Don’t Apply for Chase Credit Cards Until You Watch This! 🔥

Don’t Apply for Chase Credit Cards Until You Watch This! 🔥

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Are you interested in applying for Chase credit cards and earning lucrative bonuses? If so, you need to watch this video before you apply. In this video, I will explain the rules and restrictions that Chase has for its credit card applications and bonuses, such as the 2/30 rule, the 5/24 rule, and the once every two years rule. I will also share some tips and tricks on how to maximize your chances of getting approved and earning the best offers. Whether you are new to Chase cards or a seasoned pro, this video will help you get the most out of your Chase credit card strategy. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to get free money from Chase cards!

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Chase credit cards are some of the most Sought after credit cards on the market Today however before applying to Chase Credit cards it's important to Understand the rules for applications Eligibility and bonuses failure to Understand these rules will lead you to Automatic declines cost you hundreds of Dollars worth of sign-on bonuses and Additional credit pools will be Detrimental to your credit score I'm Making this video because I'm a huge fan Of Chase Ultimate Rewards and if you Want to get in on the free stuff too This information is vital to understand How's it going everyone and welcome back To the channel if you haven't done so Already I'd really appreciate it if you Can hit the like button down below and Subscribe to help with the algorithm I Come up with videos periodically where I Offer unique perspectives on cards that Are typically overlooked so make sure You hit the Bell icon if you don't want To miss any of that let's start off the Video by talking about the infamous 524 Rule this rule exists as a way to ward Off churners or people who sign up for Credit cards just to get the sign on Bonuses and never use the card again Such individuals are very unprofitable To chase though as you'll see later in This video Chase actually has pretty Friendly terms when it comes to sign on

Bonuses and the ability to get them Multiple times so this rule at least has A counterbalance for us as credit card Enthusiasts The idea is that if you have five or More new credit cards in the past 24 Months from any issuer you'll Automatically get rejected for certain Chase credit cards for example if you Receive two Wells Fargo credit cards an AMEX card and two City credit cards in The past 24 months then your Chase Application will be automatically Rejected because of 524. This is the reason why Chase cards are Always recommended to apply for first Something that actually works in Chase's Favor the main exception to this are Certain business cards because they Don't go on your credit report I can confirm from personal experience That Amex Barclays and Chase business Cards do not count towards 524 but Capital One business cards do since Those actually show up on your personal Credit report Keep in mind for Chase business cards You will be automatically rejected if You're over 24 but they won't count Towards 524. the next rule we have is The 230 rule the 230 rule states that You can only have two applications every 30 days or else you'll be automatically Rejected this applies whether you were

Accepted or not for most people with Good credit scores this isn't really a Big deal but it does highlight why it's Good to have a credit score over 700 Before applying for any Chase credit Card Chase usually looks for a great credit Score or banking relationship It's a lot easier and a lot less risky For Chase that way next up we have the One sapphire rule this rule is pretty Simple as it basically says that if you Have a Sapphire card like the original Sapphire Chase Sapphire preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve you will not be Approved for another Sapphire card you Will first need to cancel or product Change one of those before applying next We have the rules regarding bonus Eligibility first we have the chase Freedoms 24 month rule this states that If you have received a bonus within the Last 24 months for that particular card You will not be eligible for that bonus Again For example if you received an intro Bonus for the Chase Freedom Flex in January 2022 you'll have to wait until January 2024 to receive another Chase Freedom Flex bonus you are however Eligible for a Chase Freedom unlimited Bonus of course you won't be eligible For the bonus if you are a current card Holder so you'll have to product change

Or cancel before reapplying similarly For Chase Sapphire cards there exists The 48-month rule which means you can Only receive an intro bonus to a Chase Sapphire card once every 48 months for Example if you receive an intro bonus For the Chase Staff are preferred in January of 2023 you would have to wait Until January 2027 to receive another Chase Sapphire bonus whether it's from The preferred or the reserve if you were To downgrade the Chase Staff I preferred In January of 2024 to a Chase Freedom Card and applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve you would not qualify for the Bonus due to the 48-month rule these two Rules may sound restrictive but these Are actually the reasons why chase Points are so easy to come by other Issuers like American Express only allow You to receive their bonus once per Lifetime however Chase allows you to get The bonus multiple times as long as you Wait a certain time period This means that for Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire cards you can churn them For a return of about a hundred to a Hundred and fifty dollars per year and If you have the trifecta you can triple It the next rule only applies to Southwest co-branded Airline cards the One Southwest rule this states that you Are not eligible for a personal Southwest credit card intro bonus if you

Currently have any personal Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card or received a Southwest bonus in the last 24 months The rules do not apply to the Southwest Business cards though so if you want to Earn a Southwest Companion Pass from Credit cards you can apply for one Personal card and one business card and You'll be eligible for the bonus on both I think the initial reaction from some Is that these rules dissuade us from Getting Chase cards I think the exact Opposite since Chase has laid down these Rules we can use those rules to increase Our chances of getting free stuff What do you think let me know in the Comments down below if you like videos Like this be sure to check out my other Videos on my channel using the link in The description down below thanks for Watching I'll see you next time [Music] Foreign

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