Get an EASY 100k Chase Points + Last Chance: HUGE Hilton Bonus

Get an EASY 100k Chase Points + Last Chance: HUGE Hilton Bonus

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video we are going to be Looking at some awesome credit card Welcome offers now I know we already did A top bonuses video for July but there Is just so much good value out there Right now in this video I will cover how You can earn an easy hundred thousand Chase points how you can still get the 80 000 Point welcome bonus on The Chase Sapphire preferred even though it's Already finished and you just have a few Days left to get a 150 000 Point bonus Plus a free night on one of the Hilton Credit cards all right you gotta be Quick for that one so let's actually Start with the Hilton Amex cards because That offer is ending really soon now the Hilton credit cards are great I Personally have the Hilton Honors Surpass card that's the mid-level card Of the three personal ones it gets me Hilton gold status which gets me things Like a priority line at check-in room Upgrades and even free breakfast which Saves me a lot of money now two of the Personal Hilton credit cards and then Also also the Hilton business card have Elevated bonuses right now and these Bonuses are pretty amazing because they Give you a load of points and they give You a free night award and Hilton free Night Awards certificates are some of The best out there probably the best

Award certificates out there because you Can use them at pretty much any Hilton Hotel with only a few exceptions I give These certificates an average value of 700 each since I've easily been able to Use them for hotels that cost 700 a Night such as the Oceana Santa Monica It's a small boutique hotel in La really Really nice and it's 700 a night but Let's start from the bottom and work our Way up to the highest bonus on these Three cards so the Hilton Honors card Which has no annual fee is offering Seventy thousand points plus a free Night for spending one thousand dollars On purchases in the first three months If we value Hilton points at half a cent In value which is pretty much what they Are that's 350 in value for the 70 000 Points and then on top of that we add in The 700 value of the free night Certificate that takes us to a thousand And fifty dollars in value then we have The Hilton Honors surpass card that has A 95 annual fee and it is offering 130 000 points plus a free night award so That gives us 650 in value for the Points plus 700 takes us up to 1 350 in Value but it is the Hilton business card That is offering the most incredible Deal now the business card has an annual Fee of just 95 same as the mid-tier Hilton Honors surpass but it is offering A lot more points the card has a welcome

Bonus of a hundred and fifty thousand Points plus a free night for spending Four thousand dollars in the first three Months and the value of all that Together will be 1450 that's an even better deal than the High level Hilton Honors Aspire card Which is currently offering 150 000 Points but no free night as part of the Welcome bonus I mean that card does Offer a free night anyway uh but it has A 450 annual fee so I don't know how you Calculate that but whatever now Obviously your value may vary with these Welcome bonuses since it is dependent on You getting value out of that free night Certificate personally I would say do Not use the free night certificate at Any hotel that's less than 500 a night If you do that you're just wasting it Like you take it to Hampton Inn 150 a Night or something that is just such a Waste personally I try to look for Hotels that are 650 to 700 a night and Up so look for things like Waldorf Astoria Conrad and anything in the lxr Collection those hotels normally cost Between 500 and a thousand dollars a Night and you'll have a great time just Make sure when you browse Hilton's Website you find what they call Standard Room availability on the hotel that you Want to stay at and then you call up and Book also just remember that American

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Express no longer counts tax payments Towards eligible spend for welcome Bonuses just in case you are thinking of Using a payment for the IRS to get one Of the bonuses on these cards we did Video about this it looks like this Where we go into a lot more detail about It I'll put it on the end card of this Video so you can check it out now I did Say that these bonuses were limited time Offers and they're almost finished so When do they end well these bonuses end On July 19th so you've really got just You know a couple of days if you want Them now I have the Hilton honor surpass Card in my credit card guide on my Website you can find it there if you are Interested in it link for that is below And I do thank you guys very much if you Do use our links it really helps out the Show a lot alright before we go into how To get an easy hundred thousand chase Points if you have a lot of credit cards And you struggle to keep track of all Your transactions your balances your Points and Miles balances across Multiple cards from different issuers I Recommend the sponsor of today's video The app Max rewards it puts all that Information from all the cards in your Wallet even if they're from different Issuers in one easy to use dashboard it Also tracks bonus categories and tells You which card to use in which bonus

