Get 5x Amex Points/$ at Amazon + New Card with 60k BONUS

Get 5x Amex Points/$ at Amazon + New Card with 60k BONUS

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have three things to talk about On this episode one an easy way that you Can get at least 4,000 if not more IHG Hotel points two how to earn five AMX Points per dollar at Amazon until the End of the year and three a new credit Card that has just hit the market with a 60,000 Point welcome bonus so first Things first IHG hotels which owns a Load of awesome Hotel Brands you've got Holiday in on the low end but then also On the high end you've got hotels like The Intercontinental which I've stayed At in London it was great also the Regent in Taipei I had an awesome time There in early 2020 before the whole Pandemic thing started well IHG has a Little promotion running right now where If you register online you can actually Get extra points on your stays now this Isn't going to be like raining money or Raining points on top of You but every little helps right so you Can go to a link which I'll paste Somewhere below probably in a pined Comment and you can register and you'll Actually get 2,000 extra points for Every two nights you stay at IHG hotels Until the end of the year the nights Have to be paid nights they can't be Points redemptions but they don't have To be consecutive so you could be like One night this week one night next week

And then you get bam 2,000 points in Your account cool thing is though if you Have any of the IHG credit cards from Chase IHG will double the promotion to 4,000 points every two nights for you so You'll receive an email after Registering notifying you of the 4,000 Point rate and if you guys are Interested in either of the personal or Business IHG credit cards from Chase I Will put links to all of those cards Down below the IHG Rewards Premiere That's the personal one and also the Business card both have 140,000 Point Welcome bonuses is right now and the no Annual fee IHG traveler card has an 880,000 Point welcome bonus and Obviously if you have the card and then You register for this promotion you will Get the 4,000 Point rate instead of the 2,000 Point rate and once you are Registered that ihd deal runs until the End of the year December 31st all right Let's now move on to how you can earn Five AMX points per dollar at Also until the end of the year now this One is an X offer you know those offers From American Express that you can add To your card and then they save you some Money in the form of statement credit Like for example spend $50 get $10 back At ShopRite just an example ShopRite Fanboys don't get excited all right That's not a real offer but what is a

The Credit Pros

Real offer is five membership rewards Points back per dollar at Now On your account it will probably say add To card on the right hand side and you Click that and then it adds it if you're Wondering why mine is already added to My card that that is because I have Max Rewards gold that automatically Activates and adds all my MX offers to My cards now Max rewards is a great way To keep track of data on all your credit Cards in one place the free version of The app gives you transactions balances Points and rewards balances All in One Dashboard regardless of card issue okay You can have all different banks cards In there and it also has other useful Things like welcome bonus spending Trackers little video game health bars That fill up as you do your spending for A welcome bonus but if you get Max Rewards gold the pro version of the app You then get the function where Max Rewards will activate all of your AMX Offers for you and you may even use an AMX offer when you're out shopping Without realizing it and you come home To an email saying that you save some Money that has literally happened to me Several times and when you activate all Your AMX offers new offers that you Never knew even existed actually appear In your account now guys you can get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my

Link below or you can just download it With my link and check out the free Features so anyway going back to this 5x Amazon offer once activated you can get Extra five AMX points back per dollar Which is better value than the Amazon Prime Visa signature because although That's 5% it's cash back not points and Points are normally worth around double The dollar amount of cash back AMX Points are normally valued at 2 cents Per point so that would be a 10% return Okay cuz it's 5x and then time 2 but Actually the offer is an extra 5X on top Of what you already earn which would be One point per dollar so it's actually Six points back per dollar or a 12% Return if you're using the 2 cent per Point rate now if you read the small Print there are a few important details The offer ends at the end of the year 1231 2023 and you can only earn up to 2,000 extra points so that's the only Downside of this the low spending limit It costs just $400 to Max it out which I Personally could EAS easily do I do a Lot of shopping at Amazon I'm a Prime Member but if you find that hard you can Also use your AMX card to reload your Amazon gift card balance and max out the Offer in one go and then you can just Spend that balance at your leisure Take 6 Months 8 months or however long you Need to work through that $400 now I got

The offer on my MX gold card I didn't See it on my platinum or business Platinum but you can check whatever Cards you have and also search within The search function on Max rewards if You have the app that can help you find The offer really easily and see which Card it's on all right now for our last Story of the day and that is a new Credit card which is just launched from The company cardless and that is a Co-branded Air Portugal American Express Card now Air Portugal is in Star Alli so You can in theory book any airline in The alliance using Air Portugal miles Including United for us domestic flights For example but the sweet spots of Air Portugal may be elsewhere it's a great Way to cross the Atlantic in business Class so if you're thinking of going to Europe you may want to book an award to Lisbon the capital of Portugal and then Fly somewhere else from there you can Also BK Emirates Awards Singapore Airlines and Ana all popular options now Upgraded points which is a website they Have a great guide on how to use Air Portugal miles that Steven Al dude is a Powerhouse he has written so many of These guides for different airlines and Air Portugal is no exception he's got Loads of different options for using the Points in there I will put a link to his Guide in a pin comment below but anyway

What is this new card actually like well There is a welcome bonus of 60,000 Points for spending $2,500 in your first 3 months of card membership you get Three points per dollar back on air Portugal purchases including airfare and Any money you spend on board or change Fees or whatever two points per dollar On hotels and car rentals and ride share And one point per dollar on everything Else then there are some other cool Benefits like two lounge passes at their Lounge at Lisbon airport each year so Great if you're flying to Europe through Portugal transferring in Lisbon not so Useful otherwise two extra bags per year And preferred boarding and that's all For a $79 annual fee so this card is What I would call a tier three card in My five Tier credit card system Annual Fees in this tier are around $100 or Close to it so $79 quite close to $100 And they typically have big welcome Bonuses okay at least $500 in value and 60,000 points is certainly probably at Least $500 if not quite a bit more in Value now this card may be really useful To some people if you're thinking of Going to Europe for example and you're Considering flying through Portugal and Less useful to others so your mileage May vary and that's where I'm going to End the video today do check out the Links to the IHG credit cards below some

The Credit Pros

Great welcome bonuses on those cards and You can get that additional offer we Talked about for 4,000 points for two Nights stay as many times as you like Until the end of the year don't forget Also to get your free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below please Subscribe to the channel and we'll see You next time bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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