How to Earn a HUGE Amount of Chase Points

How to Earn a HUGE Amount of Chase Points

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Chase Ultimate Rewards points the Rewards currency of the Chase credit Card system that many of us credit card And luxury travel enthusiasts accumulate In order to exchange for first and Business class flights and five-star Hotels my name is Ben Hedges aka the Credit shufu and on this channel I share With you luxury travel and finance tips That can help you travel for free like I Have been doing over the past few years If you like the sound of that why not Subscribe it's also free and I'm also on Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook my Handles are on screen now if you want to Follow me there as well now Chase is one Of the most popular credit card issuers In the US with very well-known credit Cards such as the sapphire preferred and The freedom their points currency Ultimate Rewards is one of the five main Transferable points currencies on a Us Credit card market and it is possibly One of the most desirable of the five With 13 Airline and hotel Transfer Partners where you can transfer points Out at a one-to-one ratio and book some Truly amazing business class first class And hotel experiences but you need to Earn a lot of those points so in this Video we are going to show you eight Ways to earn a huge amount of chase Points and this video is brought to you By Aura but more on that later number

One welcome bonuses Foreign welcome bonuses are a great way Of earning a lot of points quickly on Any credit card actually not just Chase Credit cards but from Chase you have Bonuses such as the hundred thousand Point offer on the chase Inc preferred Business card there's an 80 000 Point Offer on the sapphire preferred that Actually just finished although you Might be able to find links to it Somewhere and there was also a 90 000 Point bonus on the ink unlimited that I Was able to pick up earlier this year Now Chase does periodically raise up and Then lower back down the offers so Always be on the lookout for high Bonuses but Chase is not like American Express where you may be able to find Different secret bonuses if you use a Different browser or use incognito mode Or whatever but there are a few Exceptions to this sometimes you get a Direct link to a higher bonus offer That's a little bit higher than the Public offer for example there's Currently a direct link to the sapphire Reserve the public offer is 60 000 Points but through this direct link you Can actually get 70 000 points you can Often find these links links on the site Doctor of credit in their best welcome Bonuses page you do sometimes have to be Signed in though which means you need an

Existing Chase account either a credit Card or a bank account for this one Though you actually don't but if you do Need to be signed in you can just sign In to chase in a different tab then go Back to Doctor of credit or whatever Site you found the offer on and click Through just to give you peace of mind That it is really a direct link to chase Because if you're signed in on Chase's Official website when you click through You'll be signed in there as well and It'll take you to the offer but like we Said the current offer for 70 000 points On the Chase Sapphire reserve the most Recent one you don't actually need to be Signed in for you may also be able to Get a better than public offer through a Referral link but this is way less Likely than American Express another Method that can really work with Chase Is just going to a physical branch and Seeing if there is an in-branch offer Which is higher than the public online Offer on a certain card recently Chase Raised the in-branch offer on on The Chase Sapphire preferred to eighty Thousand points a few weeks before they Raised the offer online and we've seen This pattern repeat numerous times where They raised the author in branch and Then they raise it online a few weeks Later and actually the online offer has Now ended but if you go to a branch you

May still be able to get the higher Offer I'm not totally sure but maybe and So for this one too you can follow on Sites like doctor of credit or the Credit card communities on Reddit to get Data points of whether there is a high In-branch offer for a certain cut Another thing we often see in branch on The sapphire preferred for example let's Say there isn't a higher offer but Sometimes you'll be able to get the First year annual fee waived if you Apply in Branch you can also look at the Just for you section on your Chase Online account and see if you are Targeted for any elevated welcome bonus Offers although personally at the time Of recording I am not targeted for any Then you can also look out for targeted Physical mail offers in your mailbox That may give give you a higher than Public welcome bonus but let's just Point out that compared to Amex these Are much fewer personally with Chase I Think the most common place we tend to See the higher offers is in a physical Branch so do consider going to a Physical Branch to apply Number two spending So spending on credit cards is a very Obvious way Um to earn points all right but do make Sure you're using the right card for the Right category so you get the best

