HUGE Credit Card BONUSES in June + NEW Freedom Categories!

HUGE Credit Card BONUSES in June + NEW Freedom Categories!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show I thought I'd switch it up a little bit With the background today and we have Some awesome bonuses for you today so First of all we're going to be looking At the new Chase Freedom bonus category It's not a welcome bonus but still a Type of bonus the new categories for Quarter three of 2023 were just Announced so we're going to go through All of those then we have some huge Limited time bonuses on several Airline And hotel cards including a limited time Bonus the highest bonus ever actually There's going to be ending soon okay This is the last call on a certain IHG Credit card we'll tell you all about That in this video but first of all if You do like free money don't forget you Can get up to 12 free stocks from the Investing app Weeble and that is for Depositing any amount of money in a new Brokerage account link for that is below Weeble of course is the brilliant zero Commission investing app you can buy Stocks and cryptos and it's got better Charts and tools than the closest Competition Robin Hood minimum value for The free stocks you get is 34 but if you Lock out and you get the maximum number Of stocks at the highest value it could Be over thirty thousand dollars luck of The draw what you get link for that is Below alright so the Chase Freedom flex

And the old school Chase Freedom Card if You guys still have that card I have it I actually have two of them these cards Have rotating quarterly categories where You can earn five percent cash back or Also convertible into five chase points Per dollar on up to fifteen hundred Dollars worth of spending in the Categories and the categories change Each quarter now the categories for Quarter two were and Lowe's Those categories are now closed so you Can't activate them anymore but if you Did already activate them you have until The end of June to max out that fifteen Hundred dollars worth of spending I Personally am going to spend 2 400 at Lowe's at the end of June just before The end of the categories on my two Freedom cards uh to get carpets or to Pay for carpets to be installed in my New luxury Airbnb rental that I'm Currently building and will probably be Finished by August and don't forget I Have two Chase Freedom cards so I can Spread the purchase across two cards and Max out well max out the 1500 on one and Then spend about how much is it 900 yeah Spend 900 on the other so that way I Will get 12 000 points but anyway I know You want to hear about the new Categories for quarter three of 2023 so They are gas stations EV charging Stations and live entertainment so this

Is a really strong set of categories for Me I always like when they have gas Stations because I do spend quite a bit Of money on gas and if you buy things at Gas station little convenience stores And stuff normally that will code as you Know gas station purchases anyway so You'll get the five points per dollar so Pretty easy to max out then with ev's Charging stations for those of you who Have EVS you can get five points per Dollar on your EV charging I don't I Still drive a gas guzzler but you know The thing with EV charging is it's not Actually that expensive everyone who has A Tesla it's like I spend like two Dollars a week on electricity for it so You know you might tires will vary on That I don't know how much you're really Going to earn and then for the final Category select live entertainment that One's not quite as clear so I'll Actually read you out the terms of that One so you know what you can use it for Merchants in this category sell tickets For live in-person entertainment such as Major sporting events zoos and Aquariums Concerts theatrical Productions museums Tourist attractions and Exhibits Amusement parks circuses carnivals bands And entertainers ticket agencies selling On behalf of the entertainment value are Included some Merchants that sell Tickets for in-person entertainment are

Not included in this category for Example movie theaters bowling alleys Horse racing tracks casinos and dance Halls and clubs purchasing from a hotel Concierge is not included nor excursions Or purchases as part of a travel package So it's a little complex but just Remember most in-person live concerts or Sporting events will be included in the 5x category but if you book through a Hotel concierge that typically won't Trigger 5x and then things like movie Theaters bowling alleys and casinos are Not included they do not count now don't Forget you need need to activate the Categories in order to actually be Earning five points per dollar okay Don't go to you know get gas and think You're earning Five Points if you Haven't activated I've made that mistake Before so do activate them on the chase Website in your account Um before the start of the quarter and You can activate them anytime starting From now all right let's now move on to The last call for the historic High Welcome bonus on a certain IHG credit Card and that would be the IHG business Card the bonus is for 165 000 points After you spend three thousand dollars Within three months of account opening So if you use the points guys valuations On IHG points to get a value for this he Values them at half a center point so

Similar to Hilton points that gives us a Value of eight hundred and twenty five Dollars for the bonus ISU hotels they've Got some great Brands under their Umbrella I stayed at the Intercontinental in London Park Lane had A great experience there I also stayed At the Crown Plaza in Kyoto Japan Another IHG hotel that was a really Great experience too for the card itself It has a 95 annual fee so that put puts It in tier 3 in my five Tier credit card Ladder system if you haven't seen that Video I'll put the latest uh updated Version for 2023 that's what it looks Like on screen now I'll also put it on The end card where you can click through And check it out you earn 26 points per Dollar at IHG properties on this card Which is a Sky High rate then you also Earn five points per dollar on travel Gas business spending like ad spend and Also dining and then it's 3x on Everything else the card gives you Platinum Elite status with IHG which got Me an upgrade to a club level room when I stayed at the Regent in Taipei another IHG property very very nice you also get The fourth night free when you redeem Points if you have this card and you get An anniversary three night I think it's Valued up to 40 000 IHG points now There's 165 000 points is currently the Highest bonus on any of the three IHG

