Every TRICK I Know to Get FREE TRAVEL From Credit Cards (Part 2)

Every TRICK I Know to Get FREE TRAVEL From Credit Cards (Part 2)

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In this video we look at all the tricks I know to get free travel from credit cards.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show My name is Ben Hedges and I have been Redeeming credit card points for amazing Luxury travel experiences since 2016 and This is part two in my series sharing Every trick I know to get free travel From credit cards if you haven't seen Part one it looks like this you can find It on my channel and also in the Description section of this video now we Covered a load of things last time from Earning credit card points to doing Redemptions for economy flights and Hotels but in this video I want to look At more advanced and luxury redemptions Starting with Hotel Collections and then Moving into redeeming points for Business class flights and then a few More advanced techniques for earning Points at the end if you like the sound Of traveling the world for free or close To free with credit card points why not Subscribe for more videos like this and This video is brought to you by Kudos But more on that later Hotel Collections these are where a credit Card company has a certain collection of Luxury hotels that they offer card Holders extra benefits at the most Famous of these Hotel collections is Definitely the American Express fine Hotels and resorts collection for AMX Platinum and Centurion card holders then

There's also the hotel collection for American Express gold card holders so AMX actually has two of these collection Actually I think they might even have Three they might have something extra For Centurion card holders too then There's also the luxury Hotel and Resorts collection from Chase available For Sapphire Reserve card holders and Then there is also the new premier Collection from Capital 1 available for Venture X card holders now these Hotel Collections come in handy when you are Booking with cash not points especially If you don't have any status with the Hotel actually it's worth checking even If you have some kind of status with That Hotel chain since sometimes the Perks that they offer with the Hotel Collection are better than you would get At your level of status these include Things like early check-in at noon late Checkout at 3:00 p.m. or 400 p.m. daily Breakfast for two a room upgrade and Even a $100 credit for food and other Services like spa treatments during your Stay and it really does work in fact for My recent stay at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii I booked through fhr the fine Hotels and resorts collection and I got A room upgrade with an ocean view we got Free breakfast for two every day we got A $100 credit which I use to cover my Kids breakfast and we got late checkout

And in fact we were there for a wedding And on the last day the bride came over To find us lazing around at the pool at Like 11:15 a.m. and said don't you guys Need to pack up check out it's at 12:00 Noon don't you know and we were there Sitting on a fine hotels and resorts Collection 400 p.m. late checkout we Didn't tell her fhr also works great in Las Vegas as well since many of the Hotels are pretty cheap so don't make Sense to book with points since it's Poor value for your points so booking With cash through fhr is great we got a Room upgrade to a high floor and free Breakfast plus $100 credit at the bagio Through fhr and I've also used it to Book the Conrad in DC which has a very Expensive restaurant so the free Breakfast and the $100 credit came in Handy we also used the 400 p.m. late Checkout on our last day we went to a Museum and came back at like 3:00 p.m. Had a shower before driving back to New York so it's an insanely useful perk I Look at it as more of an advanced Strategy since it does actually require You to have some money since you're Booking with cash although if you use AMX points through the portal to book Fhr you do get full 1 cent per point Which is better than you normally get For hotels through the portal but once You are willing to pay for hotels and

Let's say maybe you don't have huge Money to spend but you can afford a Standard room at high level hotels like The RIT scalton the Fairmont Four Seasons Etc this gives you a way better Deal than you would otherwise normally Get if you just book the most basic room At a very high high level hotel and it Lets you avoid extra charges you know For things like breakfast room service Etc during your stay all right let's Move on to talking about Flights Airline transfer Redemptions all right guys this is kind Of the bread and butter of the credit Card points and Miles game you need to Familiarize yourself with this chart This was produced by a website called The well-traveled mile and if you hover Your mouse over any of the credit card Companies in the middle like Chase City Etc it show you which airlines they have As Transfer Partners now notice the Airlines are split into three alliances You have Star Alliance One World and Sky Team plus non-alliance Airlines this is Where the strategy comes in since if you Transfer to one Airline let's say British Airways for example you can in Theory book a flight on any airline in The One World Alliance same with United You can book any airline in Star Alliance or Delta for Sky Team I'll put A link to this chart in the description

Below now sometimes you may look at a Certain cards Transfer Partners and Think wow there aren't many US Airlines But that actually doesn't matter none of The major credit card companies have American Airlines for example as a Transfer Partner but you can book American Airlines flights with British Airways miles which are called avos you Often get a better deal booking short Domestic flights in the US with British Airways miles rather than aa's own miles And with American Express you're Actually better off not transferring to US Airline anyway since they pass on a Tax to you of 0.06 per Point transferred out which Works out at $6 every 10,000 points Transferred with a maximum amount of $99 And they're the only credit card issuer To do this so you could transfer instead To Virgin which you can use for Sky team And thus Delta redemptions since it Recently joined Sky Team you can use Air Canada for Star Alliance redemptions and British Airways for one world for Example since they're all foreign Airlines AMX doesn't hit you with that Extra tax and you can still book flights On US carriers with their miles other Banks like Chase Etc don't have this tax Now there's so much to cover here that I'm going to have to speak in general Terms you'll have to do your own

