Did Amex Just RUIN Another One of their Credit Cards?

Did Amex Just RUIN Another One of their Credit Cards?

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I want to talk about a Subtle change that American Express just Brought in on their Green Card the green Card is one of amx's three charge cards Well there are four if you include the Centurion black card but that doesn't Apply to most people and it's often Overlooked compared to the gold and the Platinum but the green is actually a Great card with some great points Multiplies in this video we will be Looking at what exactly this change is And how it will affect you and if you Are new to the channel do subscribe for More credit card and personal finance Tips and tricks almost every day so AMX Has added what we call Family language To the terms and conditions around the Welcome bonus on the Green Card this Means that you will not be able to get a Welcome bonus on the green card if you Have or have had in the past certain Other MX cards let's take a look at the Actual text you may not be eligible to Receive a welcome offer if you have or Have had this card so that would be the Green Card the Platinum Card the Platinum card from American Express Exclusively for Morgan Stanley the Platinum card from American Express Exclusively for Charles Schwab the American Express gold card or previous Versions of these cards you also may not

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Be eligible to receive a welcome offer Based on various factors etc etc and They end by saying we will notify you Prior to processing your application so You have the option to withdraw your Application and in that case you Wouldn't have a hard credit pull done on Your account so what this means is that You cannot get the bonus on the green Card if you have had the green card Before which is standard um or any of Their other higher tier cards I.E the Gold or platinum and that is what is new Now on the gold card they added the same Language a while back saying that you May not get a bonus on the gold card if You got one on the platinum card before That was added a few months ago and on The Platinum it still just talks about Not being eligible for the bonus if you Have had other versions of the Platinum Before that is also something relatively New you used to be able to get the bonus Again if it was different versions of The Platinum so you could have had add Or still have the gold card or the green Card and still get a bonus on the Platinum so what it means is you can get A bonus on all three of these cards if You climb the AMX charge card ladder in The correct order all right green gold Platinum if you get the gold first then You can't get a bonus on the green and If you get the Platinum first then you

Can't get a bonus on either the gold or The green it is a little bit of a shame Since these three cards do complement Each other the Platinum is mostly for Benefits like Hotel status is airport Lounges and spending on airlines since It earns five points per dollar at Airlines the gold is for grocery and Restaurant spending and the green earns Three points per dollar on other types Of travel not covered by the Platinum so It's very likely that someone could Benefit from having all three and a Person may get the platinum and then Think about getting the green afterwards It's not necessarily going to end up Being in order now do remember though That this is not absolute the exact Language used is you may not be eligible To receive a welcome offer not that you You absolutely can't and you will get That dreaded AMX popup and be able to Withdraw your application if you're not Eligible so no hard credit check will be Performed but it is a shame like I would Consider the green for myself in the Future but since I already have the gold And the Platinum I would not be eligible For the bonus something you could Consider is the business screen but That's actually a totally different card And it doesn't have the same perks at All although AMX is going to refresh About 40 products this year according to

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Their earning score so maybe the Business green will get a refresh to Bring it more in line with the personal Green that was updated a few years ago That would then give an opportunity to Get the green for some people who've Already had the Platinum or gold and run Businesses but anyway guys the credit Card game is constantly changing Although this is bad news there are Still many sweet spots like the recent New 100,000 Point bonus on the United Business card I'll put a link to my Article about that one below then There's also the new 165,000 Point bonus Offer on the isg Premiere Card link to That below as well if you want to check It out and I'll put my video about the IHG bonuses on screen now as well as my Video about the new limited time offer For a free Companion Pass when you sign Up and complete eligible spend on the Southwest cards from Chase that's an Amazing bonus it's like two for one Flights for a whole year just for Signing up for the card and doing the Required spend which isn't that high do Check out the video all right guys Please subscribe if you're new let me Know your thoughts about all this below And we'll see you next time bye-bye

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