Credit Cards Can Help with Restaurants, Credits, Rewards, and More! Dining #creditcards #Amex

Credit Cards Can Help with Restaurants, Credits, Rewards, and More! Dining #creditcards #Amex

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Inflation is tough. It is causing dining out to be way too expensive. In today’s video, we discuss which credit cards can help enhance the dining experience. Some cards like the Amex Gold Card come with credits, others like the Chase Sapphire Reserve get up to 10x back.

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Eating out has never been more popular With busy Lifestyles and the convenience Of takeout and delivery more and more People are opting to dine out rather Than cook at home but as inflation Continues to be high and the demand for Dining out increases so does the cost Restaurants are also raising their Prices to keep up with the growing costs Of running the business labor food costs And rents are all on the rise and Restaurants are passing these costs onto The consumers and while dining out may Be more expensive people are still Willing to pay for the experience Restaurants offer a sense of community a Chance to socialize and a break from the Daily routine however eating out can add Up quickly and put a strain on your Budget additionally with holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day holiday Up charges at restaurants are becoming More painful to your wallet and in Today’s video I will cover some of the Best credit cards you can have to help Cover you for your dining and restaurant Needs how’s it going everyone and Welcome back to the channel before we Jump in it would mean a lot to me if you Can hit the like button down below Subscribe and turn on notifications all Of these things help factor into the YouTube algorithm to get this video in Front of as many people as possible and

I really appreciate you for your help Even though we are eating out more often And restaurants are getting more Expensive we in the credit card hobbyist Community can take advantage of our Credit card rewards and perks to not Only earn more travel rewards but can Also improve the dining experience as a Whole through a combination of rewards Credits and concierge services let’s Start out with rewards that you could Earn for eating out restaurant Categories are typically really common On credit cards most commonly we get the Three percent or 3x back on restaurants From no annual fee cards like the Chase Freedom unlimited Capital One saver one Or the Wells Fargo autograph the most Generous no annual fee card that has Dining is a fixed category is the U.S Bank altitude go which gives you four Percent back additionally we have Rotating category cards like the Discover it or Chase Freedom Flex which Will occasionally have dining as their Category for five percent back you also Have cards like the city custom cash or The US Bank Cash Plus Card which allow You to pick dining as one of their Categories for a five percent back from Cards with no annual fee five percent is Usually the highest you can hope to Receive however with annual fee cards we Can earn even higher the American

Express Gold Card earns 4X back on Restaurants and with a membership Rewards Point valuation of two cents per Point this translates to about eight Percent back however if you think eight Percent back is high enough you also Have the Chase Sapphire reserves Chase Dining category if you make a prepaid Reservation using Chase dining on The Chase Sapphire Reserve you earn 10x Ultimate Rewards points back with a Point valuation of two cents per point That translates to a whopping 20 back of Course we’re only reaching the tip of The iceberg when it comes to improving Your dining experience with credit cards Next up we’re going to talk about the Credits when I think about cards that Offer credits for dining I think of two Cards issued by American Express the First is the American Express Gold Card Which offers a hundred and twenty Dollars in credits every year in the Form of ten dollars per month credits For restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack the second is The Marriott bonvoy brilliant card by American Express which offers three Hundred dollars in credits every year in The form of 25 credits for any Restaurant of course both of these cards Come with Hefty Annual fees and these Credits help off set that the last thing I want to talk about with regard to

Improving the dining experience is the Concierge services This benefit is usually overlooked by Credit card reviewers but having used Them myself I say they are very Important When it comes to using credit cards one Of the most convenient and valuable Perks is the concierge service what many Credit card companies offer this service To their card holders providing Assistance and special access to a wider Range of services with concierge Services you can get help with Everything from travel arrangements to Restaurant reservations to gift ideas And more simply call the concierge Service number on the back of your card To speak to an agent that can help you With whatever you need off the top of my Head there are four major concierge Services that you can take advantage of The first is the American Express Concierge which is available to Centurion or American Express platinum Card holders the second is the Visa Signature or VISA infinite concierge and This is available to anyone that has a Visa card that says Visa signature or VISA infinite these are cards like the Capital One Venture X the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Sapphire reserve The MasterCard World Elite concierge is Available to anyone with a World Elite

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MasterCard these are cards like the Chase Freedom Flex or the city double Cash last on the list is the city Concierge which is available to City Card holders what’s your favorite card For dining let me know in the comments Down below if you like videos like this Be sure to check out my other videos on My channel using the link in the Description down below until next time Let’s keep up our quest to get some free Stuff Foreign [Music] [Music]

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