Is the Amex Gold Still Worth it in 2024?

Is the Amex Gold Still Worth it in 2024?

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show The AMX gold card is one of the most Popular credit cards on the market here In the US and for good reason it also Comes in pink actually that's rose gold But no I mean the good reason is that it Earns four points per dollar on Restaurants worldwide and also four Points per dollar on US supermarkets and It has a couple of credits that almost Wipe Out the annual fee if you use them Every month in this video I want to go Through all my spending and my use of The credits in 2020 3 and see how much Value I actually got out of the gold Card so I know whether it is actually Worth keeping it or not we'll be asking The question is the AMX Gold Card still Worth it in 2024 and this video is Brought to you by da coffee but more on That later so first of all let's see if I actually offset the annual fee by Using the credits now there are two Credits on the AMX gold we have the $120 Uber credit at $10 per month which also Works with Uber Eats okay that's kind of Crucial and and then we have the $120 Dining credit also $10 a month and that Can be used at these establishments that Are on screen now and with both of those If you don't use it one month you lose It all right use it or lose it so for The Uber credit it is Uber cash that Gets deposited into your Uber account

Each month so you can't actually see Whether you used it or not on the AMX Side so instead I went to my Uber Eats App and I checked that I did use Uber Eats at least once every month in 2023 And I did you can see I started off the Year loving this three Ninja Japanese Place then we get a bit of Mexican and Then in Fall I really got into getting Tootle and guys you know Uber Eats is a Complete ripoff versus just buying Takeout on your way home okay let's just Be clear about that like for a burrito Bowl at Chipotle you literally pay Double okay no joke a burritto bowl with Guac okay which is extra is $15 last Night once I added in the Uber fee and The tip Etc it was $29 basically double But at this stage guys I'm so used to The convenience of it I do it anyway on Those nights where I didn't have a plan For anything to make at home for dinner Credit or no credit so I did use the Full $120 from The Uber credit but what About the dining credit well I only Really use that at Shake Shack because That's the only one remotely close to me And the closest Shake Shack is at Woodbury Premium Outlets it's a big Outlet mall here in New York it's about An hour north of New York City so Whenever I go there cuz they got a Shake Shack there I always get Shake Shack and I went a grand total of three times in

2023 you can see that there so that is a $30 saving putting the amount of credits I used at $150 and since the annual fee On the card is $250 that gives me an Effective annual fee of just $100 but Then on top of that I also earned a load Of points on the cards so let's now Actually look at my spending so American Express has an endof year summary Document that you can get and here's how To find it on the online account you go To statements and activities then view By year select the year that you want And then click download and then PDF and You'll get this document that shows you All of your spending in whatever year You selected in my case 2023 so you can See here that I spent a total of $19,300 let's now look at how much I Spend in specific bonus categories and How many points I earned but first guys I love to drink coffee look I'm drinking One Now especially when I'm writing scripts For my videos it really helps me to Focus but drinking a load of cups of Coffee every day can give you the Jitters and when you come down off all That caffeine that's not a good feeling Either now some of the most expensive Coffees in the world such as cop luak Are first eaten by an animal such as the Asian Palm civit then because they went Through the digestive system of an

The Credit Pros

Animal and are then collected afterwards The enzymes in the digestive system Alter the chemical balance of the beans And people find the coffee flavor less Acidic and it's smoother and much easier On your digestive system and rich people Will buy it for $400 per pound but maybe You don't want something that expensive Or that disgusting well DA's coffee the Sponsor of today's video have found a Way through science to do the exact same Thing or better Dr Grant Lee a former Cancer researcher at Yale University Developed a patented process to ferment Coffee beans with a 50 enzyme complex And the result is a coffee that is less Acidic smoother mot toxin free and Contains only 15% of the caffeine of a Regular cup of coffee so you can Literally drink it all day with no Problems m You'll find it much more affordable than Coffee that has passed through the Digestive system of an animal and of Course no animals were mistreated in its Production personally I find it a great Coffee and I can drink multiple cups of It per day with no problem due to its Low caffeine content and those with Digestive issues will also find it much Easier on their stomachs as well they Roast the beans right here in Upstate New York and ship worldwide and guys if You want to try DA's coffee you can get

A discount on your order with my code Ben that's benen when you enter it at Checkout link for that deal is Below so out of my $119,000 in spending $ 6,296 was at restaurants earning four Points per dollar so that should have Been 2,184 points but on this page that I Snapped a screenshot of just before the Year ended it it says that I earned 37516 points at Global restaurants so How does that compute I don't know but I Vaguely remember there being some sort Of bonus where if you do one referral For the card you get a bonus at Restaurants and I was getting like nine Points per dollar or something for a few Months so maybe that was the situation I'm pretty sure that was it like early Summer 2023 somewhere around that time All right now let's look at grocery in The general merchandise category which Includes grocery I spent $743 now if that was all grocery it Would be like $ 29,7 24 points But it includes a few Other things that just earn one point Per dollar so the actual amount of Points that I earned from grocery at 4X Was 19,1 128 which I think is accurate then We have 4547 that I earned in other categories

That just earn one point per dollar and Then we have 111 11,000 points worth of Bonus earn now that is for things like Doing referrals other than that one Referral I did where I earned like some Extra points on restaurants I think I Was getting 30,000 points per referral Guys I'm not totally sure how it adds up But this is information directly from Amx's website so I did somehow earn 111,000 points on bonus earn all right Now I'm not going to include that part That referrals part because I think Although it's easy for someone to Perhaps do one referral in a year which I did to get that extra bonus on Restaurants to do like you know multiple Referrals you I got a YouTube channel Right so I've been doing referrals Through my YouTube channel so it's a Little bit easier for me than it is for Other people so I'm not going to include The 111,000 thus the total number of Points I will include in this Calculation is 71,7 187 that's just for the spending at Restaurants and other things now doing a Very poor Redemption at just 1 cent per Point for a flight on the AMX travel Portal for example or a hotel Hotel Through fine hotels and resorts Collection that would be $717 in value so if we then deducted our Effective annual fee of $100 that we

Worked out at the beginning of the video That would be $617 I earned from the card in 2023 if We value the points at 2 cents per Point Like many people do that is going to be $1,434 then we minus the effective Annual fee of $100 that takes us to $1,334 in value but what value did I Actually get out of the points because I Already used most of those points on Delta flights for my trip to Hawaii in September and I got about 1.2 cents per Point in value a terrible rate I know But it was a great trip so I'm not Really that bothered thus the value I Actually got was $860 for the points then minus the eaf The effective annual fee that is $760 pretty good for just using a card To buy stuff that I was going to buy Anyway if I add all those bonus points In for referring people to the card Valuing them at 1 cent per point that Takes us to $1,860 but for those of you watching This video who want to genuinely see What an average person without a YouTube Following could earn I think leaving That one out is more realistic it's easy For the average person to do one Referral to a friend or family member But like five or more per year is not so Realistic and so you're probably Wondering whether I'm going to keep the

The Credit Pros

Card or not and I have decided are you Kidding of course I'm going to keep it All right that's the video for today Guys I'll put a link to the AMX Gold Card below if you want to learn more About it it is my referral link so I do Thank you very much if you use it don't Forget also to get a discount on your Order of Da coffee in the links below as Well it is a great coffee that you can Literally drink all day look I'm Drinking a cup of it right Now awesome that is due to its low Caffeine content and low acidity I Personally recommend it and when you use My link below and use use code Ben Benn Checkout you will get a discount please Subscribe to the channel if you're new We'll see you next time bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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