HUGE Credit Card Bonuses in May 2023 + New US Bank Card

HUGE Credit Card Bonuses in May 2023 + New US Bank Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have some great credit card Bonuses for you this month if you don't Know a credit card welcome bonus is when A credit card company will entice new Customers by offering a certain amount Of points or cash back if you spend a Certain amount of money that you are Going to spend anyway within a specific Period of time for example spend say 500 In your first three months of card Membership and get two hundred dollars In cashback or 20 000 points some of the Bonuses we talk about in this video are Going to be for new card members only But some of them even people who are Existing Card members of certain credit Cards can actually sign up for and get So do stick around for that and before We start I just want to say a big thank You to all of the regular viewers who Watch our Channel and the newcomers too It's because of you guys that we are Able to keep doing this keep the show Going and keep telling you about the Secret deals that Banks don't want you To know about well maybe some of them Aren't so secret but anyway if you are New newcomer and you like the sound of That do consider subscribing as well for New content every couple of days all Right first up U.S Bank just came out With the new altitude power business Credit card

[Music] It has a 75 000 points bonus for Spending ten thousand dollars in the First 90 days I know that spending Requirement is a bit higher business Cards generally have spending Requirements that are a bit higher we'll Get into talking about some lower ones Uh in just a moment the points are worth One cent per point so that would be 750 In value right now you can only sign up In Branch okay this is a brand new card The card does have a 195 annual fee Which is a little bit on the high side But it does earn 2.5 points per dollar On All Mobile Wallet purchases which is Really cool Um anyway since this has just come out We'll probably do a full review video of This card tomorrow but this was just a Little bit of a first look and a heads Up that there is a new card with a new Bonus next we have the Marriott bonvoy Brilliant card from American Express now While the public bonus on this card is Just 95 000 points well I say just 95 000 I mean that is worth 798 when you Value the points at 0.84 cents per Point Like the Points Guy does so it's a Sizable bonus but there is a secret mail Offer that some people are getting Here's a photo of it from Reddit earn 95 000 points and one bonus 85 000 free Night award that is for spending five

Thousand dollars in three months and the Offer ends June 7th 2023. now this is a Targeted offer but do look out for it Because it really isn't out of the Question that you could get targeted for It actually there have been some even Higher targeted offers out there this Guy got 125 000 points plus one free Night sign up bonus about six months ago Legendary apparently audience say it With me Legendary so we have seen slightly Higher targeted offers in the past but This is the current one and I would say If you do receive this offer you Probably want to jump on it rather than Waiting for a higher offer that may Never come this card of course is Marriott's High tier luxury credit card It does have a 650 annual fee but it Comes with a 300 dining credit plus an Anniversary free night that take the Annual fee down significantly or well Totally cancel it out in most cases the Bonus points plus the free night Together are worth about a thousand five Hundred dollars so you could redeem them Most likely for two nights at one of Marriott's high-end hotels like the Saint Regis or the Ritz Carlton all Right now let's move on to some free Night offers that are public and that Would be the new bonuses on the series Of Hilton cards from American Express I

Talked about these briefly in my video From the other day but I only talked About the Hilton Honors surpass card but These offers are actually on three of These cards so let's talk about them all So on the basic Hilton card that has no Annual fee you get 70 000 points and a Free night award for spending a thousand Dollars in the first three months of Having the card now I value the Hilton Free night award certificate at at least 650 and that's because you can use it at Any Hilton property but it gets harder To find standard room award availability The higher level you go okay once you Get to the one thousand dollar plus Properties it's pretty hard I was able To use it though pretty easily at Properties in the sort of 650 range like The Oceana Santa Monica which I stayed At using two of these free night Certificates so I'm gonna say at least 650 in value when we combine that with The points and Hilton points are worth About half a cent per point so for the 70 000 that's 350 combine that um with The 650 that takes us up to a thousand Dollars and I would say that is great Value for a sign up bonus on a no annual Fee card next we have the Hilton Honors Surpass card which has a 95 annual fee And is offering 130 000 points plus a Free night reward for spending at two Thousand dollars in the first three