Research for specific Airline Combinations like how to book United With Air Canada for example which is a Good way to do it since they charge only 60,000 points for a business class Flight to Europe on United compared to United's own 80 ,000 points that they Now charge since they devalued a few Months ago but you know the combinations Are endless so my suggestion to you Would be whenever you're thinking of Booking a certain Airline just Google How to book it with points okay for Example how to book United business Class with points in many instances you Will find a guide from a website called Upgraded points which gives you a load Of options from that airline's own miles To other carriers you see here for United it recommends Air Canada miles And some others now some examples of Flights I have booked with airline miles Are British Airways club suites with ba Miles American Airlines domestic first Class with British Airways miles Japan Airlines business class with British Airways miles and United Polaris with United's own miles as well as Delta's Economy class with Delta's own miles and On that one I didn't get a particularly Good deal so don't necessarily follow my Advice on that one you probably be Better booking directly through a credit Cards portal and actually get a better

The Credit Pros

Deal now I would advise you to try and Ensure you always get at least two cents Per point or more so I didn't get two Cents per point on that Delta one that's Why it wasn't a good deal uh but yeah 2 Cents per point or more when you Transfer out to Airlines and this Normally means you're going to be doing A business class booking or a first Class booking often booking through a Credit card travel portal gives you a Better deal on economy flights and you Can see part one of this series for more Information on that but when Transferring to Airlines and redeeming Miles just a couple more things to watch Out for there's way less award Availability than with hotels maybe in Economy class you will see a lot of Seats available to book with points but In business and first not so much so Don't transfer your points over to an Airline until you have found award Availability and are ready to book also Some Airlines or Airline combinations Have different booking methods some of Them you can book online some you might Have to find availability online and Then phone up to actually book so do Research specific Airlines and specific Airline combinations thoroughly all Right let's move on but first if you use Credit cards to build up points and cash Back which let's face it if you're

Watching this you obviously do otherwise You wouldn't be watching it so if you do Have several credit cards that you use To earn rewards you'll want to listen to This next section because I'm about to Tell you how you can earn up to 25% in Value back when you shop online this Holiday season from now until Christmas You can 5x your credit card card rewards On sites like Walmart and Lego with this Free shopping tool also today's sponsor Kudos imagine this I'm about to spend $2,400 on a roundtrip flight for me and The family to go spend Christmas in Vegas if I use my Chase Inc preferred Which earns me 3x points on travel that Would get me a cash value of $72 or About $91 if I redeem those points Through the chase travel portal but if You use Kudos and book through Price Line Kudos will give you an additional 12 Kudos points per dollar turning that $91 into a whopping $382 that's basically free money let's Go to Vegas baby but that's not all Kudos also helps you by recommending the Best card to use for every purchase Which means you no longer have to keep Track of things like Point values or Rotating categories just use Kudos and Once again the best thing about Kudos is That it is completely free whenever you Shop at one of their 15,000 Merchants C Kos earns a small commission from your

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Purchase instead of keeping it entirely To themselves they are sharing a piece Of the pie with you by multiplying your Credit card rewards it's super easy to Use and all you have to do is add kudos To your desktop or iPhone in just two Clicks shop like normal and Kudos will Automatically appear at checkout so stop Leaving money on the table and join Over 150,000 members earning over $100 Million worth of credit card rewards Every year with Kudos use code shufu and Get kudos for free by clicking the link Below or going to join kos.com shuu That's join kos.com Shuu status and Status Matches getting status with hotels Airlines and car rental agencies is a Great way to improve your travel Experience there are several credit Cards that give you Hotel statuses the MX Platinum gives you Hilton and marot Gold for example the MX Hilton surpass Gives gives you Hilton gold for a $150 Annual fee and the AMX Hilton Aspire Gives you Hilton Diamond their highest Level status for a $550 annual fee now Obviously these cards do have other Benefits and credits that will help you Effectively bring down that annual fee Massively Hilton is unique in that it is The only hotel where you can effectively Buy their top tier status by getting a Credit card and it's a great perk I was

Upgraded to a strip view king suite for Having Diamond status at the Conrad in Las Vegas for example now the cool thing About hotel statuses is that you can Often do a status match so if you get The Windom rewards business earner card From Barley's for example that gives you Windom Diamond status you can then use That to match to Caesar's diamond for a Load of benefits at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and other Caesar's properties Like I get a $100 celebration dinner Every year for free at any Caesar profit Property just because I match the status In the past you used to be able to do a Whole merry-go round of other statuses Just starting with the Windom and then The Caesar status and you go on to MGM Etc I made a whole video about doing That in Atlantic City getting all those Statuses but sadly it's not a thing Anymore okay some of those status Matches are dead however it could come Back in the future but if you have Status with Marriott like gold from the AMX Platinum for example or Platinum Elite status from the marot bonvoy Brilliant AMX card you will get benefits With Marriott and also with MGM Resorts Thanks to a new partnership starting in 2024 MGM owns some of the most famous Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip including The bagia that we talked about earlier Now for status matching there is a

