Hyatt Cards Launch NEW BONUS + Chase Spending Bonus Offers

Hyatt Cards Launch NEW BONUS + Chase Spending Bonus Offers

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video we will be looking at Two new bonuses on the two World of high Credit cards from Chase that just came Out today plus spending offers that Current Card members of certain Chase Cards can activate through the chase my Bonus web page to earn some extra points On your spending so do stick around for That but first this video is brought to You by Weeble the zero commission Investing platform where you can buy Stocks and cryptos when you sign up Through my link if you deposit any Amount of money you get six free Fractional shares worth between $3 and $3,000 each but if you deposit $500 Which could just be money you were Investing elsewhere you get 20 Fractional shares each valued again Between $3 and $3,000 then you could get 75 free shares if you deposit $25,000 But I don't think most people will do That in my opinion the $500 deposit Option gives you great value but the six Free shocks for a deposit of any amount Is a great deal too if you guys are Interested in that do click the link Below at the end of this video all right So the H credit cards from Chase are Very popular my wife has the world of H Personal card and we've used the points From that card to stay at World Class All-inclusive H Resorts such as the

Hyatt Zea Cancun and the hant Zea lost Cabos and we had a great time at both Here yeah you can get those for around 20 to 30,000 higher points per night and The Points Guy values higher points at 1.7 cents a piece and actually booking Allinclusive Resorts with them you Probably get even more value those Resorts tend to be around $400 per night That makes them basically the most Valuable Hotel points out there so You'll be interested to know that chase Just came out with new bonuses on their Two high at hotels credit cards one Personal and one business and these are Limited time offers we'll tell you when They end in just a moment but let's have A look at the personal card first this Card allows you to earn up to 60 5,000 Higher points in a two-part bonus part One is get $ 35,000 points for spending $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 Months from account opening that alone Is worth $595 if we use the points guys valuation Of 1.7 cents per point but then there is More up to 30,000 more bonus points by Earning two bonus points total per $1 Spent in the first 6 months from account Opening on purchases and that is um up To1 15,00 in spending now this card has Bonus categories already that earn 2x so The way they word it in the terms of Conditions is you now get two points per

Dollar on all other purchases too so it Just brings the card up to 2x on Everything the $155,000 limit maybe on Things that normally earn 1X I guess That makes sense right now obviously on High stays as well the card earns more It's nine points per dollar so five Points for being a member and four Points for having the card now 65,000 Points at 1.7 cents a piece is worth $1,155 and could easily get you two Nights or if you add a few more points Through some additional spending three Nights at one of those all-inclusive Highight resorts I'll put a link to this Card below if you're interested to check It out now let's have a look at the World of hir business card so on the Business card it's actually 75,000 Points split into two steps and in my Opinion this one is better value it's 60,000 points after you spend $5,000 on Purchases in your first 3 months from Account opening and then earn an Additional 15,000 points after you spend $12,000 within 6 months from account Opening it guarantees you a higher bonus Since I think most people can spend $5,000 in 3 months so most people will Get the 60,000 points then if you do Spend $122,000 in 6 months you get an Additional $ 15,000 points this one Isn't like the two points per dollar up To that amount it's just 15,000 points

Points in your account when you hit $122,000 in spend and because you spent $112,000 you'd earn at least 12,000 Points from that spending two so that Takes you up to 87,000 points that is Worth $1,479 at 1.7 a point now the business Version of the card also has a promo Throughout 2024 where you earn two Higher points per dollar on your top Three spending categories each month From this list it goes down to just two Categories from the list next year so in My opinion the business business card Actually offers a better deal and you May be surprised that you do actually Qualify for it you don't actually have To have a company but anyone who gets Paid $10.99 instead of W2 should be Eligible think Uber driver various Contractors in the construction industry Airbnb hosts many different jobs would Qualify as a business for the purpose of A business card you don't need to have An employer identification number either You can apply using a personal social Security number with Chase so that is my Advice the business card offers a better Deal on the bonus but the personal card Is still good if you don't feel Comfortable applying for the business Card I'll put the links for both of them Down below if you want to check them out Remember these are affiliate links they

Do help us out tremendously if you use Them and it is a great way to support Our show if you want to see our Advertiser disclosure it's right at the Bottom of the description section of the Video and I did say this is a limited Time offer so the end date for both the Personal and the business cards for this Bonus is March 6 2024 so you have about 2 and 1/2 months if you want to get them All right let's now talk about these Chase bonuses for quarter 1 of 2024 now You may not be familiar with the Chasey Bonus website it is bonus and It a site where you can enter your last Name and last four digits of your card Number and your zip code and often you Will find that you can activate some Special bonus offer examples of this in The past have been an offer for 5x on Grocery gas and Amazon on up to $1,000 In spending on the high card that my Wife got and it seems that in quarter 1 Of 2024 there are a load of these Bonuses out there for current Card Members in a minute I'll show you what I Got offered on the cards that I tried But first a site called travel on points Compiled a list of what is out there on Some Chase Cuts you may be offered 10x Miles on gas stations grocery stores and Amazon are up to $1,000 5x miles at gas Stations grocery stores and Amazon up to $1,000 that's the one we got last year

And then targeted for some offers like $25 to $35 back off HB Max Etc all right So let's look at my testing it with four Different Chase cards on one card I Think it was the British Airways Visa I Got an offer for $25 off the max Streaming service then on my ink Preferred I got a Chase travel offer Where you get 7,000 chase points when You book a flight and hotel stay as long As you haven't booked through Chase Travel since September 2022 it's kind of Complicated that and a lot of Hoops to Jump through then I tried the Inc Unlimited and I got another Max offer Then I I tried a freedom card and I got Another Max offer but in theory there Are some 10x offers out there and those Would be a lot more useful you can try It for yourself at Mybonuscenter End March 6th and also you can get Between 6 and 20 free stocks when you Sign up for Weeble using my link that is The top Link in the description section It's a great deal not sure how long It'll stick around for either thanks so Much for watching guys please subscribe If you're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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