Did Chase Just Make 5/24 Rule OFFICIAL? Amazon Card Re-launch, Bilt Rent Day

Did Chase Just Make 5/24 Rule OFFICIAL? Amazon Card Re-launch, Bilt Rent Day

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now you may have heard of The Unofficial 524 rule from Chase Bank this rule States that if you’ve opened five or More personal credit cards in the past 24 months which is two years Chase will Not allow you to open a new Chase credit Card now we did a video recently about How Chase may have relaxed this rule as Pertaining to the new chassis Sapphire Preferred 80 000 Point welcome bonus They are now approving some people who Are over 524 but additionally 524 it Remained an unofficial rule okay they Never used to admit that it actually Existed but we now do have evidence that Chase is actually admitting that 524 is A thing even though they may have Relaxed it we’re going to talk about That in this video in addition we will Talk about the refresh of the Amazon Prime Visa signature card that has just Happened today there’s new Point earning Categories and a really cool welcome Bonus and today is Brent day for the Built rewards MasterCard and there is a Way that you can get two business class Flights for the price of one with built Points today and today only we’ll talk All about that a little later in the Video so Chase 524 now many people on The Reddit forums and in the comments on Our previous video on the subject seem To be getting approved for the Chase

Sapphire preferred despite being over 524 like this guy holy crap it worked I’m at 6 24 with like 15 inquiries and They instant approved me for 10K a 10 000 credit limit thank you I mean I can Feel his excitement there but 524 has Always been kind of an Unwritten rule Chase reps that I’ve asked about it in The past have never acknowledged that It’s actually a thing but now that seems To have changed because although a lot Of people did get approved for the card Despite being over 524 from the ones That didn’t get approved we got a load Of comments from people saying that they Ran the reconsideration line and the rep Actually said to them that their denial Was because of the 524 rule like this One didn’t denied I’m at like 11 24 but Figured I’d shoot my shot after seeing These rumors and because YOLO but was Also denied called reconsideration and The rep quoted the 524 rule was my Reason for being rejected or this one I Was recently invited to apply for the Chase Ink unlimited while 8 24. however Instantly denied and the Recon line said It’s due to over 524 hard limit rule no Override button for my app and that Person was even saying that the rep told Them there was no way to override it Because of 524. I even had a fellow YouTuber reach out to me in a DM and say This about a recent application I was

Denied as expected and when I called the Recon line the analyst said due to 524 Verbally that’s the first time I’ve Heard any Trace employee actually admit That the 524 rule is official she said They can’t reverse any decisions denied For 524 and yeah that was an Instagram DM you can follow me on Instagram Ram if You like at the credit Shifu and I share Up-to-date news on the latest credit Card things a little bit faster than I Do on YouTube so if you want the latest Stuff quicker follow me there but anyway It’s interesting that they seem to be a Bit more open about it now if you are Interested by the way in the sapphire Preferred 80 000 points offer I will put A review of the card on our partner Website bankrate.com in the links below As always these are affiliate links they Help out our show so we do thank you Very much if you use them and if you Apply for this card or any other Chase Card do let us know in the comments what Happened and your status with 524 Whether you are over 524 and got Approved or not all right next up we Have the Amazon Prime credit card Refresh which is now live and you can See the new blue design of the card They’ve changed that from the previous Brushed metal and this means that the New bonus categories are live as well You now get five percent back on Chase

Travel and two percent back on local Transit including ride share so that Would be lifts and Ubers and just so you Know they actually got rid of the old Drug stores category you can earn more At drugstores with the Chase Freedom Anyway and also I was thinking maybe It’s because Amazon now has their own Pharmacy their own online pharmacy and They probably don’t want to incentivize You going to Walgreens or CVS with your Amazon card whether you could buy it on Amazon for five percent back instead of The previous I think it was uh two Percent but anyway the card is now Refreshed and you can apply if you’re Interested new card members can earn a 150 Amazon gift card just for being Approved and then also get five percent Back on all spending up to two thousand Five hundred dollars in three months That’s a total of 275 dollars you can Earn as a welcome bonus and this is a Limited time offer so do be quick if you Want it and finally today is rent day For the built rewards MasterCard the Only credit card in the US Credit Card Market that allows you to earn points on Paying rent to any landlord they have Their so-called rent day on the first of Every month where they double the points That you can earn in their bonus Categories apart from rent okay only There are other bonus categories like

Dining Etc but in addition to doubling The bonuses they actually run some Promotions too and today is no different For today and today only you can Transfer built points to Air France Klm’s loyalty program which is called Flying Blue at a one to two ratio so There’s a hundred percent bonus to show You what a good deal that is a business Class flight on Air France from the US East Coast to Europe would normally cost Around 50 000 points but now if you Transfer fifty thousand build points to Air France KLM Flying Blue you’ll get a Hundred thousand points in your account Meaning that you could actually get a Round-trip flight instead of a one-way So it’s basically two for one business Class flights now this is obviously only Useful if you currently have the built Rewards MasterCard and you have some Points already that you could transfer Over today but if you don’t have it Don’t worry there will be probably more Promotions like this in the future and If you do think that this card is a good Fit you and would like to learn more About it I will put a link to it in the Description down below alright guys that Is our video for today if you want to Know more about Chase relaxing the 524 Rule I’ll put a video on screen now uh Where we talk all about that you can see All the data points as well in the

Comments of people getting approved or Denied I’ll also put our review of the Built MasterCard on screen now as well That you can check out if you’re Interested as always thank you so much For watching please subscribe if you’re New and we will see you next time bye

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