Earn 15 Amex Points Per $ THIS WEEK Only

Earn 15 Amex Points Per $ THIS WEEK Only

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have an awesome deal running for You today where you can earn up to 15 Cashback slash 15 Amex points per dollar Uh for your spending for this week and This week only and that is of course Through racketon now if you don't know Um Rakuten it is a cashback portal uh Where you can earn extra cashback and It's not the only website that does this But basically what these websites do is They earn a commission from promoting Various Merchants various stores okay Online stores to their users and they Just share some of that commission with You okay so normally let's say if um Macy's for example pays them eight Percent uh they share maybe four percent With you and they pocket the rest now With the 15 cashback probably they're Making a loss on that but they're doing It to attract users to their site okay Currently as well they've brought back The deal whether you sign up uh you can Get forty dollars in free cash back used To be 13 does I think for this week it's 40 bonus cashback when you make first Purchase so I'll put my link below if You want to sign up through that Alternatively if you've got a friend who Uses the site you can use their link to Sign up as well Um but in this video we're actually Going to take a look at what stores are

Getting this 15 cashback 15 Amex points Per dollar and uh we'll we'll talk a Little about that and first of all Though for the AmEx points thing if you Have a Amex membership rewards earning Card like the AmEx Platinum obviously This one has an annual fee so you could Have the AmEx everyday card which has no Annual fee if you want just a basic one So that you can do this but instead of Earning cashback you can link it to your AMEX card Um so that you earn Amex points instead So every one cent in cashback becomes One Amex point and if you look at the Value of Amex points I mean the point Sky values them at two cents per point So technically you'd be earning double Okay 30 back return Um of course if you're redeeming for Like business class and stuff you might Get even better value Um it could be getting up to 100 back Return okay depending what you're doing But we're gonna let's let's not go ahead Of ourselves we're gonna have a look at The site and also I'll tell you why Um this could be a very good deal as Well if you have either the AmEx Personal Platinum Um or the business Platinum all right so Do stick around for a couple of little Hacks for that but let's first of all We'll look at what is on offer

Um so you can see this is for one week Only it actually ends May 15th all right Um so get 15 cash back today and you can See up here we got the 15 cashback Stores uh let's go into that so yeah It's called the big give week and uh 2023 ends May 15th and we go down here And we've got some of the stores so You've got Nike you've got Bloomingdale's Saks Fifth Avenue you've Got Dell Technologies Gap uh Expedia you Could book some travel and get 15 15 Amex points back Um and you may have noticed uh that I Mentioned Saks Fifth Avenue and I also Mentioned Dell Technologies okay Um those two are very significant and That is because on the personal Platinum You've got the uh credit for Saks Fifth Avenue okay 100 a year fifty dollars per Quarter and on the business Platinum you Have a Dell Technologies credit for 400 Per year Um which is going to be 200 per quarter Okay and it runs from January to June And then it you know resets so if you Don't use it you lose it well now you've Got an excellent opportunity where you Can get 15 Amex points per dollar at sax And you can redeem your credit your 50 Credit and then on Dell Technologies you Can get 15 MX points per dollar and you Can redeem your 200 credit Um for me I'm just gonna go and buy

Probably Um you know for the business one I'm Probably gonna go and buy a hard drive That's just under 200 Um I might use it or I might just go and Uh sell it on eBay who knows so um yeah But it's valid on the site I mean you Can buy any product so great way to use The credits on the personal platinum and The business Platinum for Dell Technologies or Saks Fifth Avenue you Can earn you know basically you're Stacking the deals right we call it Double dipping triple zipping Etc if you Can find an Amex offer for either of Those two as well and then you can Triple dip I mean actually that would be Quadruple dip because you're earning one Point per dollar for having the card on The card then 15 points per dollar for The racketon then you've got the credit And then on top of that if you can find An offer uh that would be even better But anyway guys Um that is the deal okay so up to 15 Amex points slash uh 15 cashback for This week only it ends on May 15th so do Take advantage of it like I said if you Don't have a friend who has a link don't Miss out use my link below and get forty Dollars free cash back although if you Do have a friend you want to help them Out because they get a commission for Referring you so help a friend out

Instead you don't have to use my link All right as always guys thank you very Much for watching tomorrow we'll have a Really cool video my interview with Dave Hansen who is another credit card YouTuber and so make sure you subscribe To the channel so you don't miss that Coming out tomorrow as well bye

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