Every TRICK I Know to Get FREE TRAVEL From Credit Cards (Part 1)

Every TRICK I Know to Get FREE TRAVEL From Credit Cards (Part 1)

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In this video we look at all the tricks I know to get free travel from credit cards.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now I have been in what we call the Credit card game since 2016 collecting Points and miles for free travel in Business class as well as staying at Five-star hotels and using credit card Benefits to get upgrades airport lounge Access to create experiences that Wouldn't otherwise be attainable unless You are a high net worth individual I Estimate I have had over $50,000 worth Of free travel since then and that is Just the trips that I have bothered to Write down okay the real number is Probably much more some of my favorite Experiences have been Japan Airlines Business class best food I've ever eaten On a plane hired all-inclusive resorts In Mexico and the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman did I mention I went to gr Cayman As well as my recent trip to Hawaii in This video I want to give you all the Tricks I know to get free travel Experiences from credit cards we're Going to start with earning points we're Going to go through how to use points And then get into some more obscure Things and guys once I started writing This I realized I had so much Information that I needed to split it up Into two parts so this is part one and This video is brought to you by Kudos But more on that later earning Points so there are a few types of

Points that you can earn on credit cards You got airline miles you got Hotel Points and you got transferable points Now transferable points can be Transferred over to Hotel points or Airline miles program Or used to book through travel portals With whichever Bank issues the card for A set value like 1 cent per point or 1.25 cents per point and thus Transferable points are the most Desirable type of points they're the Most versatile now here are the four Most valuable transferable points Currencies Chase Ultimate Rewards MX Membership rewards city thank you points And capital 1 miles then you also have Newcomer built rewards which you can Earn by paying rent through the built System or with the built credit card Then in addition to that Wells Fargo who Actually issued the built card will be Beginning Transfer Partners on their Cards that earn Wells Fargo points on November 15th and they may be the same As the built Transfer Partners which Include American Airlines H hotels we'll Have to wait and see here's a diagram That gives you an idea of how the four Main currencies plus marot points can Transfer to different airlines so apart From earning points for actually taking Flights or staying in hotels how else Can you earn these points with a credit

Card well there are two basic ways with Credit cards you got credit card welcome Bonuses and you got spending in bonus Categories welcome bonuses are where a Card will offer you a certain number of Points for spending a set amount of Money on the card in either normally the First 3 months or the first 6 months for Example this bonus on The Chase Sapphire Preferred gets 60,000 points for Spending $4,000 in your first 3 months We'll put a link to that one below in The description section if you want to Check it out then we also have spending In bonus categories for example on that Same card the sapphire preferred you can Get five points per dollar on travel Book through Chase two points per dollar On all other travel and three points per Dollar on dining as well as a few other Categories so you spend money in those Bonus categories you earn extra points And then the card will usually earn just One point per dollar on non-category Spend so how do you get a high amount of The same points currency across multiple Categories well that is our second trick Trif Factors a trif factor is a fancy way of Saying there are three of something the Original trif factor in the credit card Space in the US was the chase Trifecta Where you would typically have say the Sapphire preferred then you would also

Have a card like the freedom Flex that Gives you five points per dollar in a Rotating quarterly category and then You'd also have a non-category spend Card like the freedom unlimited that Earns 1.5 points per dollar on Everything but now you also have the anx Trifecta which could be made up of Whatever AMX cards you choose but often It could include the gold card for four Points per dollar on US supermarkets and Dining worldwide platinum card for five Points per dollar on travel and maybe The blue business plus which gives you Two points per dollar on everything up To $50,000 in spending per year you can Now also make a city Trifecta with City Credit cards and Capital One has the Ability to transfer points between their Cards to or transfer cash back to a Points card so you could combine a few Capital One cards too to make up a Similar system and that's really the Crux of a trifactor you must be able to Transfer points from one card to another And pull them in one card that has all The Transfer Partners or travel portal And you can then use them to book travel Now personally I use a Chase TR effect Made up of the Freedom Card the ink Business preferred and the ink business Unlimited I also have the MX platinum And the MX gold not quite a trif fector But I'm getting there I might add the

