Is this Credit Card REALLY Bulletproof?

Is this Credit Card REALLY Bulletproof?

Residents in the upscale Calgary Neighborhood of upper Mount Royal were Greeted by the sound of gunfire the Gunfire targeted the Rolls-Royce Ghost Driven by real estate Tycoon Riaz Mamdani the titanium credit card was in The pocket of a suit vest the AmEx Centurion card looked like this it was Made of one solid piece of titanium and It was this version of the card that Mandani had in his shirt pocket on that Fateful day in 2016. some cards are Strong enough to stop a small caliber Round if they're hit on the opposite Side from the chip but it's no good just Talking about it we have the titanium Amex Black Card right here so let's test It out for ourselves Oh

The Credit Pros

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