DON’T Stay at Hilton Waikoloa Village Until You WATCH THIS

DON'T Stay at Hilton Waikoloa Village Until You WATCH THIS

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W All right guys so we are at the Hilton Walo Village and I'm sitting in the room Now this is actually my second room Because I changed rooms um I want to Share with you my opinion of the resort An honest review first thing I think we Got to say is that the staff here are All really nice okay so amazing uh Service by the staff all you know Everyone in the restaurants the pool The reception everyone was great so That's really a one big thumbs up about This Resort everyone's really friendly And nice uh the pools are really good Okay so that's also a positive excellent For kids the whole Resort like the whole Theme of it it's got like Vegas Vibes You know you got all the statues it's Like here at cus Palace or something but The Hawaiian version um so that's pretty Cool all the art in the hallways the Little boat and the the train that takes You around all really cool but I think There are a few sort of major things About this Resort that are you know just They're kind of pain points you know That annoy you so the first thing is That the train it's really not not that Convenient um so I've been you know come Down from my room and gone to the train It's like there's a 10-minute wait and This train it it moves at pretty much The same speed as a fast walk wow look

How fast that's going it's really a Bullet Train if you've got to wait 10 minutes For it there's really no point in using It at all so it's great when you first Get here with your luggage but other Than that we found it really not that Useful and and uh it actually caused a Lot of arguments of like you know with My wife of like oh shall we wait for the Train or shall we walk you know I just Want to walk to get there quicker you Know is it good to wait for the train Present yes yeah don't you think it's Annoying cuz you have to wait so long Well I don't have any other Choices we do like walk no no no no no No we don't have that you could Walk apparently there's no other choice Than to wait for this train that moves At the same speed as walking and you Have to wait like 10 minutes for it just Caused aggravation you know it was Definitely a pain point the boat was Even less frequent then let's talk about The rooms cuz the rooms um really They're really not that good so um you Know this room here it's got definite Hampton in Vibes if you don't know Hampton in is one of Hilton's lower Properties they normally cost like 150 To maximum 200 a night and you know this Is this hotel is is a lot more and There's a resort fee on top of that

Unless you're booking with points like I Did but you know the first room I got to I shot a little room tour uh I'll show You that now let's let's cut to that and We'll show you a little bit of the room Tour all right guys so we are at the Hilton woa Village in the palace Tower I'm going to give you a little bit of a Room tour and uh you guys can make up Your own mind this is not a luxury Resort so it feels a little bit uh down Market compared to the Fon Orchid that We just came from but if we hadn't gone There we'd probably think it was all Right anyway so as soon as you come in You've got this huge area here which is Like your um you've got your sink it's Kind of weird they could have fit two Sinks there but I don't know why you got a bathroom here You know bathroom it's all right it's What you need doesn't have a luxury feel It's not like marble but you know Whatever seems good enough you got a Whole body mirror here as well which is Uh definitely going to be good for Checking yourself out uh then we have a Nice walking closet which to be honest That's that's super useful to me you got The safe here uh ironing board iron so Basically everything you need um what's In these drawers okay nothing all right Let's go into the main part of the room Now so yeah this is is the main part of

The room uh this one is two I believe Queen beds or two double beds um pretty Nice nice big wooden headboard that goes All the way along you got a huge TV That's got to be 55 in I think so that's A plus massive TV this room is a resort View room you got this chair here uh for Lounging Around and and then out here we've got The Balcony and so this room has views of The golf course you can see that's part Of the lava flow down there that sort of Black section uh it flowed all the way Down from that mountain and then you've Got the mountains I think it's like Mount Alo mount air or whatever they're Called U I'll put it on screen but uh Yeah this one is looking East so this is Going to be nice for the sunrise so We'll probably watch the sunrise we're All still jet lagged anyway so we'll Probably be able to get up for it but um You know after being in that room for a While I was I so disappointed you know I Was like this sucks and then I looked at The window and the window was filthy you Know so we had the sort of bad view out The back and on top of that the window Was really filthy really like murky to Look out of um I shot a little bit on The other window like when I changed Rooms cuz the I did change rooms and the Room the window in the second room that

They gave me was equally disgusting um And I think it's cuz they have a a tint Uh they put this tint on the windows and Then it didn't sort of stick properly And then in some of the rooms people had Peeled the whole thing off off or part Of it had peeled off like in my second Room parts near the bottom had been Peeled off probably by kids but even the Whole thing it it was very it gave a Sort of blurry look to the glass it was Not nice to look out of but the second Room I got at least had an ocean view so That's you know I went to the desk and I Was like hey can I change rooms I really Don't like my room I'll pay for an Upgrade you know I just want to I just Don't like this room it's horrible the Windows are so filthy and I and you know We'd already called someone to clean Them but they said they couldn't be Cleaned cuz it's like from a tint it's Like the glue from this tint that they' Stuck on there um so anyway they didn't They were full right they didn't have Any available upgrades to like a much Better room but they were like oh we Could just move you to the ocean view Side in the same Tower so we did that Which was great so thanks very much for Them to do for doing that window was Still filthy though still disgusting but Hey it was Ocean View so we just left The window open most of the time and you

