Expedia, Hotels.com & VRBO’s NEW Loyalty Program EXPLAINED

Expedia, Hotels.com & VRBO’s NEW Loyalty Program EXPLAINED

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And yes Expedia group just launched its New loyalty program called one key this Program lets you earn points and rewards On Expedia group's three sites Expedia.com hotels.com and VRBO and this Makes VRBO the first and only short-term Rental site to have a loyalty program hi I'm Ben Hedges I make videos on credit Cards personal finance and luxury travel If you like the sound of that why not Subscribe on YouTube you can also follow Me on the other micro content sites like Tick Tock Instagram Etc all my usernames And handles are on screen now you can Also get yourself up to 12 free stocks For opening a brokerage account and Depositing any amount of money with the Online brokerage app Weeble link for That deal is below so let's get started Expedia has launched one key it is only Available in the US right now but will Launch globally in 2024. you can now Earn one key cash there their points Currency on all three sites expedia.com Hotels.com and VRBO points are worth one Cent per point and if you had an account With all three sites using the same Email your accounts will automatically Merge into one thus pooling all your Points if you use different emails for Each site what you need to do is go into Each one and well first decide which Email you're going to use for all of

Them and then go into two of them and Change your email in the settings so That all three sites have the same email And then they will automatically merge Together now the earnings rate that you Will earn the new one key cash at when You book through any of these three Sites is two percent okay or two points Per dollar that is on all bookings so Hotels car rentals Etc except for Flights on flights on expedia.com you Will only earn at 0.2 percent back okay Is that that's not very much I wouldn't Recommend using it for flights but the Cool thing about this loyalty program is And we will talk about the negatives in Just a moment but the cool thing is that You can move up through these status Tiers by combining different trip Elements and by trip elements we mean Say a hotel a VRBO a car rental a flight Etc as long as you book through one of Expedia's sites all those different Types of things will count towards Moving you up through status contrast That with moving up through the status Tiers with Hilton Hotels for example it Would only be Knights stayed at Hilton Hotels that would count to moving up Through status your car rental or your Flight or your short-term rental Wouldn't count there are four levels of Status in the one key program you've got Blue silver gold and platinum blue is

Just a regular member then once you Accumulate five or more trip elements You move up to Silver 15 or more you Move to gold and 30 or more you move to Platinum I don't know why they're using The color black for platinum I don't Know so in terms of benefits uh just Being a basic blue member saves you ten Percent on select hotels book through Expedia so if you're going to book Through Expedia or any of these sites at All you might as well become a member And that percentage then increases as You move up through the program the Amount of one key cash you earn Increases too so as a blue member you Just earn two percent on everything and Zero point two percent on flights but as A silver member it's going to be 50 more And as a gold member it's going to be 2x Two times and as a platinum member it's Going to be 3x so you would be earning Six percent back and you then start Getting extra VIP benefits at expedia's VIP access properties As you move up to And this VIP access program is similar To the hotel programs on many popular Credit cards like the AmEx fine hotels And resorts collection Chase has its own Collection I think Capital One just Launched a collection as well some of The hotels in the program do look really Good like overwater Villas and the Maldives you have beach resorts in

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Cancun high-end hotels in New York City And other cities Etc I'll put a link to The program in a pin comment below so That you guys can check it out and if You book one of these properties and you Have status with the one key program You'll get things like room upgrades Dining credits Etc and the benefits get Better as you move up the tiers and this Is great since you could get extra Benefits at multiple different hotel Chains even though you don't have status With any one of them another cool thing With Expedia group and this isn't really Directly connected to the Loyalty Program but the shopping portal Rakuten Lets you get 10 back or 10 Amex points Back when you click through their site To either Expedia or hotels.com and you Can also get twenty dollars cash back When you book a VRBO if you click Through racketon as well and guys if you Don't have racketon already it's a site That lets you earn extra cashback or Extra Amex points whatever you choose on Thousands of popular retailers so I do Recommend signing up for it if you're Into the whole Credit Card Rewards or Cash back game you can actually get 30 Dollars bonus cashback or 3000 Amex Points whatever you choose again you can Redeem for either when you sign up using My link and making your first purchase So if you are interested in that my link

