Credit Card Welcome Bonuses are Getting Stupid…

Credit Card Welcome Bonuses are Getting Stupid...

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In this video I want to analyze the new Welcome offer on the Venture X business Card which I think is the highest offer I have ever seen 300,000 points if you use a Point Sky Valuation of 1.85 cents a piece for Capital 1 miles it's worth $5,550 just for opening a credit card Insane hey everyone my name is Ben Hedges aka the credit shuu and if you Want personal finance and credit card Tips and tricks every couple of days do Subscribe to my channel it's free we'd Love to have you but anyway I want to Talk about this new welcome bonus on the Capital One Venture X business card that Is the business version of the very Popular Venture X card it has most of The same benefits the main difference is That it is a charge card that has to be Paid in full every month now the latest Welcome offer on this card which is Described as a limited time offer is Sky High let's check it out for a limited Time earn up to 300,000 bonus miles 150,000 Mi once you spend $20,000 in the First 3 months and an additional 150,000 Mi once you spend $100,000 in the first 6 months and like we said the average Potential value that you get from that Is about $55,000 now there are a lot of bonuses Like this these days where you spend a Certain amount in 3 months to get half

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The bonus and then a lot more in three More months for a total of 6 months to Get the other half good on Capital One That it is actually even halves it's not Like spend 20K in 3 months to get 50,000 Mil and then $100,000 in 6 months to get The other 250,000 Mi to make up to 300,000 that would be kind of scammy but In my opinion these bonuses are getting A little out of hand are people really Deciding on the best card for their Business because of a Skyhigh bonus or Are they actually looking at the Capabilities of a card the insurances The point earning categories Etc and When you actually break it down and see How many points you are getting per Dollar spent for the bonus it may Actually surprise you if you spend $220,000 for the 150,000 points that's 7.5 Capital 1 mil per dollar it's not Really that much if you were to get for Example the 60,000 Point burners for Spending $4,000 on The Chase Sapphire Preferred that would be 15 points per Dollar spent or even on the regular Venture X Card the personal version of It it's $75,000 Mi for $4,000 in spend Which is 18.75 points per dollar spent so both of Those are way higher if you get the full 300,000 miles for spending $100,000 on the card it's only 3 m per Dollar now you do get2 mil per dollar

Anyway on your base spend so even if you Add that in which we don't normally but Let's just add it in it takes you up to Only 5 m per dollar that's still really Bad value when we're talking about Welcome bonuses you could get way more By just splitting that $100,000 and Spending up and uh you know get a load Of different bonuses on different cards You would get way better value you could Probably earn a million points that way Of course if you are late in the game And you've already got bonuses on many Popular credit cards and you're kind of Scraping the barrel as to what you can Apply for then earning 5x on everything For $100,000 in spending could be a good Deal for you but what I want to point Out in this video is that sometimes These things aren't as good as they Initially sound you need to look at how Many points you actually earn per dollar And you need to take into account the Opportunity cost of not using that money Elsewhere but if you think it works for You be my guest and apply however many Of you probably would benefit more from The personal Venture X card that has a 75,000 Point welcome bonus for spending $4,000 in 3 months and has most of the Same benefits there's a link to info on That card and many of the other cards That I regularly talk about on this show In my credit card guide which is the top

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Link in the description below if you Want a way of supporting our show at no Cost to yourself using our links really Does help us out and we thank you very Much if you do as always guys please Subscribe if you're new and we'll see You next time bye-bye

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