Blue business plus soon my advice is Choose just one or two points currencies To earn so I chose Chase and AMX but Capital One and City are also good now Once you have these cards it's important To use the right card for each spending Category so you can earn the most points And that brings me to the sponsor of Today's video Kudos that can help you do Just that and more Kudos is a free Shopping extension for your computer and IPhone which helps you pick the best Credit card from your wallet to use for Every purchase like when I book this Jet Blue a while back it recommended the AMX Platinum since it earned five AMX points Per dollar when I book flights directly With Airlines and Cuda shows me that the Card also has a load of travel Insurances which is something that you May not have thought of but comes in Really handy could help you get a Reimbursement if your flight is delayed And you had to book a hotel for example Now not only does it help you pick the Best card to use at checkout but also With cudas Boost it doubles your rewards On many websites like here on Booking.com Kudos automatically pops up Recommending my Chase Inc preferred for Three points per dollar on travel but Then it adds another three Kudos points Because of Kudos boost and that is Available on over 15,000 websites now

Kudos stores your credit card Information with the same encryption That Nasa uses and will autofill credit Card numbers for you at checkout making Your shopping experience smooth and Rewarding so use code shuu and get kudos For free by clicking the link below or Going to join kos.com Shuu that's join kos.com Shuu all right let's move on to our next Trick ways of earning extra Points so in addition to those ways of Earning points welcome bonuses and bonus Spending categories we have a few extra Things that you can do and I'm going to Use Chase and AMX as examples since Those are the two that I'm most familiar With so for Chase first there is a site Called Chase.com my bonus where you can enter Your last name last four digits of your Card number and your zip code and then You may get targeted for a spending Bonus every now and then this is more Common on the co-branded cards like Airline and hotel branded cards we Recently got targeted for 5 points per Dollar on my wife's high card for Spending at grocery stores gas stations And on amazon.com but it is possible to Get it on the Chase Ultimate Rewards Points earning cards too all right let's Talk about AMX so with AMX you MX offers Which are normally things like statement

Credits A Certain Merchants but Sometimes you'll find an offer for extra Points at a certain Merchant too for Example check out my AMX account you Have this offer at Best Buy for one Extra point per dollar all the way up to 5,000 points so that would be two points Per dollar in total since you get one Point per dollar for base spend and now You're getting one extra point then we Have another one for five extra points Per dollar at amazon.com again it's five Extra points on top of the one point you Already earned so that's six points per Dollar so those are two examples of AMX Offers where you earn extra points now Let's give you another way and this is The shopping portal rakuten.com now you Click through from their site to some of Your favorite merchants and you can earn Extra cashback or extra AMX points on Top of what you earn on your purchases From your credit cards already basically They're doing marketing for a load of Stores by featuring them on their site And they are sharing some of their Marketing fee with you so you can earn Extra points to all of these stores and Where you see a percentage of cash back You can substitute that for the same Number of AMX points for example 3% cash Back is equal to three AMX points per Dollar but let's now use Best Buy as an Example since rakon offers up to 1% cash

Back or one AMX Point per dollar on Their website and they say up to because There are some exclusions so you must Read the terms for each one of these but If I use the AMX offer I activated for Best Buy I'm going to get one point per Dollar on my base spend then another AMX Point per dollar for using that offer And then I'm going to get one more AMX Point per dollar for clicking through From raketen so that's a total of three Points per dollar if I went and bought An appliance like a new washing machine For $11,000 bam that's 3,000 points so Those are some great ways to earn extra Points but there is another way and that Is to create extra points when you Transfer out to an airline or hotel by Taking advantage of a transfer bonus Right now if we look at my Chase account We have two trans transfer bonus offers One for 25% more points when you Transfer out to Flying Blue which is the Loyalty program of Air France and km Then we also have a 30% bonus when you Transfer to Virgin Atlantic so you Transfer 1,000 points to Virgin you get 1,300 in my AMX account we also have a Transfer bonus to JetBlue at the moment So it's 250 MX points becomes 250 JetBlue points now this doesn't sound Great but it's actually a 25% bonus Normally it's 250 AMX points to just 200 Jet Blue Points so transfer bonuses give

