“Girl Math” Tik Tok Finance Trend is Ridiculous (Expert Reacts)

"Girl Math" Tik Tok Finance Trend is Ridiculous (Expert Reacts)

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So today's girl math is that I owe $200 On my credit card and I also owe $180 on A bill so I'm going to pay the $200 to My credit card and once that clears I'm Going to use my credit card to pay the $180 bill so really I got two bills paid For the price of one let me know if you Want any more financial Advice Financial advice hey everyone Welcome to the show and today in a Light-hearted segment we are going to be Taking a look at the latest trend on Tik Tok the latest Financial Trend and that Would be something called Girl MTH dad I'm going to teach you a little Something called Girl math okay girl Math get ready to lose a few brain cells In this video because it's going to be a Good one we've got a load of videos to React to and I've got my dedicated Tik Tok phone here to stop the Chinese Communists from spying on me to watch Them on we're going to go through all of These videos but before we do why not Smash the like button for the YouTube Algorithm and why not subscribe to our Channel so you never miss any of our Future videos all right let's check out The first one if I pay for something in Cash it's Free okay first of all what is this Voice I don't I don't use Tik Tok enough To know how to do these weird voices but Anyway just look at the dad's expression

If she pays with cash for something it's Free like I know what she's saying okay Like and you'll see in these videos Later on they're basically saying that Because the cash is not in their bank Account it's not part of the number they See when they look at their bank account It doesn't really equate in their budget In your mind the amount of money that's In your bank account is the number that Shows up in your banking app it feels Like it's free okay the dad is just like No no if I order something using the Starbucks app and I have money preloaded To the app and then I go order the drink It's Free dad's like I'm losing brain cells Here the mental gymnastics required to Uh justify this thinking is insane but Yeah that's basically the same idea Right the money is left her account uh It's in her Starbucks app she's Forgotten about it it doesn't exist Within her budget for that week or month So it's kind of free if you twist your Mind round into a knot or whatever but Um really it's not free it's just Prepaid okay it's just prepaid it's not Free if I buy something at a Store and I return it so like the other Week I bought a jacket from Zara you now I have to return it tomorrow when I Return that I'm actually making

Money the dad just Like I'm making money the good thing if You do buy clothes and you wear them to A party you don't get them dirty you Leave the labels on and you then return Them yeah sure you are saving some money Because you don't have to keep buying Clothes over and over again so it is you Know you could say from some point of View it's an economic way of doing it But you're not making money okay let's Get that very clear I go out for dinner With my friends or they come over for Dinner and we order in and I'm the one Who pays for it and then everyone send Sweenie transfer for their their portion Afterwards yes you make money I actually Profited I prise she profited now it's It really represents it really shows how Deceiving a lot of the financial systems We have are though because she probably Paid for the dinner on her credit card So she's not going to see that bill Until the end of the month but her Friends have ven mowed her money into Her bank account so now it feels like Her bank account has increased and she Hasn't paid her credit card bill yet so To her it does feel like she'd made Money but it's all a ridiculous scam That the credit card company and it's Not just girls that could fall for this I mean I it's called girl math but I Think a guy could fall for this too it's

Just the way the finance industry kind Of manipulates your thinking all right Let's check out another one gr M things That makes total sense to me if I'm Ordering clothes and the clothes come up To $100 but the shipping is $50 that's Too much money if I'm ordering clothes And the clothes come up to $150 and the Shipping is $0 i c i i could I could I could deal With that what shipping is $50 I mean Where are you ordering from another Country or something you know to be Honest I can kind of understand this one Like you don't want to pay $50 for Shipping cuz it sort of feels like You're paying for nothing if you pay for You know $50 worth of extra clothes You're actually getting something Physical so I I mean this one actually Does kind of make sense so for example If you spend $100 and you get a $10 Reward you just made $10 that's that's that's that's not Accurate I love how the husband's here Just to talk sense into her okay so this Is actually an older lady she's probably About 40 or something so these are not Kids and um you spend $100 you get a $10 Gift card Yeah you sort of made $10 but You have to spend more money at that Same retailer in the future to actually Get any benefit out of the $10 because They might not even have any $10 items

