End of the Apple Card? Goldman Sachs wants out…

End of the Apple Card? Goldman Sachs wants out…

Let's talk about the Apple card now we Reported before that Goldman was trying To offload that product and even held Talks with American Express for AMX to Take over the card but these talks have Not been fruitful now Goldman reported a 33% decline in profit for the third Quarter of 2023 some of that decline is Due to their consumer lending division Employees in this division are Reportedly unhappy because of how Technology has been implemented losses Piling up and how difficult apple is to Work with they've now hired Bill Johnson From City Group to oversee their credit Card Partnerships he has until the end Of the year to make them profitable if He can't do this then the bank likely Intends to sell its two remaining Lending products the problem for them is That apple is so hard to work with they Might not find anyone else to take it Over

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