Credit cards from Chase if you don't Want a business one you could check out The personal IHG card the bonus is 140 000 points but you know business cards They're not that hard to get even if you Don't have you know an LLC or if you're Just a freelancer or something you can Normally get a business card so I don't Think that you are ruled out of getting A business card if you don't actually Have a big you know an actual company Sometimes even a little side hustle can Get you a business card for the IHG Business card bonus it ends on June 29th At 9 00 a.m so make sure you do apply Before then if you are interested in This one and I will put the links to Both the IHG business card and the Personal card that I mentioned in the Description section below so that you Can learn more about them all right now Let's move on to a very interesting also Limited time offer on two of the Marriott bonvoy credit cards from American Express so you can earn up to 200 000 points in a kind of two stage Bonus on both of these cards so on the Marriott Bon voy Bevy card which is a Mid-tier card with a 250 annual fee I Like to call it tier 3.5 in my five Tier Credit card ladder system that one is Offering 250 000 Marriott points for Spending five thousand dollars in the First six months and then on top of that

An additional fifty thousand points After six paid nights at Marriott Bombay Hotels before the end of January twenty Twenty four so the total would be 175 000 points and this is actually a very Interesting offer it's very Innovative I've never seen anything like it before It could be really good if you've got a Vacation plan that you're going to pay For with cash Um or if you go to Marriott you know the Lower level perhaps Marriott hotels for Weekend trips or little business trips Um you know those hundred and fifty Dollar a night Marriott you know Courtyard by Marriott or whatever those Would count right it's any Marriott Bonvoy Hotel so you know six of those You could be spending less than a Thousand dollars or about a thousand Dollars and you get an additional fifty Thousand points on top of what you would Already earn from those stays now let's Look at the higher level tier 4 Marriott Bonboy brilliant card this one has a 650 Annual fee but it does have a lot of Credits that bring that annual fee down If you use them right so your mileage May vary with that but it could give Great value to some people on this card There is a very similar bonus it's a Hundred and fifty thousand points for Spending six thousand dollars in the First six months and then you get an

Additional fifty thousand after six paid Nights at Marriott properties before the Same date okay January 31st 2024. and so For that one it would be 200 000 points If you get both parts of the bonus these Are both limited time offers they do Both end on August 9th 2024 so be quick If you want to get them personally I Think the brilliant card the higher Level one makes more sense I'm not just Saying that because I want you to apply I don't even have a link for this card Anyway that you could apply through but Yeah I think it makes more sense because The Bevy sort of exists in a kind of no Man's land where you know is it a Mid-tier card or is it a high tier card I don't really know what it's trying to Be all right it's kind of in between the Two and a lot of us talked about this When this card first came out it was new I think last year or something and uh it Was kind of like where does this card Fit in it doesn't quite fit in anyway You guys can go and check out on amex's Website have a look at both of the cards You can wear it up and see which one Might be right for you all right staying With American Express there are some Limited time offers on the three Personal and three business Delta Airlines card so let's check those out Now so on the personal cards you can see Bonuses of 65 000 85 000 and again 85

000 for spending two thousand four Thousand or six thousand in six months Depending on which card you get I won't Go through each card individually just Because there's going to be a lot of Cards in this section but you can check Them out obviously yourself and Obviously they're gonna increase in Benefits as you go up through the tiers Okay so the lowest level one I think It's the gold that's going to get you Like a free checked bag or something the Higher level one the middle one is like TSA pre-check plus free check bags and a Lot of other stuff and then the highest Level one the Delta Reserve uh that's Gonna go obviously get you the Delta Sky Club access all right that's their Lounge Network and a load of other Benefits and credits and stuff with Delta also don't forget about the new Takeoff 15 benefit which is available on All of the Delta cards which basically Is that if you have any of these cards You now get a 15 discount when you book With Delta miles that's kind of a No-brainer aspect to at least have the Lowest level of these cards Um if you fly Delta now let's move on to The Delta business cards so we have even Higher bonuses of seventy thousand Ninety thousand and a hundred thousand That's on the business Reserve that Hundred thousand the spend requirements

Are on screen now and also be aware that The spend period for these three cards Is three months all right not six so you Get three months less because they're Business cards and the cards have Similar benefits to the personal Versions maybe some slight differences And they also do have that takeoff 15 Benefit where you get a 15 discount on Delta Miles bookings the offers on both The personal and the business cards end On August 2nd all right so you've got Just over a month if you want to take Advantage of these and that is the video For today guys I hope you enjoyed it Which one of these bonuses if your Favorite leave your comments below don't Forget to get up to 12 free stocks with Our sponsor Weeble in the links below Not sure how long they are keeping that Offer around for so get it while you can Also I will put the links to the IHG Business card that's the one with that Last call offer for 165 000 points and Also the IHG personal card in the links Below if you want to check those out as Well please subscribe to our channel for More credit cards and luxury travel tips And tricks almost every day and we'll See you next time bye

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