Months I would give this one a value of 1 300 650 for the points and 650 for the Free night award and on this one you can Actually get another free night award Just from the card itself if you spend Over fifteen thousand dollars in a year Next we have the Hilton on as a Spire Card the highest level card which is Offering 150 Hilton Point bonus but is Not offering a free night award as part Of the bonus but this card actually Gives you a free night award every year Anyway not just after your renewal in Your second year but starting in the First year when you get the card so from This card you could actually get 150 000 Points plus a free night award however The Hilton on as a spa card does have The highest annual fee out of all of Them at 450 but it gives you a load of Cool benefits like various credits and Hilton Diamond status which do take the Annual fee down significantly but you Can actually get the same deal 150 000 Points plus a free night award for a Mere 95 annual fee on the Hilton Honors Business card and that is the third card That is offering the free night deal That's right you can get this exact deal For spending four thousand dollars in The first three months on the Hilton Honors business card for just a 95 Annual fee you're looking at a thousand Four hundred dollars in value at least

And also since it's a business card it Doesn't show up on your personal credit Report doesn't count towards Chase 524 If you care about that and Guys these Are all American Express cards and if You have American Express cards or any Other credit cards for that matter but Especially Amex cards I'll tell you why In a minute you may be interested in the Sponsor of this video the smartphone app Max rewards it pulls data from all your Credit cards even if they're from Different issuers such as your points And rewards balances your transactions Your credit card balances all into one Easy to use dashboard it also tracks Bonus categories even the ones that Change each quarter to tell you which Card to use where for the highest rates Of reward earning and cashback and There's a handy welcome bonus tracker so If you do get any of the bonuses in this Video you can use that to keep track of Your spending for the bonus and I did Mention Amex cards specifically because If you have the pro version of Max Rewards Max rewards gold it actually Activates your Amex offers for you and Adds them to your card so that you never Miss a deal and once it activates all Your offers new offers do actually Appear in your account and it'll Activate those offers 2 the average user Saves about 700 a year through using

Amex offers in this way through Max Rewards you can get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below or just Download the app and check out the free Features alright everything we have seen So far is for new card members but there Are a few bonuses currently on Chase Cards that you can get even if you are a Current card member and this would be Through the chase my bonus page which is forward slash my bonus I did a Video on this a while back activating Some of these bonuses on personal cards We were able to unlock five points per Dollar on gas Grocery and restaurants on Up to fifteen hundred dollars worth of Spending on my wife's Hiatt card similar Deals are available on many of the Personal co-branded cards from Chase are The ones that are branded with Airlines And hotels Etc up to June 30th so if you Have one of those cards you might as Well go to forward slash my Bonus and just see if you were targeted You just have to enter your last name The last four digits of your card and Your zip code and you can try it for However many cards you have but it seems There are now some similar bonus offers Through the chase my bonus page on some Of the Chase business cards notably the Hyatt United Southwest IHG and even the Ink cards now there are two deals out There get an extra 5 000 bonus points

For every five thousand dollars you Spend up to fifteen thousand dollars and Then a second offer presumably for People with a history of higher spending Get an extra 15 000 points for every Fifteen thousand dollars you spend on The card up to forty five thousand Points now this is really just an extra One point per dollar however if you're Already getting say three points per Dollar in your categories on the ink Preferred Card that takes it up to four Points per dollar if you're getting 1.5 Points per dollar on everything on the Income limited that's now 2.5 points per Dollar on everything so I do encourage You to try it out forward Slash my bonus and see if you are Targeted unfortunately And this brings me to our final bonus of The video which is of course the Chase Sapphire preferred I know we already Talked about this in other videos but The 80 000 points bonus for spending Four thousand dollars in three months on The Chase Staff I preferred is ending Soon Chase is now officially marketing At us offer ending soon okay they Changed the website a few days ago Um so it is ending probably within you Know 10 days to two weeks I would guess So if you want it I do encourage you to Apply the bonus on that card would be Worth a thousand dollars redeemed for

Travel through the travel portal or Potentially quite a bit more than that If you transfer it out to Airlines I'll Put a link to a full review of The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card from our partner Website in the links below If you want to learn more as always a Big thank you to today's sponsor Max Rewards you can get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below as well Please subscribe if you're new and we Will see you in the next video bye

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