Category and at which local retailer to Get the max rewards additionally if you Have American Express cards like the Hilton ones we talked about the pro Version of Max rewards Max rewards gold Is especially useful because it Automatically activates all of your Amex Offers adding them to your card so you Never miss a deal once you've activated All your offers new offers that you Wouldn't have otherwise got will appear In your account the max rewards will Activate them too you can get a free Month of Max rewards gold with my link Below or just download it and check out The free features alright let's talk About how to get an easy relatively Speaking hundred thousand chase points And then in a moment we'll tell you how You can still get the 80 000 Point Welcome bonus on The Chase Sapphire Preferred so for the hundred thousand Chase points the chase Inc preferred is One of my top small business cards Um you know small business people and Freelancers can all apply for it you Have to just have some sort of business Doesn't have to be a massive company or Anything but that card has been offering A hundred thousand Point welcome bonus For quite some time now however you have To spend fifteen thousand dollars in Three months to get it now that's quite A high level of spend even for some

Businesses obviously if you're doing Something where you buy products using a Credit card and then sell them you'd Have a lot of spending but for some Other types of businesses they're not Very Capital intensive you know I make a Fair bit of money from YouTube but I do Not have fifteen thousand dollars in Three months worth of expenses that I Could put on a card unless I have a One-off tax payment or something and tax Payments by the way still do count Towards welcome bonuses on Chase cards For now at least but anyway the good News is that chase has now decreased the Spend requirement on the chase Inc Preferred from fifteen thousand dollars Down to eight thousand dollars in three Months to get that hundred thousand Point bonus now the points on this card Are worth at least 1.25 cents per point Because that's the rate you get when you Use them through the chase travel portal So that would give you a value of one Thousand two hundred and fifty dollars Minimum value for that hundred thousand Points however if you trend further Amount to Airlines the sky's the limit I Mean I got six cents per point in value For my recent United Polaris business Class trip and guys if you want to check That out as well the video thumbnail Looks like this I'll put it on the end Card of this video but anyway if that

Was the case you get six thousand Dollars worth of value out of this bonus How you use the points is really up to You and if you want to know more about This card I will leave my link in the Description below so you can check it Out all right now for a secret way that You can apparently still get the 80 000 Point welcome bonus on The Chase Sapphire preferred and this is courtesy Of a Reddit user called Bay Area thrower I guess they're from the Bay Area and They throw stuff now this person seems To have found a link that still works For an 80 000 Point bonus on the Sapphire preferred although he says it's A new link I'm not sure whether it's new And they're bringing back the 80 000 Point bonus or this is just a link That's left over from the last time they Did the 80 000 which stopped a few Months ago could be either but anyway You just click through and it takes you To the application page age and you Don't need to be signed in for it to Show up I'll paste a link to the Reddit Thread where they're discussing this and You can check it out and decide if you Want to use it and do remember of course This was active when I wrote this script But if you're watching this in the Future Chase may have already Deactivated that link also Bay Area Thrower says that he wants to make a

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Website where he compiles all of the Links to best deals on Chase cards so if You like the sound of that leave him a Comment and hey if you really make that Website you do a good job with it we'll Give you a shout out on our show Bay Area throw alright guys that is the Video for today don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with our Link below I also have the link for the Hundred thousand points offer on the ink Preferred and links to my credit card Guide where you can find the AmEx Hilton Honors surprise card if you want to see My video on how Amex doesn't count tax Payments toward welcome bonuses anymore That's on screen now and also my review Of Polaris business class on stream now As well thank you so much for watching Guys we'll see you next time bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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