Five FREE Nights is BACK! Best Credit Card BONUSES Feb 2024

Five FREE Nights is BACK! Best Credit Card BONUSES Feb 2024

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a best bonuses video for you Today we have a 100,000 Point bonus that Just came out on a certain credit card Five free nights on another popular Hotel credit card some of you might be Able to guess which one that is and Bonuses of between $200 and $500 for Opening an account with Wells Fargo Everyone's favorite Bank don't hate me For mentioning Wells Fargo and then also Just right at the end Hilton is Currently selling Hilton points with a Big bonus multiplier on that as well We'll tell you how much later all right So let's first talk about this 100,000 Points welcome bonus and that is on Chase's United Airlines business card Actually there's also a 75,000 Mi plus 1,000 Premier qualifying points bonus on The United Club business card as well if You're more interested in that one That's the one that gets you full United Club lounge access Etc both are limited Time offers but in this video I want to Look at the 100,000 points off off so It's 100,000 M for spending $5,000 in Your first 3 months that's 20 m per Dollar spent which is a good rate for a Welcome bonus the points are worth 1.45 Cents per point if we use a Point Sky Valuation so that means that the whole Bonus has an average value of $1,450 that does skew a little bit

Towards economy redemptions so the Points Guy valuation uh and that's just An average so you could use 880,000 Points from the for example to book a Polaris business class flight to London Which would cost around $4,000 if you Booked it with money and that is Obviously way more than 1.45 cents per Point in value it's more like 5 cents Per Point depending on how much the Taxes in FEA normally it's around $200 To $300 going transatlantic with it United now this card is $99 per year so It fits in to tier three in my five Tier Credit card ladder system if you don't Know about that do check out our most Recent video on it it is very Interesting it lets you know all the Different tiers of credit cards here in The US market so you know what to expect For cards of different levels of annual Fee but anyway back to the United card So the United card although it has an Annual fee it does give you two United Club passes per year which is about $100 In value and you also get free check Bags which may save you a lot of money Depending how much you fly and if you Want you can check out my review of the Card on my website where I go through All of the points earning rates and all Of the benefits in much more detail I'll Put a link to that in the description Below you can also click through that

Page to the page on bank rate where they Have a comprehensive review of it as Well and as always these are affiliate Links so we thank you very much if you Use them and guys this is a business Card so for those less familiar with Business cards at Chase you don't have To have a company or an LLC set up you Can apply just with your own Social Security number so anyone who works as a Contractor I.E you get a $199 form at The end of the year not not a W2 Actually it's tax time so you should be Receiving your $10.99 now or your W2 if You're W2 and you know business cards They're great they don't show up on your Personal credit report that's one big Advantage of them if you want to earn Chase points instead though I do have a Couple of other Chase business card Alternatives for you the chase Inc Preferred still currently has its 100,000 points welcome bonus that's for Spending $8,000 in 3 months so a little Bit higher spending requirement however Chase points are more flexible you can Transfer them to United or you can Transfer them to a load of other Airline And hotel Transfer Partners and that Card has a $95 annual fee then we have The chasing unlimited that card has a 75,000 points bonus right now they sell It as 750 in cash back but in fact it is Points and that card has no annual fee

And the spending requirement is $6,000 If you want to transfer the points to Airlines though you need another Chase Card like the chasing preferred that we Just talked about or the personal Sapphire preferred card or the sapphire Reserve so those are a couple of Alternatives for you I'll put links to All of those in the description as well All right let's move on to the marot Bonvoy boundless card from Chase it's Kind of a Chase heavy video today but Anyway one of my favorite bonuses on any Credit card is back the five free nights On the marott bonvoy boundless credit Card here's how it works five free night Awards after you spend $5,000 on Purchases in your first 3 months from Your account opening with the marot born Boy boundless credit card each award is Valued up to 50,000 points now that is a Big deal because a lot of the time when You get free knights from marott credit Cards it is for 35,000 points but these Free night certificates are for 50,000 Points that gets you past sort of the The high end of mid-range with Marriot Okay so if you do the math that's Equivalent to 250,000 points if you max out all these Certificates and it's easier than ever To Max them out because Marriott Actually now allows you to top up free Night certificates with up to 15,000

