How to Get a FREE Southwest Companion Pass RIGHT NOW!

How to Get a FREE Southwest Companion Pass RIGHT NOW!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And I have a great little video for you Today because there is a way for you to Almost immediately get a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass that is valid For a whole year if you didn't know the Companion Pass is something that Southwest does where you effectively get Two for one flights for the whole time The pass is active you have to choose a Travel companion and that person will Get a free seat whenever you fly on Southwest whether it's paid with money Or with points and you just have to pay The taxes and fees which are 560 for Each oneway segment so if you fly a lot Or you're thinking of taking some really Big trip this could potentially save you Thousands of dollars and in this video I'm going to show you how to get it Welcome to the show guys I'm Ben Hedges Aka the credit shuu and I upload videos On how to get maximum value out of Credit cards and financial products Several times a week if you like the Sound of that why not subscribe anyway The Southwest Airlines credit cards from Chase are offering this incredible deal As part of their welcome bonus now these Cards are constantly adjusting the bonus Up and down sometimes they give you 75,000 points sometimes 100,000 points Which those ones will get you most of The way to getting a companion passer

Right if you don't know you have to earn A 135,000 points in a calendar year to Get it and that includes points you earn From a credit card but this time they Are just giving you the Companion Pass As part of the welcome bonus so let's Read the text of this bonus and we'll Show you exactly what the deal is earn Companion Pass and 30,000 points every Time you fly through February 28th 2025 Your friend can too offer ends 311 2024 That's March 11th 2024 companion pass Valy through that same date 228 2025 so To get that you have to spend $4,000 in The first 3 months of account opening Which is $1,333 and then 33 per month so it's Doable for most people now now remember The product is not available to either Current Card members of any Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card or previous Card members of any Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card who received a new Card member bonus within the past 24 Months so if you've had one of the three Personal cards before it needs to be 24 Months since you had the bonus on that Card and the card has to be closed or Else you get denied if you have the Business Southwest card or have had it Before don't worry about that that Doesn't affect it and this B bonus is Available on all three of the personal Southwest cards and they all have

Different Annual fees and different Benefits the lowest is $69 per year and The highest is 149 I'll put the links to All three of the cards below so you can Learn more about them see which one Would be right for you but yeah as long As you apply by March 11th 2024 you'll Get this deal so you've got just over a Month if you want it I would say it's Better to apply as early as possible Though since remember it will take you At least a month to do the spending all Right cuz your statement has to close Before that spending is processed to Count towards the bonus so even if you Do it all on the first day it still Takes a month and then there could be a Little delay before the pass actually Gets put into your account so you know You do want to do it as early as Possible if you have a tax payment Coming up in April or even you know you Can pay your taxes before April because It's tax time now you can already do Your taxes and you know file with the IRS uh you could use your card to get That spending done quickly by putting a Tax payment on the card you have to pay A 2% fee uh with the IRS but you'll be Getting 30,000 points and a Companion Pass which far outweighs the $80 fee at 2% it would be on a $4,000 tax payment Through any one of the irs's official Payment processes you can find those on

The Credit Pros

Their website you just go to pay and Then pay by credit card and there's Three different payment processes there That you can use that's just an idea Though obviously everyone's situation is Different but if you did have a $4,000 Tax payment you could just pay that you Know as soon as you got the card and Boom you got a companion p anyway it's a Great bonus guys I've known about this Coming for several days and I haven't Been able to say anything to you because It's been under embargo so it's great That uh today is the day that it's Launching and I can finally share it With everyone links for the cards are Below as always they are affiliate links So they do help us out you know we get a Small commission and we thank you very Much if you do use them however do not Feel obliged to advertise disclosure is Right at the bottom of the description Section please subscribe to the channel If you're new for more up-to-date news Of deals like this as soon as they Happen we'll see next time bye-bye

The Credit Pros

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