How I Got a $4000 Flight for FREE… (United Polaris 767-200)

How I Got a $4000 Flight for FREE... (United Polaris 767-200)

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In this video I take United’s Polaris business class from London to New York, which I got for FREE.
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In this video I'm going to show you how I got a 4 000 flight on United Airlines Polaris business class which is their Top product completely for free using Credit card points and how you can too My name is Ben Hedges aka the credit Shufu I am a credit card travel hacker I Specialize in using credit card points Frequent flyer and hotel programs to get Free luxury travel I've racked up over 38 000 worth of free travel over the Past three years or so and I have a lot More planned first let's actually take a Look at my flight experience and then I'll give you the secret of how I get Flights like this for free or at a Fraction of the cost hey guys well we Are on the M25 this morning Uh Britain's most beloved uh roads we Are trying a really cool business class Product today the United Polaris uh business class I want to say Sweet I don't think they describe it as A suite but anyway it's their Premiere Flagship business class product and uh We're gonna be there in about three Hours if the traffic uh eases up no I'm Just kidding should be there in a few Minutes anyway let's go So my flight was leaving from Heathrow Terminal 2 or the Queens terminal United Has a special check-in for business Class and Star Alliance gold but you Still have to use a machine which I

Don't like however it is very quick After that you head through Fast Track Security which has no line and you can Then head up to the United Club no Polaris Lounge here I'm afraid but it is A decent lounge with an awesome English Breakfast all right coffee And some cool decorations as well as a Great view of the planes the lounge also Has individual restrooms which I always Like so you have room and privacy if you Want to get changed or wash your face Etc Our plane on this route from London Heathrow to New York Newark is a 767-200 Which is the smallest of Boeing's wide Body Jets I.E it is the smallest jet Boeing makes that still has two aisles Alright let's check out my seat If you let me to your mind I've been there by the door a million Times The seats are very stylish and this Product was only brought in a few years Ago I chose an odd numbered seat and you Should too if you're flying in Polaris On the 767 they offer greater privacy Than the even numbered ones the bedding Is provided by Saks Fifth Avenue and the Amenities kit is from away luggage it's This cool mini suitcase design the seat Has some storage for your passport and Wallet Etc this space here which is Perfect for a book there's a coat hook

Ample outlets and USBS a reading light And of course it can turn into a fully Flat bed but we'll get to that later on The ground I was offered a drink Prosecco or orange juice I went for the Non-alcoholic option and we were ready To take off [Music] Okay now let's look at the food and the Bed but before we check that out if you Are interested in building up a huge Amount of credit card points which is How I paid for this flight a great way Is to use a system that lets you use a Credit card to pay for things that you Wouldn't normally be able to pay for With a credit card and thus meet the Spending requirement for those huge Welcome bonuses on credit cards Especially business credit cards and a Great system to use for that is milio The sponsor of today's video Melia Actually does way more than that it is a Complete payment system and small Businesses and Freelancers you can use Milio through their website or on their Mobile app which is available for iOS Right now with Android coming soon this Means you can use it on the go and you Have access to all the same payment Options through their system you can pay Any vendor and they do not need to sign Up for milio themselves to get paid Melia offers free ACH transfers with no

Subscription fees you can also have Checks mailed on your behalf and if you Want you can even pay with a credit card Which does have a 2.9 fee but it's a Great way of meeting spend requirements For a welcome bonus like I paid six Thousand dollars in taxes with a fee in Order to get the welcome bonus on the Chase Inc business unlimited card which Was 90 000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points To use sixty thousand of them to book This flight which is valued at around Four thousand dollars thus that totally Wipes out Milio's 2.9 fee which would Have been 156 dollars in this case and Gives me loads of value on top with Emilio you can pay vendors in up to 80 Countries and it seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks and xero to keep your Accounts up to date whether you're using The desktop or mobile app versions so Simplify your bill pay and keep your Business on track with milio download The app and try it for yourself for free With my link on screen now and also in The description box below alright so They gave us a hot towel which is always Nice and this is the menu for lunch this Was a lunchtime flight I went for the Beef short rib and this is where it's Going to be a little funny so the flight Attendants were very nice they gave me a Coke and they served me the meal and I Mean it was nice you can see from these

