on their card Like baggage Insurance trip delay Insurance all that they just wiped that From all their cards a few years ago Yeah but there are some good points About the city though that is okay that Is true there are some good Jason's Reminding me he's keeping me on the Straight and narrow there are some good Points one of those good points is that The city double crash is a very double Cash not double crash what am I talking About the city double cash is a very Powerful card it's not just cashback now It earns two percent on everything but Those are transferable to city thank you Points now so two points per dollar on All spend which is great and it's Unlimited they brought in the city Custom cash very recently like last year Or late the year before that's a really Powerful card as well to earn five Points per dollar and your higher spend Category each month limited to 500 per Month and you can then transfer those Points to the City premiere and then you Have access to all the Transfer Partners There's a lot of them a lot of Airline Transfer Partners with City I don't Think they got any hotels but for those Reasons it's debatable but all right I'll get them into the executive Whatever tier

Um just just yeah just because of that I Mean but they are borderline City you're Borderline okay so do something good if You want to stay you don't got relegated Down okay to a lower tier all right we Got Credit One Credit One credit one Didn't this used to be your card Jason Have you got it in your wallet still Whoop okay so here's here's Jason's Credit One it's they call it Platinum I Don't want I don't know why they call it Platinum it's just you know using the Name this does not deserve to be called Platinum basically Credit One we're Gonna put them in the luxury card tier And they're one of what we call a fee Harvester card and in fact let's get First Premiere as well because we've got Them in here too First Premiere get Ready for a 36 interest rate these two Brands when you first start getting Credit and building your credit score You'll get junk mail from them my advice Is do not apply for their cards some of Their cards don't even have Grace Periods so you know as soon as you make A purchase with the card it starts to Accumulating interest they have done a Bit better in the recent years and They're sort of they have less cards Like that most of their cards do have Grace periods now but they have a lot of Fees typically they're hard to cancel if You look them up on like the Better

Business Bureau or Consumer Reports or Whatever you'll read some very bad Reviews so I'm putting both of them in The luxury card tier all right discover Discover I would say let's put it in the Some good value tier discover is a great Um card for a beginner because you can Typically get it when you have no credit Score uh the Discover It Card their Cashback card and um it does earn five Percent Um five percent cash back per on fifteen Hundred dollars per quarter so same as The Chase Freedom you can't convert it Into points though that's why they're Not in the higher tier it's a some good Value but if you're into cash back Especially if you've just started on Your credit building Journey Discover It Cashback card great card for you guys so Yeah check that out all right we got Carrot carrot is um this is a unique Card and this is going to be the first Card that I'm actually gonna put I'm Actually gonna put it in the god tier Okay Yeah I'm well I'll justify it I'll Justify it man okay so this is my carrot Card so first of all you can see we got A completely custom card with my logo on It credit Shifu and Jason the reason I Want to put it in the god tier it earns Five percent on the spending category of Your choice voice okay five percent cash

Back on a category that you choose That's unlimited as well it's unlimited Cashback so it's a really powerful card I think Graham Stefan he introduced this Card to me and I think when he uh he Said that he spent something like 70 oh Yeah that's right they do sometimes on Black Friday they'll just do five Percent on everything for the weekend Right so he spent like seventy five Thousand dollars uh in one weekend in it So he earned like three thousand seven Hundred and fifty dollars in cashback Because he was earning five percent so You do that get those deals like Black Friday and stuff where it's five percent And everything but from month to month You get five percent on a category of Your choice and it's unlimited so it's Really it's possible to earn a lot of Money Mr Beast has this card he must be Earning a huge amount of cash back I Don't know what category he's chosen but He spends a lot of money every month I Would say god tier it's debatable it's Either premium Platinum whatever tier But for this I'm gonna put it in the god Tip all right what we got next Synchrony okay so Synchrony Bank you Might not know the name but Synchrony Bank they actually issue a lot of store Cards so for example the Sam's Club Credit card that Synchrony Bank a lot of Store cards you might not necessarily

See synchrony branding that your card May be issued by Synchrony Bank your Back end that you access the card for The online account you may see synchrony Branding on there but um I'm gonna put Them in the lame tier okay not to say That all the cards they issue are bad It's just that people generally have bad Reviews about their customer service it Doesn't tend to be great and there's no Car that really stands out although the Sam's Club card is pretty good for gas Spending you can get good rates on gas And they have a few other cards as well Generally most of them are store cards Co-branded cards that type of thing so Synchrony Bank yeah it's debatable but I'm putting them in the lame tier Alright TD Bank TD Bank you got a TD account yeah I Don't got a credit card but I got a bank Account you got the bank account you Know the bank account tends to be the Bank account that people get when They're kind of like not that wealthy Did you know that Don't feel bad because I used to have a TD account as well and they have an Account where you can avoid monthly fees If you have a minimum balance of a Hundred dollars so that's what me and a Lot of other people used to do we just Avoid the minimum fee I think at Chase You have to have like a thousand five

Hundred dollar balance or a certain Amount of money being paid in a month But TD Bank a certain account it's Really easy just 100 balance no fee Right no monthly fee so I kind of know It as a sort of poor persons okay so it Sounds terrible right sorry guys no hate If anyone has a TD account but anyway We're talking about TD credit cards here Today I'm gonna put them in the lame Tier I'm sorry TD I mean you have done a Little better in recent years with your New I think it's called double up the TD Double up card two percent cash back on Everything but you know if you look at Any credit card blog like doctor of Credit the Points Guy Um One mile at a time whatever none of them Really rate TD as a bank for collecting Credit card points and doing the whole Travel hacking thing or anything like That point to Miles game so TD sorry You're in the lame tier it's basically Cashback focused the multipliers aren't That good so I'm sorry about that TD but Uh yeah you should improve maybe next Year you'll be in the uh some good value Tier like our next one which is U.S Bank I'm gonna put them in some good value They don't have Transfer Partners so That really is why we're not putting Them in the Platinum executive Elite Amazing you know golden whatever tier