You even more value when you transfer Out to Airlines or hotels often at the End of the year they do bonuses with British Airways I've benefited from this Before getting a 40% transfer bonus to Ba and then booking the ba Club Suite With the points then I've also taken Advantage of a Hilton transfer bonus to American Express a few months ago they Had a bonus to Hilton and I transferred Out the points and used them to book the Hilton W color Village for two nights in Hawaii all right let's now move on to Our next trip Travel portal Redemptions now once you have earned a Load of points and you want to start Using them it is important to not waste Them on low value redemptions basically Anything under 1 cent per point in value Is terrible but you should be aiming Higher even 2 cents per point or more Now like we mentioned there are two ways To use points for travel through a Travel portal of the bank that issues The card or by transferring them out to Partners you need to know when each each Of these methods makes more sense and That's very simple in general you get Better value booking economy flights Through the travel portal and better Value booking business class or first Class when you transfer out to Airlines But even when you book economy flights

Through the travel portal it's good to Optimize the way you do it so you can Get the maximum value possible out of Your points so I'll give you an example Of Chase and an example of AMX with Chase only use the travel portal with Either the ink preferred the sapphire Preferred or the sapphire Reserve why Because those cards give you a higher Value for your points the ink preferred And Sapphire preferred give you 1.25 Cents per point when booking flights and Hotels through the travel portal and the Sapphire Reserve gives you 1.5 cents per Point and since from an Airlines point Of view it looks like a cash booking you Earn miles and Airline status from the Flight too with AMX Airline bookings you Can do a similar thing if you have the Business Platinum which gives you a 35% Airline bonus basically basically when You book an economy flight on your Selected Airline or a business or first Class flight on any airline in the AMX Travel portal with points AMX charges You the price at 1 cent per point but it Then gives you 35% of your points back To use next time this effectively makes The value you get out of your points Approximately 1.5 cents per point in Value with American Express try to never Use the transfer portal for hotels since They usually get less than 1 cent per Point in value like this example of a

Hotel search near where I live near Middletown New York the second result Longevity health resort whatever is Charging 52,000 points for a room that The cash price is just 372 that's like 0.75 cents per point in value or Something but notice if a hotel is in The fine hotels and resorts collection Like with this first result here it does Actually give you 1 cent per point so This room costing $1,300 99 per night is 139,000 points now I still wouldn't Advise parting with 139,000 points at 1 cent per point for Just one night but it is a better deal Than 0.75 cents per point and by the way The fine hotels Resorts collection is Something that we'll talk about again Later on all right let's move on Hotel Transfer Partner Redemptions so booking Hotel free nights With points that you've either earned on A hotel credit card or transfer out from Chase or AMX Etc it's a great way for Beginners to start since the amount of Points you need is way less than for an Air ticket and if you're traveling with A companion you don't need to double the Points like you'd need to on an airline Right cuz you'd have to book two seats For two people you can share the room And it costs the exact same amount of Points now the hotel chains I would Advise looking into are Hilton Marriott

IHG and Hyatt those are the biggest four There's also Windom which is quite good But for beginners I would say just check Out those four first Hilton is a Transfer Partner of American Express as Is Marriott and Marriott IHG and hayatt Are all Transfer Partners of Chase I Would say only Hilton and Hyatt are Really good for transferring points too Hilton is one AMX point to two Hilton Points and you often get transfer Bonuses and Chase is one Chase point to One Higher point and higher points worth A lot like 1.7 cents per point so that's A really good rate but for the other two IH G and Marriott they're just a one: One ratio and the points are only worth Less than 1 cent per point so isg is Like 0.5 cents per Point Marat I think Is like 0.8 so you're not really getting Good value from your Chase and MX points If you transfer to those Partners now When you search for hotel award Availability it's good to start with one Day and then see if you can add days Either side hotels have way less Blackout dates than air tickets do but If we take the case of Hilton for Example you can only get a reasonable Rate on what they call a standard room Award so you see this search for a hotel In the males the Conrad has a standard Room award for 120,000 points but the Wardor aoria is only offering a premium

