HUGE Chase, Amex Transfer Bonuses +$1200 BONUS on THIS Card

HUGE Chase, Amex Transfer Bonuses +$1200 BONUS on THIS Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Today we are going to be looking at some Awesome transfer bonuses to travel Partners on Chase and Amex cards your Last chance to get up to 80 000 points On the Chase United cards will tell you When that deal ends and a credit card That currently has a 1 200 cashback Welcome bonus but first if you're into Free money why not get up to 12 free Stocks when you deposit any amount of Money in a new account with the stock And crypto investing brokerage app Weeble minimum value if you just get the Minimum six free stocks at their minimum Valuations would be 34 altogether but if You really luck out and you get all 12 The total value of what you get could be Hundreds or even several thousand Dollars luck of the draw what you get Weeble of course is the Fantastic zero Commission investing app it has better Charts and tools than the competition Robin Hood anyway link is below if You're interested okay so over the past Few weeks I have been noticing a lot of Transfer bonuses on Chase and Amex cards And if you don't know a transfer bonus Is when you get more points than usual Okay so typically greater than a One-to-one ratio when you transfer your Points out to Airlines or hotels and When credit card enthusiasts talk about Getting at least two cents per point in

Value for Json Amex points this can be a Contributing factor to that let's look At Chase first so right now Chase is Offering a 50 bonus when you transfer Your Chase Ultimate Rewards point over To Marriott so you transfer a thousand Chase points you get 1 500 Marriott Points and that deal is running for the Whole of August and September now this Still isn't the highest value for your Chase points okay so if we use a tpg the Points Guy valuation for Marriott points They are 0.84 cents a piece so that Would work out at 1.26 cents per Original Chase point that had been Transferred over that's the same value You'd get for chase points booking Hotels or flights through the chat Travel portal with either the Chase Sapphire preferred or Chase Ink Preferred chasing preferred is a great Card by the way and I've got 100 000 Point bonus going on right now they just Lowered the spending requirement a Little while back I'll put a link to That card in the description below if You're interested in learning more about It but booking direct instead of through The travel portal would actually have Advantages like Marriott will actually Honor your status that's right if you Book through Chase uh to marry it it Shows up as Expedia and they do not Honor uh for example your gold status

They won't give you a room upgrade or Anything like that also if you're Booking a more high-end Hotel like the Ritz Carlton or something you probably Will end up getting better value out of Your Marriott points than the tpg Evaluation but I still would say this One isn't probably the best Redemption Option unless you already have a Redemption in mind and you know you're Gonna get good value or you're just Topping up your Mario balance by a few Thousand points so that you have enough Points to do a certain Redemption that You've already planned so not great but Good to see Chase doing a trans for Bonus they generally don't do them as Often alright let's now look at another Hotel transfer bonus and this one is American Express to Hilton now normally Amex to Hilton is a one to two transfer Ratio but right now they're offering an Additional 25 on that so 1 000 Amex Points become 2 500 Hilton points Instead of the regular 2000. let's look At the amount of value you can get out Of this I've been thinking of booking This Resort in Hawaii for my trip there In September the Hilton Waikoloa Village This hotel is charging 496 per night for The room I want on the dates that I'm Going but there is a standard room Reward available which is the lowest Rating points and also what you would

Need if you want to use a free night Certificate and that is for 75 000 Points now when transferring Amex points Over at a 1 to 2.5 ratio you only need 30 000 Amex points per night okay 30 000 MX points become 75 000 Hilton points And so you actually get about 1.6 five Cents per original Amex point in value Again not totally amazing but we're Getting there and it is better than Redeeming through the travel portal for Hotels uh for one cent or even 0.75 Cents in value with Amex and this offer Does end on August 31st so hurry up if You want to take advantage of it all Right let's now look at some Airline Transfer bonuses from American Express British Airways currently has a 30 bonus So a thousand points become 1 300 avios Avianca has a 15 bonus and Iberia has a 30 bonus same as ba and that makes sense Since they both use aveos and you can Actually even transfer between them Anyway and all those Airline offers like The Hilton one end on August 31st all Right let's now move on to a set of Welcome bonuses that is ending soon and That is on the United Airlines credit Cards from Chase these are the Co-branded credit cards with United and We will give you the bonuses and Ascending order from low to high so in The united Gateway card you have a Thirty thousand Point welcome bonus for

Spending one thousand dollars in three Months is also a zero percent APR on Purchases for the first 12 months as Well the value of this bonus is three Hundred and thirty dollars if we use the Points guys new valuation for United Miles now United miles used to be worth 1.21 cents per point but they have now Gone down to 1.1 cents per point after United carried out quite a big Devaluation earlier this year however United's Polaris business class Still Remains a pretty good product and you Can expect to get more than 1.1 cents Per Point even up to three four five Cents per Point even after the Devaluation and that is because the Points guys valuations are skewed a bit More towards economy redemptions all Right now for the United QUEST card this Card features a 70 000 Point welcome Bonus for spending four thousand dollars In your first three months but in Addition to that seventy thousand they Also give you 5 000 Premier qualifying Points or pqps pqps help you move up to The next level of status with United Where you can get free upgrades lounge Access waived fees Etc this car does Have a 250 annual fee but that is cut in Half by a 125 dollar credit for United The value of this bonus if we use the Points guys valuation would be 770 there Are of course a load of other benefits

On this card such as the point earning Free check Bears Etc but since we're Just focusing on the welcome bonus I'll Leave that for you guys to check out Later and I'll put all the links to These cards below so that you can go Through and learn more about them Alright let's now move on to the United Club infinite card this is their highest Level card with a 525 annual fee that Gives United Club lounge access and a Load more high-level travel perks this Card is offering an 80 000 Point welcome Bonus and 1000 pqps for spending five Thousand dollars in your first three Months the point side of that bonus is Worth at least eight hundred and eighty Dollars although after the devaluation 80 000 points is what it costs for a Saver award in Polaris from New York to London and that ticket in cash would be About four thousand dollars so you know You can really decide the value for Yourself and then obviously the pqps Will help you move up through United Status you will still need some pqps From flying with United though to Qualify for any level of status you can See on this chart that even just to get Silver it's either four thousand or five Thousand pqps depending on how many Flights you take but these still remain Great bonuses for United Flyers maybe Not the highest ever I know that United

Quest Card did have a hundred thousand Point bonus when it first came out a few Years ago but they are definitely Respectable links to all United cards Are below and these offers will be Ending on August 9th which is in like Two days so hurry up if you want to Check them out all right let's now move On to our final segment and that is a Huge welcome bonus on the Capital One Two percent Cash Plus card this is a Business charge card and the current Welcome bonus is one thousand two Hundred dollars in cash for spending Thirty thousand dollars in your first Three months now I realize that since This is a business charge card and the Spending requirement for it is just so High this isn't going to interest Everyone but maybe there are some of you Out there who are doing a home Renovation or you just have some huge Charge that you'd be able to put on the Card to qualify for this bonus and You've been looking for a card to use it Is rare to see a card with such high Cash bonus all right guys that is the Video for today don't forget to get up To 12 free stocks from Weeble with my Link below and I will put links to most Of the cards mentioned in this video in The description section below as well as Always thank you so much for watching And we'll see you next time bye-bye

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