How Richard Debs Earns 90K Points a Year on Citi Custom Cash #personalfinance #creditcards

How Richard Debs Earns 90K Points a Year on Citi Custom Cash #personalfinance #creditcards

I was able to product change my second Premier card to a custom cash so now I Have two custom cash cards so now I'm Earning 5x on $11,000 in groceries Because it caps at $500 yeah and then When I go to the grocery store I never Want to pay 1X on any overage so what I Do is I buy a gift card for $500 for for That store and then anything above that That I need to spend on I just use my ax Gold which ears me 4X so if your bill is Like $550 m extra $50 is going on the AMX Gold cuz you've only got $500 on the Gift C exctly ex and the cash is always Confused I'm like I want to buy this Gift card for $500 and then I want to Pay for all of this with it like I do it On the spot and they're always like huh And then it works but it's it's a great Thing so I actually have three custom Cash cards so that's 5x on $1,500 and Then times 12 that's 90,000 thank you Points on groceries if I can get a Fourth and a fifth I will I just won't Put that out there City's going to have To stop me they're going to have to stop Me from doing that

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