Some good value there are some sweet Spots the altitude Reserve it's very Affordable that's sort of their High Tier card this thing is 400 but you get A lot of that back through credits and Stuff you can get three points per Dollar on mobile wallet spending so if You always pay with mobile wallets Basically three points per dollar and Everything the altitude go is another Really good card by TD Bank for U.S Bank U.S Bank all right U.S Bank another good Card by U.S Bank Um and that's for Um you know dining you get four points Below on dining with that I think it's No annual fee so they got some really Good you know they got some kind of good Cards but they don't have Transfer Partners so some good value good value For Sam but they're not one of the big Boys all right Wells Fargo okay I'm Gonna put Wells Fargo in the lame tier Sorry guys I have to I know some people Like the Wells Fargo Um what was it called Propel that's now Been discontinued they do have a new one That's kind of taken over from that I Think it's not quite as good but Wells Fargo you know whenever we do videos About Wells Fargo people just comment Don't they right they comment everyone's Favorite everyone's favorite yeah they

Comment here's what they comment with They they comment and say I never bank With Wells Fargo not if you paid me a Million dollars because of the fake Accounts Scandal a few years ago many People are still annoyed with Wells Fargo but for a credit card right you're Borrowing money off them they're not Taking care of your money so why would You care right it's like you know if They mess up well You owe them money so it doesn't really Matter right What about built oh yes and that's Another thing built so built is the one Card that really stands out yeah that's True oh dude you're making me want to Put them in the some good value tier now I guess I guess I guess I should move them shouldn't They because the built credit card where You can earn points on rent and they Have a load of Transfer Partners and It's actually a pretty pretty good deal Yeah so okay all right some good value Because that's what the some good value Tier is isn't it issuers that have some Sweet spots with certain cars right Is that what it means yeah some good Value I don't know why I'm asking you I Designed this whole thing anyway but Okay some good value with a with an Asterisk all right because of the whole Fake accounts thing and a lot of people

Hate them all right last one guys I Think you know this going American Express it is the Rolex of credit card Brands I'm gonna have to put them in the Gods here all right I'm gonna have to I Know that might be controversial but for Me personally out of all the cards I Just get the most value out of Amex Cards I really do if I look at the Amount of points like right now if I was To open my AmEx account I've got like 270 000 points in my AmEx account and Only about 40 to 50 000 in my Chase Account and for me it's just their Points are so easy to earn they have Massive sign up bonuses I got like 150 000 on the uh Platinum the business Platinum recently versus like 90 000 on A Chase business card it's almost double Last year I think I spent uh 8 000 each In grocery and dining on the chase on There not chase the AmEx gold and they Earned 60 000 Amex points that way Referrals right now on the gold I'm Getting 30 000 points per referral There's also one deal that I I managed To get where you get nine points for Lauren grocery for three months if you Refer one person and I did that Amex is Just you earn so many points and on top Of that you got things like the fine Hotels and resorts collection which gets You some great benefits at hotels Particularly in Las Vegas although I use

It in DC to great effect as well their Lounge Network the Centurion Lounge They've got like 13 lounges whereas the Nearest competitors Capital One and Chase they've only got like one or two Lounges each so they are just they're Just far ahead and it's for that reason That uh I'm gonna call them God tier Alright the AmEx Platinum uh amazing Card offering some really good value Then you've got obviously the AmEx Centurion the Black Card okay this one Isn't mine but this is a real Centurion Given to me by a friend who does have The card AKA he canceled it and you said It was lost and then gave me the old one And that is the quintessential Black Card the you know card to end all cards So Amex gotta go in the god tier unless They do something stupid they will Probably remain in the god tier for a Long time to come what do you think Jason will We Will We accurate in Ranking these cards any any changes You'd like to make you had Credit One I Know you maybe have a soft spot for them You don't want to move them up No no their logo looked exactly like Capital One so it kind of like tricks You it does doesn't it yeah you notice That you see the logos credit wait it is This is Capital One is more of a Boomerang whereas Credit One is more of A o but to the untrained eye but anyway

Guys if you are new to the credit card Game this is my ranking personally I Wouldn't go for any credit card below The some good value tier so I wouldn't Be interested in anything from TD okay Maybe if you get a store card or Something and it happens to be issued by Signet uh you know synchrony you know Maybe you can get some good value like Out of the Sam's Club card so that is The order of the ranking of all the Cards all the card issuers on the US Market leave your thoughts in the Comments guys do you agree with me do You not if you want to learn about any Of these cards or sign up for some of Them check out our credit card guide Okay we got information you know mini Reviews about the Platinum the gold from American Express those are both god tier Cards right some of the other cars from Chase Etc you can read our reviews we do Obviously thank you if you use our links For any of our locations because it does Help out the show at no additional cost To you just make sure the offer the Welcome bonus Etc is competitive with What's publicly available but we do Thank you very much if you use our links Link to our credit card guide is below You guys have been great fight it out in The comments over whether you think this Is accurate or not please subscribe to The channel if you're new I will see you

Next time bye-bye

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