How Dave Hanson “Accidentally” Became a Credit Card YouTuber…

How Dave Hanson “Accidentally” Became a Credit Card YouTuber…

Dave launched onto the YouTube scene a Couple of years ago with some videos Whether you have the Black Card unboxing The black card that's what I use it Inadvertently became a credit card YouTuber it was it was actually the Apple card that you know got me started Okay yeah and and then you were also the First person to get the X1 card weren't You I was yes dropping that metal card [Music] They actually contacted me because they Uh they saw me dropping the AmEx black Card and they're like we have a metal Card would you like to drop it and I'm Like yeah let's do it they even put the Sound on their website didn't they they Were very um I should have trademarked that or done Something at the time

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