Website called statusmatcher tocom where You can see strategies of which statuses Can be matched to which with hotels and Car rental agencies you can often just Match but with Airlines they often give You a status match challenge where you Have to fly a certain amount and then They will match status from another Airline to status with that Airline all Right let's now move on to the next one Two player Mode this is where you play the credit Card game with your spouse or with a Friend that you plan to go and travel With if you both apply for credit cards And both get sign up bonuses then you Are accumulating double the points but For your redemptions notably Hotel Redemptions you're only going to need The same amount of points for a room as If one person was staying in the room Cuz you can just share the room you can Also pull points when one person doesn't Have enough points to book so Chase Actually allows you to send points Directly to a family member although you Have to phone up the first time to add The family member and then you can Transfer points online after that City Allows you to send City points to anyone With a city account but it's limited to 100,000 points per year and with American Express you can't pull points With some someone but you can send

Points to the loyalty programs of your Authorized users so let's say my wife Has half the points needed for a Hilton Hotel stay and I have the other half Well she's an authorized user on my AMX Gold card for example so I can send her The rest of the points needed and she Can book and then we can stay in that Hotel together actually I think Hilton You can even pull points with Hilton Anyway but basically you can do this for Any Transfer Partner you need to do it With transfer points to the loyalty Programs of your authorized users when You are in two-player mode you can also Refer each other to new cards and get Double bonuses let's talk about that Next Referrals so this is when a credit card Company will pay you some points or cash Back for doing marketing for them both American Express and Chase are pretty Generous with this right now the MX Business Platinum is offering me 25,000 Points per referral up to 100,000 points Per year and you can refer any card you Give them a link to the business Platinum they can then click through and Browse other cards and pick the card They want with Chase you can refer to Any card within a family of cards so for Example my ink preferred I can refer to Any ink card and get a 40,000 Chase Point bonus for the referral and I can

Do that for up to 200,000 points per Year as a couple doing this if one Person gets say one card with AMX to Begin with you can then refer each other Back and forth for every new AMX card You get and the person applying gets a Welcome bonus with AMX is sometimes Better than the public welcome bonus and The person referring gets a referral Bonus too you can do the same thing with Chase as well but only with one family Of cards like Inc Sapphire Freedom Etc Just be aware with referrals do not Refer yourself that is viewed as gaming The system and you could get in trouble And get your points taken away also of Note here I talked a lot about business Cards just because right now my business Cards have a lot of the best referral Bonuses but you can do it with personal Cards too and one more thing to note American excess might send you a $10.99 Form at the end of the year um just Because although welcome bonuses and Points earned from cards are considered A rebate when you do referrals it's not Necessarily considered like that by the IRS they often consider it like you earn Money so they value the points at 1 cent Per point and they send you a $10.99 for That amount but anyway speaking of Business cards that's going to be my Next Point business spend and other Large purchases now I know this doesn't

The Credit Pros

Apply to everyone but if you have large Purchases that wouldn't normally go on a Credit card but you do find a way to use A credit card for them that can earn you A lot of points business spending is the Most common but there are a few others That we'll talk about too so if you run A business maybe you make $50,000 a year From that business but you actually have To spend let's say $200,000 in order to make that $50,000 Cuz you spend $2 200,000 on products That you sell at a 25% markup and 50,000 Is your profit well don't let that Spending go to waste you can earn a few Extra percentage points on that in the Form of cash back or points when I was Building my Airbnb cabin over the past Year there were many times that I used a Credit card for example to buy this Black engineered wood siding that was $10,000 these kitchen cabinets which Were $5,000 and look at this patio That's $3,600 worth of materials and delivery Fees right there all on a credit card And I earned a load of points because of It now if you don't have business Spending you could substitute this with Other spending that you wouldn't Normally be able to use a credit card For for example paying rent and the Built credit card allows you to earn Points paying rent to any landlord even

If that landlord doesn't accept credit Cards they simply mail a check on your Behalf but you pay them with a built Card and you earn points for that Purchase I'll put the link to that one Below so you can check it out so really The idea with this is thinking about how To get purchases that you may not Normally be able to use a credit card For paid on a credit card and guys That's where I'm going to end the video Today otherwise it gets really long if You want a part three to this of really Obscure Advanced Techniques uh do hit The like button or leave a comment don't Forget to check out Kudos the sponsor of Today's video to double your credit card Rewards on over 15,000 online stores Please subscribe to the channel if You're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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