Clips it looks good for a meal on a Plane right but when I really thought About it if this was served on the Ground it would be like Serve Yourself Cafeteria food at best maybe the Ikea Restaurant or something the flavor was All right but this was not high class Cuisine if you compare it to Japan Airlines business class or even the JetBlue flight I took on the way to the UK it was very average but hey still Better than food and economy I guess the Dessert was this massive blob of ice Cream in a bowl I really didn't need That much but whatever I finished off With an English breakfast tea and then Decided to make the bed and this part Was really cool my flight attendant said That if I want she can get me a mattress Pad now this was not supplied as Standard but they do have them on the Plane in limited numbers okay so ask Early before other people do but if you Ask they give and the mattress pad made Such a difference and this is now Officially the best bed I've ever slept On on a plane all the little cracks and Uneven parts of the seat were gone it Was super flat and fluffy and the Saks Fifth Avenue pillow and duvet were great Too before sleeping I did my usual Meditation test and yes this bed is big Enough to meditate in the full Lotus Position comfortably not as good as the

JetBlue mint Studio but better than the British Airways club Suite I meditated For about 35 minutes before I was rudely Interrupted by the seat belt sign and I Decided to just go to sleep I closed my Shade and dozed off for several hours I Think the fact that I didn't watch any Movies on this flight shows you how good The bed was I just ate meditated and Slept when I woke up we were pretty Close to New York I had couscous for my Pre-landing snack the flavor was good But again United you really need to Improve improve on your presentation it Looked like it had been just dumped on The plate I finished off with an orange Juice and a coffee and the landing into New York New York was smooth [Music] But let's now talk about how I got this Flight a hundred percent for free so Like I said in the middle of the video I Did it using the welcome bonus on a Certain credit card the chase Inc Business unlimited at the time the card Was offering a 90 000 Point welcome Bonus for spending six thousand dollars In the first three months so I got the Bonus by paying my state taxes with the Card I then transferred those points Over to another card I have the chase Inc preferred now the ink Unlimited on Its own just allows you to redeem for Cash back one cent per Point type

Redemptions but the ink preferred has Transfer Partners and one of those Transfer Partners was United now at this Time United was selling saver award Tickets on this route for 60 000 Points Plus around 300 in taxes and fees that Has since gone up to 80 000 points in Their recent devaluation however that's Still doable with that sign up bonus so Anyway I transferred thousand points Over to United and booked the flight Getting around six cents in value per Point since the flight would have cost Around four thousand dollars if you've Booked it with cash depending on how you Look at it actually if you booked it as A one-way Redemption it'd be like eight Thousand dollars um as half of a Round-trip ticket it's around four Thousand or close to five thousand Dollars let's just call it four thousand Dollars because the return ticket was Around eight thousand so just half of That we'll say four thousand dollars but You can look at it in different ways I Then paid the 326 dollars in taxes and Fees with my American Express Platinum Card because that gets five points per Dollar on flights booked directly with Airlines but wait a minute didn't I say I got this totally for free so what I Actually did to pay off the charge on my Credit card for the taxes was to take 30 000 Amex points that I had stashed away

On my Charles Schwab Amex platinum and Transfer those to my Charles Schwab Brokerage account at 1.1 cents per point Which is a function of the Charles Schwab Amex Platinum it's the best Version of the AmEx Platinum if you ask Me that got me 330 dollars in my Charles Schwab account Which I was then able to use to pay off The charge for the taxes and fees on my Platinum card and I had four bucks left Over to buy a coffee at Starbucks or Something so in the end the flight cost Me 90 000 points sixty thousand from Chase and 30 000 from Amex with the Chase ones being redeemed at a much Higher value than the AmEx ones but guys You can do this too credit card welcome Bonuses are a great way of building up a Load of points quickly okay it's not That I had a load of business spending Or something that you guys don't have I Literally just got the welcome bonus on A credit card and I was able to book This amazing business class flight now I Have a credit card guide on my website That shows you a load of the credit Cards that I typically use if you want To learn more about my strategy I will Put that in the links below also if You're looking for a way to put spending On a credit card that you wouldn't be Able to normally use a credit card for Check out our sponsor Emilio in the

Links below as well you can download Their mobile app which is really useful And in fact milio is more than just Enabling you to pay for things with a Credit card it's a complete payment System for small business and Freelancers so do check out their Service it will be the top Link in the Description box thanks for watching guys And if you want to see some other ways To cross the Atlantic for example JetBlue mint Studio or British Airways Club Suite I will put those videos on Screen now and you can compare them I'll Probably come out with a JetBlue vs United video since those are the two Flights I did on my recent trip I'll Come out with that in a few days so we Can compare and contrast them until then Guys please subscribe you're new I'll See you next time bye

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