Multiplier and don't forget about the Temporary spending categories that chase May have or the rotating categories that Change every quarter on cards such as The Freedom Card so here are some Points Categories you may be interested in on The Chase Sapphire preferred for example You can earn five points per dollar on Chase travel and three points per dollar On online grocery or if you had the Sapphire Reserve that earns 10 points Per dollar on hotel and car rental Through Chase travel and also 10x on the Chase dining program then you have cars Like the ink prefer that will give you 3x on shipping the ink unlimited and the Freedom unlimited will give you 1.5 Points per dollar on all spend and just About every card now seems to earn 3x on Dining I mean okay not all of them but a Lot of them so choosing a set of Chase Cards cards to complement each other Usually three has come to be known as Number three the chase trifecta But before we talk about the chase Trifecta if you want to get a Chase Credit card or any credit product for That matter you need to protect yourself From identity theft so that no one can Open up fraudulent accounts in your name Spend on those accounts Max them out and Trash your credit score then no bank Will want to give you a credit card you May not know this but your personal

Information is easily accessible on data Broker websites such as true people Search look there are 52 Ben Hedges on There but not one of them is me and that Is because of the sponsor of today's Video Aura Aura is a complete identity Theft credit monitoring anti-virus and VPN software all rolled into one they Constantly submit removal requests to Data Brokers to get your personal Information off the open internet they Monitor the dark web for your info and Passwords that may have been stolen in Data breaches they found three instances Of my info on the dark web their credit Monitoring system will send you an alert If their suspect delicious activity on Your credit file such as someone Applying for a credit card in your name Their VPN service protects your data From theft when using the internet Particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi and their anti-virus software Protects your computer it's like seven Things that complement each other all Rolled into one and thus provides way Better value than if you were to sign up For each of these Services separately so Let Aura do the hard work of keeping you Safe online and if you sign up with my Link below you can get a two-week free Trial of the service and you'll be Shocked how much of your personal Information Aura finds on the internet

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In those two weeks so go to Forward slash Ben Hedges it's also Linked Below in the description or you Can scan the QR code on screen now so I'm gonna put on screen all of the cards That you can use to make up the chase Trifecta out of the Sapphire card you Can only choose one either the preferred Or the reserve due to the one sapphire Rule but from the other two series of Ultimate Awards earning cards the Freedoms and the Inc business cards you Can have more than one so you could have The freedom flex and the freedom Unlimited for example and this way you Can make up your own Chase Trifecta so You could have Chase Sapphire reserve For its 3x on travel and 10x on Lyft Rides a freedom Flex for its 5x rotating Quarterly categories and an ink Unlimited for its 1.5 x on everything But unlike American Express chase points Don't all pool into one account so if You want to use the points together you Have to transfer them Number four transferring points So here's how you transfer points from One card to another you go to your Ultimate Rewards dashboard and you click The arrow to bring down the menu and Then you click combine points you then Get a screen with all of your cards and You can choose which card to move points From and two the cool thing is you can

Even add the cards of your close family Members to this list so that you can Transfer points between each other and Just a little note on that you do have To call up the first time to add your Family members card to your account and Then you'll be able to use the online System to transfer points to them they Can also add you and transfer their Points to you family members do need to Be members of the same household okay so They do need to live with you and in the Case of the chase Inc business cards you Can also add co-owners of the same Company as people that you can transfer Points to and from and this way you can Utilize two player mode having your wife Or husband earn points as well transfer Them to you pull those with your points And then and use that increased larger Number of points to book a trip together It's also worth noting that there are Four Chase Ultimate Rewards cards that Are advertised as cashback cards that Would be the freedom Flex the freedom Unlimited the chase Inc unlimited and Also the ink cash but the cash back on These cards is tracked as points with One cent in cashback equal to one point And you can transfer these points over To the sapphire cards or the ink Preferred and then they will take on the Same attributes as points earned on Those cards for example in the case of

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The sapphire preferred you transfer the Cashback from a freedom card over to the Sapphire becomes points and then it Takes on the same values such as being Worth 1.25 cents through the travel Portal and you can also transfer it out To the same airline Transfer Partners so You may think that you're using a Cashback card but you're actually Earning points and that's why the chase Trifecta becomes so important you could Earn five points per dollar on one card For example on The Chase Freedom in Their rotating quarterly categories and Then transfer those points over to the Sapphire Reserve where points are worth 1.5 cents per point that means you would Actually been earning the same as 7.5 Cashback but the freedom cards only earn Five percent or five x on 1 500 per Quarter in their rotating categories However we have a little trick for that Too Number five multiple freedoms Freedom is a good thing Trace allows you to have more than one Freedom Card of the same type okay so Not just more than one within the series One Freedom unlimited one Freedom flex But you can actually have two Freedom Flexes or two Freedom unlimited if you Want the most common way people end up With more than one freedom is that they Already have a freedom card and then

