I Just Booked a $6000 Hawaii Vacation With Credit Card Points

I Just Booked a $6000 Hawaii Vacation With Credit Card Points

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And this is one of those I booked this Videos because I just booked well about A month ago I just booked a six thousand Dollar close to six thousand dollar trip To Hawaii with credit card points and in This video I am gonna go through the Entire trip I'm gonna show you the Hotels the flights all the points I use And stuff the value I got out of them But just before we start I have held Back with making this video just because Of what happened in Hawaii with the Terrible fires on Maui I didn't want it To be a little bit weird like they have Those fires and I come out with a video Like well hey I'm going to Hawaii as if Nothing happened okay that would be Terrible very insensitive so I waited a Few weeks to release this and just for Disclosure as well we're going to the Big island we're not going to Maui where That happened Um but anyway nonetheless our hearts Goes out to all of the people involved In that but without further Ado let's Get into talking about this trip which Would cost about five thousand eight Hundred dollars if you booked it all Cash Um we'll go through the flight I booked First and this is is going to be a Little controversial amongst points and Miles experts I'm gonna get probably

Roasted in the comments for this but I Don't mind I'm taking one for the team Okay because I actually booked well I'm Flying their economy I had a very Specific Um you know booking I want to do because I'm flying with the family two little Kids and the wife I wanted two six hour Flights rather than a 12-hour flight to Honolulu and then a short flight to the Big Island Um but I yeah I wanted two six hours and Change in La where we can go to a lounge Stretch the legs etc for two hours Because traveling with little kids on a 12 hour flight is just it's going to be A nightmare so I want to break it up for Them I didn't have enough points to do All business class so I did go for Economy I spent 220 000 Points Plus 44 On an itinerary with Delta and those Points were transferred from American Express to Delta okay I think some of You already know where this is going Um and the whole ticket would have cost Two thousand seven hundred dollars for Four people funny thing is I could have Got way better value if I'd use some Different methods so let's talk about Those so one way to get better value out Of that booking would be to use the Business Platinum the benefit on the Business Platinum which is the points Rebate so the AmEx business Platinum

Gives you a 35 points rebate on bookings Through the travel portal you can use it On any Airline if you book first or Business class but if you use your Selected Airline you can actually use it On economy as well now I'd actually Selected American Airlines for my Selected Airline I didn't think I could Change and I'd also already transferred Points over to Delta as well so I kind Of totally screwed up that's that's a Little tip there never transfer points Over unless you're 100 sure you're gonna Book anyway Um so I'd already transfer points over To Delta but what it means is I'll just Go through the value I would have got I Would have had to have paid 270 000 Points because the flight cost about two Thousand seven hundred dollars for four People but I would have got 35 back Which would be 94 500 points back back So I only would have spent 175 and 500 Points okay so quite a lot less I would Have saved like 45 000 points which you Know it's a little bit of a shame let's Give you another way that I could have Saved some points as well but actually First guys if you do want to support the Channel if you like these videos and you Want to support us at no cost to Yourself do consider signing up for Weeble the zero commission brokerage app They've got a deal right now for our

Viewers you can actually get up to 12 Free stocks when you open a new Brokerage account and deposit any amount Of money all right it's a fantastic deal The minimum you get is six at a minimum Value of 34 altogether and if you're Lucky you can get up to 12 okay at Values of possibly even thousands of Dollars if you're really lucky luck of The draw what you get link is below if You're interested but anyway the other Way to get better value out of this Would be to transfer the points to Delta But then also apply for a Delta credit Card and Delta has that new 15 Um discount when you book with points It's called take off 15. it was brought In on all the Delta code branded credit Cards a while ago and so yeah I could Have saved 15 of the points which would Have been like I don't know 30 000 and Something uh points so I'm taking one For the team I was a little bit under Pressure to get this book quickly Because we're actually attending a Wedding in Hawaii and uh you know the Couple wanted to make sure we're on the List it's only a few weeks until we have To go so you know it was a little bit of Fresher so that's also another moral of The story never book awards bookings Under high pressure all right let's move On to the hotels because I think I did a Lot better with the hotels uh than I did

With the flights so the first hotel we Are going to stay at we're staying at Two hotels on this trip the first one is Where the wedding is that we are going To be attending and the second one is Just a hotel that we picked ourselves The first one is called The Fairmont Orchid now this is an American Express Fine hotels and resorts collection Hotel All right now I love booking through fhr I've used it the Conrad in DC I've used It the Bellagio in Las Vegas and now at The Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii and uh What fhr is is based basically when you Book through that collection and you can Use this collection if you have the AmEx Platinum Amex business Platinum Centurion card as well you get a lot of Extra benefits even though you don't Have any form of status with the hotel So I'm going to read you out what you Get at the Fairmont Orchid you get a 2 Pm late check-in when available we don't Actually need that because we're Arriving there in the early evening you Get a room upgrade at check-in when Available so I actually booked the Garden View room so we you know might Get upgraded to something better Hopefully an ocean room that would be Amazing Ocean View room but uh I don't Know it could just be on a higher floor Or something daily breakfast for two Which at these high-end hotels really

