HUGE Changes to Amex Hilton Cards – Some Good, Some Bad

HUGE Changes to Amex Hilton Cards - Some Good, Some Bad

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a video on huge changes to The American Express Hilton cards and Huge is written in all caps so you know That this is going to be a good one so The MX series of Hilton co-branded cards Is a really popular series of credit Cards you have the Hilton Honors card With no annual fee then you have the Mid-range surpass card which I Personally have it gets you Hilton gold Status and I think that is a great card And then you have the highend or what I Like to call tier 4 a Spire card which Gets you Hilton Diamond status their top Status and Diamond status has got me a Suite upgrade before in Las Vegas a Strip view king suite at the Conrad and You can get that status just by having a Credit card okay it's amazing so what Are these changes well there are updated Bonuses on each card and there have been Some changes to the benefits and of Course the card art which to me is kind Of lame all right right the new card art Doesn't really look that good they used To look like this now they look like This okay way less eye-catching but Anyway let's start with the Hilton Honors card and we'll work our way up And tell you about all of them so the Hilton Honors card is now white with a Kind of text pattern on it it's a bit of A shock but I guess we'll get used to it

There's an increased welcome bonus of 100,000 points for spending $2,000 in The first 6 months of card membership And that is a limited time offer that Ends on January 17th 2024 if we use a Point Sky valuation of 0.6 cents per Point that is a $600 value for that Bonus now with the point earning Structure the original categories have Not changed so the card is still 7 Points per dollar on Hilton spend 5x on Us restaurants supermarkets and gas 3x On everything else card still gives you Hilton Honors silver status which is Really n doesn't really get you that Much there's no foreign transaction fees On this card and that's basically it It's a good starter card for those early On in the credit game but I think those Of you with more experience are going to Be more interested in our next two cards So let's move on to the Hilton Honors Surpass card where there have been some Quite big changes so first we have the New card art which looks incredibly Plain compared to what it used to look Like but hey I'm sure we'll get used to It the welcome bonus is now 170,000 Hilton points for spending $33,000 in your first 6 months of card Membership that's also limited time Offer that ends on January 17th 2024 Like the other one and again using a Point Sky valuation of 0.6 per point the

Value for that is $1,020 apart from the bonus this card Has also had some other changes so the First one is a negative change which is That the annual fee is increasing from $95 up to $150 but there is some positive stuff Being added to make up for that the First one is a a new $200 statement Credit for eligible charges at Hilton Hotels this is dished out as $50 per Quarter but it counts for any Hilton Spending from bookings to incidental Fees like room service charges Etc as Long as it's made directly with the Hotel this new benefit is active for Current Card members as well and there's Already a new video game style health Bar in the benefits page of my Hilton SAS card that shows how much of the $50 Quarterly credit I have used so far Obviously zero cuz this is the first day I even found out about it now the fact That it's $50 per quarter may be Annoying for some people for me I don't Think it's a big deal it sounds pretty Good in the winter I often go on ski Trips to Vermont and I stay at Hampton In in Bennington which is a Hilton Property obviously it's about $150 per Night on week nights and this means that I'll get $50 off and then I often split The room with a ski buddy so that's $50 Each and I'll do that probably once in

December and once in quarter 1 of 2024 To use the credits then I'm sure I'll Use the remaining $100 in spring and Summer I normally go on at least a few You know one or two weekend trips over That time so getting $200 back in Statement credits minus the $150 annual Fee that gives me a net positive of $50 Just for having this card the earning Categories on this card are 12x at Hilton then 6X at us restaurants grocery Stores and gas stations and 3X on Everything else and they've also added a New 4X category for online retail you Now have a new National Car Rental Executive status benefit though which is Kind of me for me because I already have It twice from the MX platinum and Business Platinum you get Hilton gold Status which is great that got me a room Upgrade to an ocean view room at my Recent stay at the Hilton y color Village Resort in Hawaii and another Really cool thing about this card is it Gets you a free night reward if you Spend $115,000 on the card in a calendar Year I've done that several times and Hilton free nights can be used at any Hotel I've often got around $700 in Value out of them so they're some of the Most valuable free nights out there There's another negative change though In addition to the annual fee going up And that is that the 10 priority pass

Lounge passes per year which is a Current benefit of the card that is Going away it's not listed on the Landing page as a benefit for new card Members anymore for current Card members I guess you'll still have the passes in Your account that you can use up but you Won't get them again when you renew your Card if you're interested in the Hilton Honor surpass card there is a link to it In my credit card guide which I will put Down in the description section of this Video using our links does really help Out our show so we thank you very much If you do it's a great way to support The channel at no additional cost to Yourself all right let's move on to the Hilton Honors Aspire card but before we Do if you have American Express cards or Any credit card for that matter but Especially am X cards Max rewards the Sponsor of today's video is a great way To keep track of data on all your credit Cards in one place the free version of The app gives you transactions balances Points and rewards balances allinone Easy to use dashboard and it has useful Things like welcome bonus trackers so if You get the 170,000 bonus points welcome Bonus on the Hilton honor the pass card You can track your spending to make sure That you do the required spending to hit The bonus but if you get the pro version Of ma Max rewards Max rewards gold you