Right you might end up having to spend $50 just to use that $10 gift card so It's really not as she's saying she Didn't make $10 at all she sort of got Basically strong armed into spending Money at that store again in the future Or like if you pay for cash with Something it's free because it's not Coming out of your bank account I I love How they will say if you pay pay with Cash for stuff it's free I mean I think People are just so used to electronics Payments now that they've just sort of Forgotten that cash exists now it is True that you know I love it when you Had some cash and you put like a 20 in Your pocket and you forgot about it and A couple of months goes by and then you Eventually find it it does feel like you Got some free money because it's already Been sort of absorbed into your bu Budget uh and then you forgot about it Now it's not free because it did come Out of your budget like a couple of Months ago right it did cost you money You worked for that money right you Worked like you know maybe you worked an Hour to get that 20 um or more in some Cases but it does feel like free money Because it's already been absorbed by Your budget so I get the the the feeling But really it's it's deceiving your mind It's not it's not correct here's my top Ones that I found for girl math if you

Pay cash it's free guys it could be Literally $250 it could be $1,000 if I Paid it in cash I think when they say if You pay in cash it it's free it's like If you had a 20 or something I don't Think like $1,000 you probably have to Make a special trip to the bank to get That out you'd literally see that Reduced from your bank account balance So don't agree with her on this one your Girl math is wrong my mom always says She's like you should pay things you Should take out money for the week or Whatever and like pay in cash because Alesia you don't feel it you're swiping Left and right and you're going to Actually feel it when you're paying it Cash I'm like I actually ala mom has Some pretty good Financial advice Because that's true she's saying that if You're just swiping your credit card you Don't feel it you don't feel how much Money you're spending and according to An MIT study credit cards do actually Stimulate the reward center of the brain Which makes you spend more okay without Realizing it so if you have cash in your Hand um you can yeah you you see how Much cash is physically going out how Much you're spending you're much more Likely to spend responsibly Apple pay It's free Apple pay it's free how that Comes that goes to your credit card Statement all right it's linked I don't

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Agree with that one I think her girl Math is wrong there if I don't spend any Money today I have double the budget for Tomorrow 1,000% 1,000% 1,000% that one's Terrible okay you say you don't spend Any money today it doubles your budget For tomorrow that's ridiculous because That just gets you into a spiral of Never saving money right if you for me If I don't spend any money today I'm Like yes I didn't spend any money today I can shift some money and go buy some Stocks or something or invest in Something or save that money for the Future okay otherwise you never never Save any money you're always just you Know budgeting certain amount for the Day and you spend that much and you you Keep on going it's an endless cycle Buying something and then returning it Equals profit any money that goes out It's gone any money that comes back in Doesn't matter why doesn't matter if I'm Ow it doesn't matter anything it's a Profit okay yeah so they're just summing Up the phenomenon there I think that Really sums it up well any money that Goes out it's gone they forget about it It's like a goldfish with like a 5-second me right and if they in the Future get that money back it does feel Like profit because it increases their Bank account balance okay part three of Explaining girl math to my dad if

Something's less than $5 it's free no I Love these ones with the dads okay you Can already see the dads like just just There like shaking his head like no I Mean this looks I can imagine this is me With my daughter in like 10 years okay Let's let's check this one out if Something's less than $5 it's free no What if you buy a hundred things that Are $4 they're for free no it's $400 Which is obviously not free I love how The dad so matter of fact about it so This is a new one that we haven't seen a New aspect of girl map if something is Under $5 it's free which is obviously Ridiculous because like the dad said if You bought 100 things for $4 that's $400 Also in this day and age you can't find Many things for under $5 with the amount Of inflation that we've got going right Now so uh I think that one's pretty hard To do if I want to get Starbucks or Something like that and there's already Money in the account like money in my App it's free like I'm not paying for That Starbucks no you just loaned them Money and then you're using the money That you've already loaned them it's Already left my account that's funny Right the Gad the dad actually hits the Nail on the head when you put money in Those Starbucks apps things I never even Thought of this you're literally giving An interest free loan to Starbucks all