Is below so that is the good side of the New Expedia Rewards program let's now Look at the bad side and then I'll tell You who might benefit from using one key So the new program merges Expediahotels.com and VRBO into one Rewards program now that's great for VRBO since it didn't have a Rewards Program to begin with but it's not so Good for hotels.com since it ends Hotels.com's very popular stay 10 nights Get one free program that a lot of People really liked Thrifty traveler Points out the Stark difference that This new program makes booking 10 Hotel Nights at 100 a piece through the Previous hotels.com program will get you A free night worth up to a hundred Dollars under the new one key program The same 10 nights at 100 per night Would net you just twenty dollars in Rewards so that's an eighty percent Decrease in the value of the rewards When booking through hotels.com now Obviously there are a few other uh Things to consider so if you move up Through the tier status Um with you know the new one key program Actually you won't be getting two Percent you'd be getting let's say if Your platinum you're getting 3x so you'd Be getting six percent so that should Actually would be uh sixty dollars in Rewards it's still not as good but hey

There are other benefits that might make Up some you know some of the value Elsewhere so it may not be as terrible As it sounds at first uh glance but I Think the hotels.com program has Definitely been probably made less Valuable with one key maybe of your Platinum you might be able to equalize It but you know probably not let's now Point out another thing as well and then This is just in general this is whether You actually want to use this program or Not but when you book through Expedia or Other Um online portals hotels generally do Not recognize your hotel status right if You have status in that chain and I Found out the hard way with this I was Sitting on Marriott Gold status I went To the W Hotel in Washington DC I booked It through Expedia in fact I'd booked One night through American Express and I Booked the other night because I I Stayed one night and then I wanted to Extend it all right I didn't want to go Home I was having such a great time I Don't know why but anyway I booked my Second night through Chase which codes Does Expedia and on neither night did They recognize my Marriott Gold status And that was really annoying because I Got put in a horrible dark room that had Windows that didn't look out onto the Street they instead looked out into the

Well of the building it was really not That great an experience so I generally Avoid booking through Expedia for that Reason especially with Marriott so who Would this new program be good for well I would say that it's going to be good For people who are not loyal to any one Hotel brand and also like to switch up Between staying at hotels and staying at Short-term rent tools while still Earning the same points that they can Then pool together it's also good for People who do a lot of car rentals since You can book car rentals through Expedia And earn the same points currency on Those too I wouldn't recommend this Loyalty program for flights don't book Flights through Expedia since many Credit cards have you booked directly With the airline they will give you way More points like Airline co-branded Cards will give you a good amount of Points if you book directly with an Airline also the AmEx Platinum gives you Five points per dollar on flights booked Directly with Airlines so that's a way Better deal than booking through Expedia At 0.2 percent back on flights I'm also Going to say it's going to benefit High-end Travelers who are not loyal to Any one brand since they're more likely To book through the VIP access Collection and stay at those higher end Properties however you will have to

Weigh up the value you get from that it Depends on which status level you are You have to weigh up the value you get Versus the AmEx fhr collection the chase You know Hotel Collection or the Capital One Hotel Collection but I don't think That this new Pro program has any one Element that really stands out as like a Kick-ass feature all right at least not Like the hotels.com stay 10 get one free Dude that's such a big bold simple Benefit that you know everyone can Really easily understand it's just like A punch card where you like buy 10 Drinks and the you know you buy 10 Coffees at Starbucks and then the 11th One is free it's the same kind of deal But I do think that there will be people Who get a lot of value out of this Um especially if you use one or all Three of Expedia sites basically the More of Expedia groups Services you use The more this program is going to start To make sense for you because you can Combine different trip elements so car Rental hotel stay short-term rental stay To move you up through status which you Can't do with any other program all Right guys that is the video for today Do tell me your opinion of this program In the comments below and don't forget You can get up to 12 free stocks when You open a new brokerage account and Deposit any amount of money with the

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Online brokerage Weeble link for that is Below also below I will put a link to Racketon if you use Expedia or Hotels.com or VRBO or any other common Retailer actually for that matter stores Like Saks Fifth Avenue Macy's Etc Chances are you will be able to get Extra cash back or extra Amex points if You first go to Rakuten before and then Click through to their site and you can Get a free 30 cashback or extra 3000 Amex points when you sign up through my Link below and make your first purchase So link for that is below as well thank You very much for watching guys please Subscribe if you're new I'll see you Next time bye

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