How to Get a Good Interest Rate on YOUR Money

How to Get a Good Interest Rate on YOUR Money

If you want a safe investment there are Basically three things you can do in my Opinion highin savings accounts CDs and Treasury bills let's talk about highin Savings accounts redneck Bank often have The best interest rate with no minimum Deposit but they are not the number one Anymore popular direct are offering 5.4% Apy with just a $100 minimum deposit to Open the account all right now let's Talk about CDs total direct Bank you Have the best 3month rate at 5 . 66% apy But you have to put a minimum of $25,000 into an account to get that apy CommunityWide Federal Credit Union as The best 6-month CD rate at 5.5% the Minimum deposit is just $1,000 all right Let's now move on to treasury bills the Six-month treasury is the highest at Almost 5.6% now obviously like with CDs You have to hold for 6 months or however Long the duration is of the bill you Bought

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