Room award for 1.35 million points for One night now if you flip the currency Back to Dollars we see that it is four Times more expensive in dollars than the Conrad but the points price since it's Premium room award is 11 times more than The Conrad in points so it's definitely Not a good deal thus we always look for Standard room Awards and with Hilton 2 As long as you are at least Hilton Silver status which you can get by just Having the no annual fee Hilton Honors AMX card you get your fifth night free On points bookings for standard room Awards which gives you extra value so Maybe use an MX offer to earn some extra Points then you got a transfer bonus When you transferred over to Hilton then On top of that you book five nights of Standard room Awards and thus you get The fifth night free increasing your Value even more you see how when we Stack together the different methods we Can get way more value out of our Spending with Mario 2 they also do fifth Night free they call it stay five pay For and let's just now mention high Points as well high points are really Valuable and one of the best ways to Redeem high points is for the h Allinclusive Resorts which is basically All the food and drink is free except For some like premium you know drinks or Lobster for example but basically

Everything's free and you can book that With points also if you bring kids if They're under 3 years old you don't have To pay extra points for having them in The room so if you're a young family With kids that are like one or 2 years Old it's a really great hack to go for Those H at allinclusive Resorts like H At Zea in Mexico so H at Zea in Cancun And H Zea in Los cavos it's great value Thank me later all right let's move on To Hotel free Nights now this is a great one for Beginners but it can also be utilized by People who are more advanced to there Are certain credit cards that will give You a free night like the Marriott Bonvoy boundless credit card from Chase It currently gives you three free nights As part of the welcome bonus and then it Gives you also a free night every year After your card's anniversary now the Annual fee is $95 but the free night is Worth 35,000 points which gets you a Hotel normally worth much more than the Annual fee like this hotel in New Jersey It's only 24,000 points per night so Fully covered by the 35,000 Point free Night certificate but the nightly price Is $220 more than double the annual fee With Marriott you can also top up free Night certificates but up to 15,000 Points and that's especially useful when

Booking in some larger cities where it's Hard to find a hotel costing 35,000 Points then you have Hilton cards from AMX the Hilton honor surpass card gives Gives you a free night if you spend $115,000 in a year on the card and the Higher level Aspire card gives you a Free night every year from the moment You get the card just for having the Card and you can actually get even more Free nights from the card for spending Now Hilton free kns are especially Valuable since you can redeem them at Almost any Hilton property with only Very few exceptions so I'll be looking For Conrad and walor for Storia Properties mainly to use the free nights App as long as there is standard room Availability you'll be able to use your Free night certificate so that Conrad Hotel in the molds we showed you for 120,000 points yep you could use your Hilton free night certificate there Because it is a standard room award and The cash price for that booking would be $773 per night for that particular night I searched in November now with Hilton You do need to phone up to use a free Night certificate so you first find Standard room availability on their Website and then you phone up to book And make sure you only select two guests When search ing for standard room Availability if you start adding kids or

Extra people to your room it messes with Their system and sometimes the Availability won't show up now I use two Hilton free night certificates at the Oceanana Santa Monica in California that Also is a hotel that costs $700 per Night with marot free nights they appear In your online account and you can go Book a room directly on the website it Will give you the option to either use Your points or use a free night Certificate this is what it looks like So free night certificates are another Great one for people who are less Advanced at the game they're easy to use And you can get a ton of value out of Them just remember with Hilton you want To get a hotel that costs at least $500 Per night otherwise I would say that you Are wasting your free night award Personally I aim to find hotels that Cost $700 a night or more and I know Other people who are using them at Properties that cost even more and That's where I'm going to end part one Of this series guys otherwise the video Is going to end up being like an hour Long in the next video we will get into Hotel collections like the MX fine Hotels and resorts collection we'll get Into Hotel status and then we'll move Into booking flights with points how you Can get those great business class and First class deals and then a few other

Advanced Techniques don't forget to Download Kudos with the links below use My code shuu to double your credit card Rewards at over 15,000 websites please Subscribe to our Channel if you're new I'll see you in the next one bye-bye

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