How to make $1000 a night on Air bnb…

How to make $1000 a night on Air bnb…

Meet Ben Smith he is the owner of this Lake housee that is crushing it on Airbnb I've had weekends book at $11,000 A night he's created an incredible guest Experience that is seeing very high Nightly rates and close to 100% Occupancy even in off peak season this Is the Chef's Kitchen Ben the way I like To set this up is so no matter where you Are you're looking over there the cool Thing about this table is can actually Be a dining table it can be a ping pong Table and it can be pool table guests Have a view across the lake from Multiple rooms wake up with that steam Coming off the lake they have access to A private hot tub they have indoor and Outdoor fireplaces balcony to dine on And of course Lake access with a private Beach when the water level allows and All of this is proving a hit on Airbnb The best month so far would have been Well over five figures that was my first Full month I asked Ben what his most Important piece of advice for aspiring Airbnb host is try to create a space and An experience that they're going to have An awesome time just don't be cheap

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