Is this The ULTIMATE Credit Card? 2% Cash Back, $250k Limit, Low APR, No AF

Is this The ULTIMATE Credit Card? 2% Cash Back, $250k Limit, Low APR, No AF

Apply now at to prequalify in as fast as 2 minutes!
Credit card in the front. HELOC in the back.

ūüíł Get up to $250,000 Limit
ūüíł 2% Unlimited Cash Back
ūüíł Starting at $0 to Get a Card
ūüíł UnlockYour Home Equity
ūüíł Lowest APR Guaranteed!

Sponsored by Aven Financial, Inc. dba Aven or “AvenCard” (in AR, ID, and PA), 548 Market St #99555, San Francisco, CA 94104. NMLS # 2042345. Subject to credit approval. Certain terms and conditions may apply, may vary by applicant and are subject to change.Limited to certain states – see for details. All relevant disclosures for this video are included at

The Aven Card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. Aven accounts are made by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS #462289 (

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The Credit Pros

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Credit cards some say in this day 
and age they're a necessary evil,   But guys things are getting out of hand Outstanding credit card balances are now over 
$1 trillion, the highest they've ever been And interest rates are now in what 
CNBC describes as loan shark territory   With the average interest rate for new card 
offers now at 24% according to Lending Tree It's got me thinking there's got to be 
another way for people to efficiently   Borrow money when they need it 
at a much lower interest rate And still have the convenience and 
cash back rewards of a credit card  Well it seems there actually is So a company called Aven contacted me asking me 
to do a review of their product the Aven card   And the more I looked at it the more interested I 
got not only does it offer unlimited 2% cash back   On everything, it takes as little as 15 minutes 
to sign up for it has interest rates of between   7.99 and 15.49% that's half the national average 
and it offers credit limits of up to $250,000 And how can they do all this well it hinges 
on one thing, I'll explain when we get inside You see since the pandemic house 
prices in the US have exploded   Rising from an average sales price of 
$374,000 in 2020 to $550,000 this year This means that many American 
homeowners are sitting on a   Large amount of home equity that was 
just created in the last few years And don't worry your house doesn't have 
to be a 2,400 Sq ft lake house with Balconies A games room A fire pit A hot tub And a private boat dock Now guys I know I got carried away with   The visuals but actually you 
don't need some amazing house Even my own primary residence which is very 
ordinary has risen in value by $130,000 since 2019 At its heart Aven believes there is a better   Way of giving you access to 
Capital than unsecured lending Since unsecured lending like traditional 
credit cards is risky for the bank So you end up getting a really high interest rate They instead want to find responsible borrowers 
who are homeowners and give them an interest rate   Of about half what they would get on a credit 
card by securing the debt with their property That's what secured lending is, backing 
up a debt with an asset combined with  

Good quality income verification and underwriting It's a bit cold out here let's get inside So you may have heard of a home equity line 
of credit where you get given a credit line Based upon how much Equity you have in your home So for example let's say you bought a house 
for $300,000 a few years back and you have   A mortgage for 80% of the value of the 
home we call that loan to value or LTV So this would be 80% LTV That's $240,000 in the mortgage that you're 
paying off every month and then there's $60,000   In equity left over which is the part of the 
home that you actually fully own yourself You don't owe any money to the bank for that part Now let's say that the value of your 
home has increased up to $400,000 over   A few years which is not unrealistic for 
the period of time that we are living in Well guess what now you've got 
$160,000 worth of equity in your home Actually probably even more than that since   You would have paid off some 
of the mortgage in that time But we'll keep the example simple A home equity line of credit 
or HELOC taps that extra Equity   Giving you a credit line you can draw 
upon typically they are interest only   For the first 10 years and then 
you have to start paying it back But they take a lot of effort to get approved 
for usually usually requiring trips to the bank An appraiser coming to inspect your home And thousands in upfront fees The typical HELOC takes 2 to 
6 weeks and has closing costs Well Aven has taken that whole process and using   Technology they've simplified 
it into a 15 minute application That doesn't affect your credit 
score unless you accept their offer And it's free there are no closing costs And the product you receive is in the form 
of a credit card not just a line of credit So it's like a credit card in 
the front and a HELOC in the back Aven cards offer limits as low as 
$5,000 all the way up to $250,000 Depending on the value of your home You can spend on your credit card which has   No annual fee enjoy 2% cash 
back on all your purchases And an interest rate of just over 
10% if you carry a balance which  

Is half the national average rate at the moment In fact Aven is so sure that their interest 
rate is the lowest of any US credit card They'll even give you $25 if you find 
another credit card with a lower rate But then in addition to swiping the card 
you can withdraw actual cash to your bank   Account for a 2.5% fee plus the interest 
rate if you carry a balance month-to month Which means you could use the Aven 
card for paying off high interest debt And consolidating all of your other credit card   Debt onto the Aven card at 
a much lower interest rate Or you could just use it for things like Home   Improvement projects or anything 
else you might use a HELOC for And these features have all made Aven the 
fastest growing credit card for homeowners But what about the safety of your house? I mean you're putting up possibly 
your biggest asset as collateral Well Aven aren't in the business of 
trying to take people's homes away They make their money on the interest rate 
they charge you when you borrow money from them They verify your income and verify 
your ability to pay them back You're most likely to qualify 
with a FICO score over 700 Aven's default rates are 10 times 
lower than unsecured credit cards What they are looking for are responsible   Borrowers who aren't going to 
take any gambles with this money Like literally you can't gamble it won't 
let you make any purchases in a casino What happened? I wanted to put 50,000 on 
black but it wouldn't let me So Aven made it as safe as possible but like with   Any financial product you do need to 
be a responsible borrower on your end Now guys I am really impressed with this 
product, as a credit card it holds up The cash back rate is 2% which matches the 
cash back rate on many so-called non-category Or "catch all" credit cards 
on the market these days So there's no opportunity cost in using it And you get a way lower interest rate 
if you choose to carry a balance too Then as a HELOC i.e. withdrawing 
money to your account Its rates are competitive with 
other HELOCs on the market right now Which are around 9 to 10% And obviously the biggest selling point is going 
to be convenience, it's a 15 minute application

The Credit Pros

Versus something that could take 
weeks and may have closing costs In all my years of reviewing credit cards I've 
honestly never seen a card quite like this I would say for a responsible homeowner this 
card is a no-brainer to have in your wallet There's no annual fee, so it 
doesn't cost you anything to keep But it gives you an interest rate 
half that of the average credit card If you do need to swipe it 
to cover a sudden expense   Like an unexpected medical bill or a car repair While still earning 2% cash back Then you could also use the HELOC option 
to draw some funds to your bank account For a much larger project like a home renovation 
which could increase the value of your house   Or starting a business or anything else 
that you would typically use a HELOC for It's a really unique addition to 
any homeowners financial tool kit And for homeowners who are interested I 
will put a link to the Aven card below Otherwise guys do give us a like 
for the YouTube algorithm and leave   Your comments about this product 
below what do you think about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts please subscribe   To the channel if you're new 
and we'll see you next time Oh my Airbnb checkout time is just about up You didn't think this was my house did you? The car's mine

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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