Get access to the function where Max Rewards will activate all of your MX Offers for you so that you never miss a Deal and you might even use an MX offer Without realizing it and come home to an Email saying that you've saved money That's happened to me several times and When you activate all your offers new Offers you never knew existed appear in Your account guys you can get a free Month of Max rewards gold with my link Below or you can just download it with My link and check out the free features All right so the Hilton honors Aspire Card has always been one of those almost Too good to be true cards it has a load Of great benefits and credits for a mere $450 annual fee that annual fee is Basically a kind of Legacy annual fee Since $450 is pretty much what all of The high level credit cards used to Charge back in the day before I started Raising to 550 6.95 Etc well the days of The 450 annual fee on this card are also Now unfortunately over and we'll get to That in a second but like with the other Cards let's start with the bonus so this Card is now offering a whopping 180,000 Hilton points for spending $6,000 in your first 6 months from Account opening again this is a limited Time offer available only until January 17th 2024 using a point Sky valuation That offer is worth

$1,080 all right so the annual fee is Going up from 450 up to 550 a bit of an Increase but at least it's not going to $6.95 like they did with the MX Platinum But what do you get for your money well Here is how the benefits of this card Are changing first of all priority pass Select the program that gets you into Airport lounges is going away as of February 1st 2024 if you're a current Card member or you just got the card you Can still enroll and you will still get Priority pass and if you enrolled now or Anytime after February 1st of this year 2023 until January 31st 2024 you'll get Priority pass all the way until November 1st 2024 and then it'll go away after That the $250 Hilton Resort credit is being Replaced by something else and the $250 Airline credit on this card is being Replaced too but by what you may ask Well there's going to be a $400 Hilton Resort credit split into two Times $200 portions every 6 months any Spending counts for this from from Bookings to food to spa treatments but It has to be at a Hilton Resort not just A normal Hilton Hotel then we have a $200 Airline Credit which is replacing The old $250 Airline inel fee Credit Now This will be split up into $50 per Quarter but unlike the old Airline Credit where you had to choose an

Airline this is for any Airline directly Or through MX travel and in my opinion This is a lot more valuable than the old Airline credit because it counts for Flight bookings too not just incidental Charges like baggage fees or buying food On board Etc so those two credits Together add up to $600 which like with the Hilton on a Surpass card give you $50 in value back Per year after you deduct the new annual Fee but there is more the card still Offers a Hilton free night every year Just for having it and on top of that You can get another free night if you Spend $30,000 in a year and then another One if you spend $60,000 in a year so You could have three free nights from This card every year then we have a new Clear credit for $189 now clear is a way Of getting expedited security at the Airport it's similar to TSA pre-check it Also gets you in the priority lines at Some sports and concert venues then They're adding National Car Rental Executive status like they did on the Surpass this is a benefit I really like You can choose any card from the ex Itive area but again you may already Have this through the AMX Platinum the AMX business platinum or the Chase Sapphire reserve and then on top of that The card now offers cell phone Protection of up to $800 with a $50

Deductible so if you add together all of The credits including also the $100 Property credit for waldor aoria and Conrad which is an old benefit that is Remaining on the card you get $889 in value then add in the average Value for the the free night that you Get every year I'm going to say $700 cuz That's what I've been able to easily get Out of that and that takes you up to $1,589 in value that you could get out Of this card each year with the new Benefits then we minus the annual fee And that takes us still to around $1,000 then don't forget the fact that In the first year you have over $1,000 In value from the welcome bonus so we're Now looking at around $2,000 in firste Value without even adding in the points That you would earn from General Spending so in my opinion it is still a Great card maybe something I would Consider getting in the future the only Thing that makes me hold back is the Resort credit I'm not impressed with Hilton Resorts after my recent stay at The Hilton walor Village in Hawaii I Feel that result was very mid even Though it was kind of dressed up as Something very special but you know Maybe Hilton Resorts outside the US are Better I don't really care about the Card losing priority pass because most People already have that from the MX

Platinum um I have it from both the MX Platinum and the business Platinum you Can also get it on other cards like Sappire reserve Capital One Venture X Etc but guys what do you think leave Your comments below about this don't Forget if you are interested in the Hilton Honors surpass card do check it Out in our credit card guide below you Can click through to an info page on and then through to the Application and we thank you very much If you do use our links also don't Forget to get a free month of Max Rewards gold with our link below as well Well please subscribe to the channel if You're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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