Know didn't have a window so that that Was the way we solved it but yeah you Know the resort beautiful I'd say the Resort is like four star the rooms are Definitely three star okay it's definite Hampton in Vibes going on here it yeah It's just a little bit of a Down out Especially since I came from the Fairmont Orchid which is probably the Best hotel on the big island but you Know we did have a great stay here Especially because of the Pools so we are in the hot tub here at Uh the Hilton wolo Village it's really Nice it's nice and hot and it's in the Shade which is cool what do you think of It honey do you love it uh yeah it's Quite good it's quite good I love It this is the pool it's kind of like Sand because a sand pool yeah because It's a sand pool you see the sand under The pool so it's like a it's like here's The beach and here's the pool and There's sand in it hey guys so we are In Lagoon right and uh you can see some Fish here I don't know how good it's Going to be it's probably won't be as Good as that beach we went to the other Day but let's check it out oh there's Literally a fish right There let's Go Oh another thing I want to talk about is The food in the restaurants like the

Breakfast buffet it's pretty expensive It's $50 per person and it's definitely Not up to this well it's a good Buffet It is a good Buffet not up to the same Standard as the fairon Orchid but it is The same price um and then you know kids Are also like 25 each so I end paying Like plus tip and everything at $188 for A family of four in the morning which is A lot you know obviously you do get $36 For Hilson gold benefit so I was getting A discount of $36 per day um and then For the evening meals I mean there just Aren't that many options like there's a Italian restaurant which is open till Late open for dinner I think there's Only really three options only three Dinner options one is an Italian Restaurant one is a bar so it's not Really that good for kids and then There's another one which is like sort Of more high class restaurant where Every entree is between $50 and $80 and Um you know it's just a little there's Nothing that really fits in that sort of Casual dinner level that's not a bar That you could just sit down with your Family I mean the Italian food I guess Fits but you don't want to eat Italian Food every day especially you've come to Hawaii why am I eating Italian food I'm In Hawaii right I want something Hawaiian inspired so I wasn't really a Fan and I actually didn't eat at any of

The restaurants I just got takeouts to My room um So that was you know a little bit Annoying and another thing that really Annoyed me okay this is the last thing About the rooms that really annoyed me They don't clean the rooms every day Okay which is crazy in my opinion right You're not staying at an Airbnb you're Staying at a hotel you expect your room To have housekeeping every day right Beds made trash taken out fresh towels Carpet vacuumed those you know that's Kind of standard in a hotel they only do It every 5 days and if you want it every Day you have to request it and they Don't tell you this at reception right When you check in So and you have to request it 24 hours In advance otherwise they won't come so If you wake up in the morning and then You realize well you're screwed for that Day they you they won't come until the Next day so you're not going to get your Bed made you're not going to get fresh Towels Etc so those really are the pain Points of this hotel the rooms being Kind of mid the lack of housekeeping and The restaurants just not being that Great and then also the train you know It it kind of not being that useful However walking around they have these Really cool sort of Museum where they Have a lot of artifacts and stuff and

Statues and things that you can take a Look at they're all from like Pacific Islands or southeast Asia and stuff like That so that side of it was really cool Um the pools were great you had a hot Tub you had like a Lagoon pool where we Saw a lot of um you know you can swim With like sea life you can also rent Kayaks and boats and things there so That was really cool would I recommend This place yeah I guess I would depends What you're looking for like if you want Something high class do not come here All right if you're used to the RIT Skeleton or whatever do not come here Here this place is not for you okay but If you're looking for something more mid U especially that's good for kids um I I You know the room the pools were great For kids they had slides they had the Lagoon they had another pool that had Sand in it even though it was regular Water it still had like a little Beach Area um and there's like rope Bridges Across the pool and stuff so great for Kids um but personally I don't think I'd Come back here again uh it's not that I Think it's terrible it's just too many Pain points for me at this hotel the fem On Orchid I just relax everything was Wonderful so that's my review guys an Honest review um you know I don't want To discourage people from coming here But just know what you're getting all

Right just know that it's sort of mid However the pools are amazing and there Are a few hacks like you need to ask for Housekeeping um that kind of stuff so Just a few things to be aware of and Guys if you are interested in getting Hilton gold status for yourself I will Put a link to my credit card guide where You will find information about the Hilton Honors surpass card which is the Card I Ed to get Hilton gold status it Gets you room upgrades it's currently 130,000 Point welcome bonus which you Can get at least one maybe even two Nights at the Hilton walor village with If you earned a little bit more points To top it up it's about 75,000 points Per night so do check that out link is Below anyway let me know in the comments What you think maybe you've stayed here Or maybe you're thinking of staying here Let me know what you think and as always Please subscribe to the channel if You're new for more Hotel credit card Personal finance reviews almost every Day we'll see you next time Byebye

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