How to Get 20X Amex Points per $ this Labor Day!

How to Get 20X Amex Points per $ this Labor Day!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And today I am going to show you how to Get up to 20 Amex points per dollar or 20 cashback in the Labor Day sales so This is for today and today only you Gotta act fast but first if you are new My name is Ben Hedges we cover all Things credit card related on this Channel trying to save you money and Help you accumulate cashback and points That you could even use for luxury Travel so if you do like the sound of That please subscribe for new videos Every couple of days so is a Website that allows you to earn extra Cashback on your purchases just by first Going to their site and then clicking Through to one of your favorite Merchants basically they're just doing Marketing for several stores and they're Sharing a portion of that commission With you in the form of cashback so Here's an example you go to I see Nike at eight percent cashback I Click through and Bam I'm earning eight Percent cash back on all my online Shopping at Nike and on top of that Today they're having a Labor Day Sale Where stuff is up to fifty percent off So you've got two layers of deals going On there and you would still be earning Points or cashback on whatever credit Card you use as well so that's like Three layers of deals already now the

Really great thing about rackerton Though is that if you want you can Choose to earn Amex points instead of Cashback so every one cent that you Would have earned in cashback becomes One Amex point now I used to earn Cashback just for flexibility but I Recently switched to points and that's Principally because I have the Charles Schwab Amex platinum and what that means Is I can redeem points Amex points into My Charles Schwab account at 1.1 cents Per point so I'm actually earning if I Choose to redeem for cashback I'm Actually earning more cashback ten Percent more than I would get through Racket and redeeming as cashback through Them so actually I get the best of both Worlds because if I want I can redeem Them for cashback or I can use them as Amex points and actually with MX points If you book premium cabins like business Class and stuff you can often get two Three four five even six cents per point In value so you can really rack up the Value they pay out your points and cash Back once every quarter which I would Say is the only downside of racketon but To be honest you need a bit of time to Build up a good cash back balance anyway So perhaps it's not a big issue and to Earn Amex points you obviously do need An AMEX card that is set up for Membership rewards points to transfer

Those points to so cards like the Platinum the gold or if you're looking For a card with no annual fee the AmEx Everyday card would work too and it has All the same transfer Parts but okay Let's now actually have a look at what Is available on racketon this Labor Day So you're gonna go to and I'll put the link to their site below And by the way you can get 30 bonus Cashback or 3000 Amex points however you Choose to redeem when you sign up Through my link and make your first Purchase but once you get to racketon Today you'll see this 3x Banner so you Can click that there on shop Labor Day Or you can go up here to 3x stores and You'll see all the stores with increased Cashback for Labor Day weekend so you Have Nike at eight percent which we Mentioned you've got Dell at 15 Adidas At 15 Macy's at 10 and a load of others Going back to Dell this is a good one if You have the AmEx business Platinum Since you get a 200 Dell credit every Six months so you can shop at Dell earn 15 or 15 points per dollar back through Racketon and get refunded up to 200 Every six months and I've tested this Even though you're getting refunded Through the credit you get to keep your Points or cash back whatever you earned Through racketing you can also do this With the Saks Fifth Avenue credit on the

Personal Amex Platinum that's fifty Dollars every six months I had a look Today though and unfortunately sax is Not participating in Labor Day and They're just offering two percent cash Back which I think is what they normally Offer normally we see Saks offering some Pretty good rates on Black Friday but at The beginning of the video I did say That you could earn up to 20 Amex points Per a dollar slash twenty percent cash Back and the store that you can earn That at would be PetSmart check that out 20 now I know that store isn't going to Be for everyone since if you don't have A pet you're not gonna go there okay but You guys can go to racketon and just Have a look and see what's on offer There's probably a load of stores that I Didn't mention in this video there's Literally thousands of stores on there Many of which are offering extra cash Back this Labor Day or even just good Cashback rates at regular times and Don't forget you can get a 30 cash bonus Or 3000 Amex points when you sign up Through my link and make your first Purchase but hey you don't have to sign Up through my link if you have friends That use racketon you can help them out As well since they'll get a commission For referring you so reach out to your Friends for a referral link but um my Link below is there for you anyway just

In case you don't have any friends I Mean like that sounded wrong didn't it You know what I mean all right guys Please subscribe if you're new we'll see You next time bye

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