Right I wonder how much they've got Actually in these interest free loans Just from people putting money on their Starbucks card or any other prepaid card From any store it's an interesting way To think about it isn't it because you Are actually loaning them money that They can then use for other things all Right they don't have to keep that money In that account they can it's like when You put money in the bank the bank loans It out to other people and does other Stuff with it Starbucks can use it to Pay their employees or whatever they Just owe you X doll amount of their Product in the future which at Cost Doesn't even cost them that much so you Are just giving Starbucks an interest Free loan dad I'm going to teach you a Little something called Girl math okay It's another dad one I love these dad Once girl man I can't wait for This okay if I return something I'm Making Money you're not making money you're Yeah I am I'm returning something so I'm Making money from it you're recouping Your Money you're recouping exactly this girl Knows what's up she's laughing while She's saying it she knows this isn't True she's just whining up her dad if I Pay for a dinner with friends and they All VMA me I made money from that

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Dinner what kind of is This I love how he's so direct what kind Of BS is this okay if I buy something That is more than 30% off then you're Making money nope I got it for Free no you didn't how did you get it For free you still spent money on it but Maybe I I don't know I guess the logic Is it's too good of a deal to pass up or Something there's an opportunity cost if You bought it in the future it would be More expensive then you lose money I Don't know it's girl math guys I don't Fully understand it okay last one Anything under $5 is what free yeah good Job anything under $5 is free so if you Go to that store Five Below where Everything's $5 or under it's all free Like the entire store is free I mean That's that's the logic right nothing Under $5 that's why it's Free what kind of I actually do this Dad I hope you know that you do what I do You follow these you do gr math so You're always making money girl out There thinks like me so you're always Making money yep the dad's probably like A lawyer or financial analyst or Something I mean he's got a pretty nice House so he's probably does something Pretty professional he he knows what's Up he knows that this is uh he's like Daughter this is a dead end I worry for

Your future all right let's let's find One more I got one more for you and then We'll end the video check this one out If I put $25 in the pocket of my jacket And I forget about it and then months Later I put my jacket on and I find $25 In my pocket I've made money all right Yes I agree I finally agree with this One I think she hits the nail on the Head so it's not just if you use cash It's free but if you got cash out of an ATM at some point and then you lost that Cash and you found it in your jacket Pocket it kind of feels psychologically Like you've made money just because that Money has all already been absorbed into Your budget a few months ago or a year Ago or whatever and you you've forgotten About it and it's sort of equalized all Right and yeah you've got extra money That month on top of what you earned in Your paycheck or whatever so in that Case it does feel like it's free Although in reality it's just prepaid It's like with the Starbucks card okay Like you put your money in the Starbucks Account you put your $20 in your jacket Pocket you've uh you've just prepaid That you just stored that money in the Future you get it back so to summarize The sophisticated Financial system that Is girl math if you pay for cash with Something it's free anything under $5 is Free too if you spend nothing today you

Can double your budget tomorrow and Buying something and then returning it Is a profit as well as buying a dinner And uh then having your friends venmo You and seeing that money add up in your Bank account that's a profit too guys I Don't want to just hit on the ladies hit On the ladies hate on the Ladies because there is actually Something called boy math 2 that's also Trending on Tik Tok maybe if this video Gets a lot of likes and a lot of views We'll cover boy math 2 so guys I'd Really appreciate it if you share this Video with your friends all right share It on Facebook go and share it on other Social media it's a little bit different To the kind of content I normally cover On my channel so it would really be Awesome if you could share it I'm trying To take this channel in New Directions And experiment with new different types Of content so if this video is Successful we'll cover boy maath for you Guys and uh we can have a good laugh at That too but you know what is free a lot Of things in this video weren't free but You know what is that's the up to 12 Free stocks that you can get when you Sign up and deposit any amount of money With our sponsor the investing app Weeble where you can buy stocks and Cryptos even an open and Ira and it's Commission free it's up to 12 free

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