Saves you a lot of money you get an Experienced credit For food and beverage that's 100 to be Used during your stay complimentary Wi-Fi and also 4 pm late checkout Guaranteed now let's run through the Numbers on this one because this was a Cash booking okay this one wasn't with Points Um but obviously we get some value Because it's fine hotels and resorts and There's uh credit we actually got two uh 400 given back to us so the rooms there Are about five hundred dollars but once You act add in all the taxes Resort fees And stuff they go up to about 700 so for Two nights I paid one thousand four Hundred and one dollars but the personal American Express Platinum Card does give You a 200 credit for fine hotels and Resorts bookings so I got two hundred Dollars back taking me down to 1201 then Mrs credit Shifu also booked one more Night Um so that she could take advantage of Her fine hotels and resorts credit for 200 on her Amex Platinum so hers went Down from 700 down to 500. so the total Um for that whole booking was about a Thousand seven hundred one thing I will Point now is you only get the 100 Experience credit once during your stay Okay you used to be able to get it twice On back-to-back bookings if one person

Booked one and another person booked the Other booking and you stayed in the same Room and stuff Um but now Amex introduced uh some terms And conditions about a year or so ago That you can't do that so if one person Books one night and another person books Another night and you say that at the Check and hey we've got two bookings We'd like to stay in the same room they Will not give you the hundred dollar Experience or dining credit twice okay However the daily breakfast for two the Uh food and beverage credit and the 400 We got back from the fine hotels and Resorts all that probably Gonna Save Us Around 600 700 uh through that stay so Very very worth if someone asks you to Come and stay at a high-end hotel or You're looking at a high-end hotel and You're going to book with cash always Look to see if it's in fhr okay because You'll be kicking yourself if you like Book outside of FH are you book direct Or something and you haven't got loyalty Status and then you see I could have got Free break first hundred dollar credit Leak check out all that stuff so I Always recommend booking through Amex Fine hotels and resorts collection or if You've got like the sapphire Reserve Chase also has a Hotel Collection Capital One also has a new Hotel Collection the premier collection if you

Have the Capital One Venture X all right Let's now talk about our final hotel Booking and this one we did book Completely with points and that is the Hilton Waikoloa Village so we're going To the Fairmont Orchid to attend a Wedding and then the last two days we're Just going to a hotel that we thought Looked awesome it's got some awesome fun Things for the kids like a lagoon where You can swim with fish it's got water Slides water park all that cool stuff Everyone who I've mentioned it to who Knows Hawaii says it's one of the best Hotels there so super excited Um to go to this one I think there's a Little even like a monorail or a train Or something that takes you around or You can go by boat through a canal to Get to your like different towers of the Hotel very very cool so yeah we actually Spent 150 000 points on this one but Those Hilton points were transferred From Amex and I took advantage of a deal Where you got a 25 transfer bonus that Was uh going until the end of August so I transferred the points last month so Normally amexed points transfer at a one To two ratio to Hilton but this 25 bonus Gave you a 1 to 2.5 ratio so 60 000 Amex Points became 150 000 Hilton points the Rooms were 75 000 points per night so 150 000 for two nights I think I booked A queen Resort view rooms nothing

Special I got gold status so I should Get an upgrade anyway to something Slightly better than that those rooms is About 400 however once you go through The whole process of booking in the Taxes and the resort fees are added on Um it actually took me up to closer to Over 500 per night so it was one Thousand and sixty two dollars and fifty One cents Um for two nights at this hotel we paid For that with 60 000 Amex points so we Actually got 1.7 cents in value for our Amex points That's actually really good value when Booking a hotel I was very very pleased With that even if I totally screwed up With the delta to booking the Hilton Hotel booking Waikoloa Village we're Getting really good value and on top of That I've got Hilton gold status from The AmEx Platinum so that will get me a Room upgrade it also gets me 18 food and Beverage credit per person per day up to Two people so that's 36 dollars per day For breakfast so that's another saving Of over 70 because having Hilton gold Status and we'll get a few more perks And things uh in addition all right Let's now go through what this trip Would have cost and we'll show you what We've actually spent in terms of money And points so the total value of this Trip is

5863 and we have only spent 1 745 which while that isn't you know it's Not free Um it's still way way better I mean We're basically paying for like two-star Vacation and we're getting five star Okay apart from the flight but certainly The hotels we also in addition to that Spent 280 000 points so 220 000 for the flight and Sixty thousand Amex points obviously Transferred over to Hilton becoming a Large number of Hilton points for the Hilton Waikoloa Village and then the Other Hotel was paid with cash and the Average value I got out of points when You combine the flight and the hotel is 1.3 cents per point which is not good Guys don't follow my example Um but hey sometimes when you're Traveling with a family you cannot get The same value that you would get on Those aspirational business class Redemptions like I did that Polaris Business Class A few weeks ago it gets Six cents per point in value you can't Necessarily do that when you're Traveling with the whole family okay It's much much harder so I will be sure To make videos about both these hotels Obviously not going to bother with the Flight because it's not anything special But look forward to hotel reviews from The Fairmont Orchid and the Hilton

Waikoloa Village in the upcoming weeks After I've had my trip also if you do Want to support the channel do consider Signing up for The Brokerage app Weeble It is a zero commission investing app Very similar to Robinhood but with much Better charts and tools and if you sign Up and deposit any amount of money you Can get up to 12 free stocks so link for That is below and another way you can Support the show guys is with your Credit card application so I will put my Credit card guide below there's a lot of Different cards on our website some of Those maybe ones you guys want to get But you can also click through any card For example if you click through the AmEx Platinum it takes you to Creditcards.com you can actually then Search by issuer and you can pretty much Find any credit card in existence in the US market on there and obviously if you Click through to the bank site from that Site and apply Um we do get a small commission we thank You very much if you do use our links Because it supports our show but just Make sure the welcome bonus you are Offered is competitive with what's Publicly available as always guys please Subscribe if you're new leave your Comments down below and we'll see you Next time bye-bye

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