Credit Card Just Added 5% in THIS Category + New Centurion Lounge

Credit Card Just Added 5% in THIS Category + New Centurion Lounge

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have two things to talk about in This video one is the new five percent Quarterly categories on The Chase Freedom Card that were just announced And the other is a new Centurion Lounge That will be opening at a certain Airport we'll tell you all about that Later in the video but first if you do Like our show and want to support us why Not support us by supporting our sponsor The stock and crypto investing app Weeble where you can get up to 12 free Stocks when you sign up and deposit any Amount of money the minimum amount is Six free stocks at a minimum value of 34. but if you luck out and get all 12 The value could be over thirty thousand Dollars luck of the draw what you get Link for that deal is below so let's get Into the Chase Freedom quarterly Categories now if you don't know the Chase Freedom Card and freedom Flex Allows you to earn five percent back Which is also five chase points back per Dollar on fifteen hundred dollars worth Of spending in categories that change Every quarter before we get into talking About what quarter Force categories are I want to let you know that you have two Weeks to do any final spending that you Need to do to max out quarter freeze Categories which are gas EV charging and Entertainment you can see I've spent

About half the allowance okay 750 that's Basically all gas I don't think I'm Going to spend that much more than that Maybe I'll get it up to a thousand I'll Be sure to fill up both my cars with Full tanks of gas before the end of the Month though I mean with these gas Prices that's like a thousand dollars Right there no I'm kidding it's like 80 Bucks each so that's like 160 okay let's Now reveal the quarterly categories for Quarter four of 2023 and they are PayPal Wholesale clubs and select Charities now These are pretty good categories Especially since PayPal is now a payment Option on many websites okay a lot of Websites have a little PayPal button you Can link your credit card to your PayPal Account just pay through PayPal and you Earn five percent regardless of where You're shopping then wholesale clubs is Good as well especially because it's Easy to max out because if you want you Can pre-buy food like large amounts of Frozen food and just store it for the Next few months the only thing that People are pointing out about this Though is that the freedom Flex is a MasterCard and Costco is now Visa only Now you could get around this by Switching from the freedom Flex to the Regular Freedom Card which is now only Available through product change but you Do unfortunately lose some of the

Features of the freedom Flex like three Percent back on dining and a few other Things the freedom Flex is undoubtedly a Better card but if you are like me and You already have the old Freedom then You're fine Of radar You could also go to a different Wholesale Club oh how shocking I know I Know Costco is the biggest and most Famous one but if you're like me and You're a Sam's Club member you would be Fine using your freedom Flex card there Then for the Charities section it is Select Charities so it's not any charity In the list you know it's a bit limiting But there are some pretty big well-known Ones on there like the Red Cross they're All on screen now so you can pause the Video and take a look if you wish and if You're someone who's going to donate to Some of these Charities anyway you might As well use your freedom or Freedom Flex Card and earn some points or cash back While you're doing it just remember you Do have to activate the categories which You can do starting today either in your Chase online account at an ATM or if Chase sends you an email you can click Through an email to activate them as Well and those categories will go into Effect on October 1st for the fourth Quarter October November December Alright let's now talk about this new

Centurion Lounge which will be at Newark Airport which although it's in New Jersey it serves New York City Amex Released a press release about this just One or two days ago and I'm going to Read you a little bit from that that Describes this new Lounge at 17 000 Square feet the new Centurion Lounge Will include an indoor Terrace Overlooking the Airfield with views of The Manhattan skyline a cocktail bar and A piano Lounge celebrating New Jersey's Rich Jazz history it'll also feature Signature Centurion amenities including A menu inspired by local Cuisine several Seating areas dedicated workstations and Complementary high-speed Wi-Fi the newly Constructed Lounge located in the new Terminal A is scheduled to open in 2026. American Express is the first credit Card issuer to announce plans to open a Proprietary Lounge at EWR and EWR by the Way is the airport code for Newark so it Will be good to have a new Lounge at Newark especially a centurion it is my Local airport after all and it does Typically rank as one of the worst Airports in the entire country Unfortunately so good to see some Improvements but sadly you do have to Wait until 2026 for it to open and Actually the entire Terminal A where This Lounge is located is currently Undergoing a renovation all right guys

That is the video for today don't forget To activate your freedom or Freedom Flex Categories so you can earn five percent Starting in October also don't forget to Get up to 12 free stocks when you sign Up for Weeble and deposit any amount of Money link for that deal is below as Always thank you so much for watching We'll see you next time bye

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