Maybe they downgrade a sapphire to avoid The annual fee and they downgrade that Into a freedom Flex for example there Wouldn't really be any point having more Than one Freedom unlimited because There's no spending cap on that but on The freedom Flex you are limited to 1 500 per quarter for the 5x categories Well guess what now you've got two that Limit is increased to three thousand Dollars per quarter and this is Especially useful when you've got a Strong everyday category Um on the cashback calendar okay like we Had in quarter one of 2023 we had Grocery it's really easy to spend a lot Of money at grocery stores I could Definitely max out three thousand Dollars in a quarter uh with grocery Spending and that would earn you fifteen Thousand chase points over three months And you can actually do the same thing With the ink business cards of the same Type getting two ink preferred cards for Example you can do this by applying for The first one with your personal social Security number and then applying for Another using your business Ein or you Could apply for more than one ink card Of the same type using two different Eins if you own two companies how is This useful well it means that you can Get the bonus twice without having to Close one card and the current bonus on

The ink preferred is a hundred thousand Points so you could potentially get two Bonuses two hundred thousand and it also Increases the spending cap so the Spending cap on the ink preferred is a Hundred and fifty thousand dollars a Year for their 3x categories I know That's high but for someone with Business spending if you have a lot of Spending maybe you would reach that cap I don't know the ink cash also has five Points per dollar categories that are Limited to twenty five thousand dollars In spending per year so if you had two Ink cash cards you would now have a Limit of fifty thousand dollars per year That you could earn 5 Exxon Number six referrals Another great way that you can earn Extra chase points for yourself is by Referring a friend just go to refer a friend and You will see a load of different refer a Friend deals crucial thing though is That with Chase you can only refer People to the series of cards that you Have one of or whichever of the two Sapphire cards you have so you pick a Card and you enter your last name your Zip code and the last four digits of Your card number and if that matches the Type of card you are trying to refer Them to chase will generate a referral Link and you can then share that with

People and there are some pretty good Referral deals out there for example With the ink cards right now if you Carry any ink card you can refer to any Card in the series and the deal is an Increased rate of forty thousand points Per referral up to 200 000 points per Year you can also earn a good amount of Points referring the freedom and the Sapphire cards Number seven shop through Chase So while American Express lets you earn Extra Amex points by using the shopping Portal Rakuten Chase actually has its Own in-house shopping portal where you Can earn extra chase points on top of What you would earn on your credit card Just by clicking through from the chase Website to a lot of different Merchants You can get to the shop through Chase Page by clicking earn more points in Your Ultimate Rewards dashboard you'll Then see that they have a load of Popular Merchants such as Macy's Walmart Sephora Samsung Etc and you'll be Earning a few extra chase points per Dollar in addition to what you earn on Whatever credit card you use alright Let's now look at our eighth and final Method of earning a huge amount of chase Points Number eight my bonus So the chase my bonus website is this Little landing page where you can enter

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Your last name your ZIP code in the last Four digits of your card number and you May actually be targeted for a limited Time bonus on a card that you already Have we've been able to unlock some Target bonuses on Chase co-branded cards Like five points per dollar on Supermarkets dining and gas on the world Of Hyatt card for a limited time but We've recently seen offers on the chase My bonus website for the Inc business Cards that obviously earn Ultimate Rewards points like spend five thousand Dollars get five thousand points up to a Total of fifteen thousand points and Spend fifteen thousand dollars get Fifteen thousand points up to forty five Thousand points and those offers end on July 31st so if you do have an ink Business card you might want to fire up The chase my bonus website and see if You're targeted you can also keep an eye On websites such as the Points Guy Doctor credit and the Reddit credit card Forums for data points on what bone Bonuses people are getting through the My bonus website alright guys that is Eight ways to earn a huge amount of Chase points if you can think of any More do leave your comments below a big Thank you to today's sponsor Aura if you Want a two-week free trial of their Service do click the link below as well And also now you know how to earn a huge

Amount of chase points well I think you Need to learn how to redeem chase points For maximum value I have a video on that Too on screen now if you are interested In learning how to redeem points for the Best 5 star hotels business class Flights Etc uh do check out that video It's worth it anyway guys thanks for Watching please subscribe you're new and We'll see you next time bye bye

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