How to Get 30% off Flights in 2023 AND 2024!

How to Get 30% off Flights in 2023 AND 2024!

In this video we are going to talk about A series of credit cards that is now Offering a 30 discount on flights Yes You heard that correctly this would be The Southwest Airlines credit cards this Is a series of free personal cards and One business card and the new limited Time sign up bonus on the three personal Cards is 30 off flights plus a load of Points you need to spend three thousand Dollars on purchases in the first three Months from account opening and you'll Then get sixty thousand points but then In addition you get a coupon code that Gives you 30 off Southwest flights until October 31st 2024. now these offers end On June 26 2023 and you can see they've Actually got a countdown on the landing Page telling you how many days are left For someone who wants to go on a Southwest trip especially if you're Thinking of doing a large booking and That kind of stuff um I think it could Be a really great deal

The Credit Pros

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