Points so if a hotel is say 55,000 Points per night you couldn't quite get It with a certificate but now you can Top it up with some points from your Account so you can still stay there and You can actually make sure you get the Maximum value out of your free night Award the card has a $95 annual fee so It also fits into tier three in my five Tier credit card ladder system then it Also has a 35,000 points level free Night certificate after your card's Anniversary which usually offsets the Whole annual fee now I don't have an Affiliate link for this one so you just Basically you just go to Chase's website And find it it is on there and on the Site you'll even see our best offer so Yeah it really is a great deal I wish I Could get paid for guiding you to this One but unfortunately I can't however I Still want to tell you about it anyway All right now let's move on to some bank Account bonuses and also talking about Hilton points but first if you need a Convenient way of keeping info on all Your credit cards in one place I do Recommend the sponsor of today's video The app Max rewards it shows your Balances your transactions your points And reward rewards balances from every Card in your wallet regardless of issuer Now they have had issues connecting to Chase that's the one bank they have a

Little bit of difficulty with but the Fix for that is in the works and it will Be rolled out very soon I am told it is A permanent fix okay it's not some thing That's going to get shut down again it's Not quite as capable as it used to be But they've sacrificed some capability To make that fix you know 100% permanent For AMX cards I find it especially Useful since if you have the Gold Version of Max rewards that's the Premium version it activates all your AMX offers for you so you never miss a Deal look my account currently has 121 Offers added to my cards by Max rewards And they have a useful search feature That works better than mx's website so I Recently searched for Dell offers and I Found this one spend $200 get $40 back On two of my cards I also found this Spend $600 get $150 back on these Ridiculously expensive jackets from Macke that my wife likes I'm not sure Where whether to tell her about that Offer or not leave your answer in the Comments what do you guys think now the Cool thing is when you activate all of Your offers new offers you never thought You had will actually appear in your Account and you can save even more money Anyway if you want a free month of Max Rewards goal do click my link below or You can just download it and try out the Free features let's now move on to bank

Account bonuses so last week we covered The chase $900 bonus for checking and Savings if you missed that the video Looks like this I will put a link to it On the end screen of this video but There are currently two bonuses for Opening savings accounts with Wells Fargo so you can either get a $225 cash bonus or a $525 cash bonus When you open a new savings account with Them so for the $225 one you can do it Online and what you have to do is Deposit $10,000 in your first 30 days And maintain that balance for 90 days And that deal is available until February 23rd for the fin $525 one you Can get a code for the deal online but Then you have to go to a branch to open It you have to deposit $25,000 in the first 30 days so it's a Bit higher this one and maintain that Balance for 90 days and that one is Valid until April 1st and you know maybe More people would benefit from the lower Spending requirement one but I'm giving You both because I think some people Will find The Higher One useful now I Know some people will have differing Opinions on Wells Fargo because of the Fake account Scandal of a few years back But hey I'm just the messenger all right Don't shoot the messenger or don't leave Mean comments about the messenger below Either I'm just giving you the info if

You like it I'll put a link to a frequin Miler article in the pin comments below Where you can find links to both of Those deals but if not let's move on to Our final story of the day and that is a 100% bonus when you buy Hilton points Now you can do this in your online Account and is only for amount of 5,000 Points or more so you can see here it's 5,000 plus 5,000 and every amount above That is doubled 100% bonus now Hilton Sells points normally for 1 cent per Point so on this 100% bonus you're Basically getting them for 0.5 cents per Point which is what many travel bloggers Think they are roughly worth anyway Sometimes they say it's 0.6 cents per Point so whether this is a good deal or Not really depends on the type of Redemption you are doing certainly Higher end hotels give higher value if You're staying 5 night also you get your Fifth night free for award redemptions With Hilton so that increases the value By another 25% too so if you're doing a High-end redemption or a high value Redemption and you've already found Availability this could be a really good Way of getting a cheaper stay or just to Top up points when you don't have quite Enough for a certain Redemption just Don't go and buy points and then use Them at Hampton in you probably would Still be better off paying with cash in

That case and this one is a limited time Offer I forgot to write the date in the Script but I will put it on screen uh so That you guys know all right that is the Video for today I hope you guys enjoyed It links to all the stuff I talked about Will be in the description box and in a Pin comment below don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link too that will be the first link in The description please subscribe to the Channel if you're new for more credit Card and personal finance tips and Tricks every couple of days we'll see You next time bye-bye

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