Last Call: 80K BONUS on THIS Card + Get Hilton Free Night AND 130K Points

Last Call: 80K BONUS on THIS Card + Get Hilton Free Night AND 130K Points

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have two exciting pieces of Credit card news for you today so first Up is the end of the 80 000 points Welcome offer on the chase South I Preferred yes that offer is going to end Soon okay we'll tell you more about that In just a moment then secondly we have a Way that you can earn both 130 000 Hilton points and a Hilton free night as Part of the same bonus okay it's on one Of the AmEx Hilton cards we'll tell you A little bit about that later in the Show could be a really sweet deal for Some people especially if you know how To use the free night correctly and if You'd like to keep up to date with the Latest credit card news in the US Credit Card Market as well as personal finance And travel tips and tricks do subscribe For a new video almost every day so the Chase Sapphire preferred is a very Popular credit card uh it's in that kind Of mid-tier range okay I call it tier Three in my five Tier credit card ladder System and it came out recently with an 80 000 Point bonus just about a month or So ago that bonus requires you to spend Four thousand dollars on purchases in The first three months so that's twenty Points per dollar and it's 1 333.33 recurring Um that you need to spend per month to Get that bonus and that really is a

Pretty competitive offer compared to Other cards out there the points are Worth one thousand dollars if you use Them to book travel through the chase Travel portal and that's because points On the sapphire preferred are worth 1.25 Cents per Point instead of just one cent Per point and then obviously if you Transfer them out to Airlines or hotels They could eventually end up being worth Even more at least two cents per point For most Airline business class Redemptions two cents per point or more I was in fact able to get six cents per Point for chase points transferred out To United and then booking United Business class on a flight that I'm Gonna take in June now we always knew That this was a limited time offer and Here's a shot from Chase's website Through the Wayback machine which shows What used to display on their site Limited time offer but now Chase has Changed it to offer ending soon and I Can confirm from other sources that that Is indeed the case we don't know Specifically when it's ending there Isn't any countdown or anything but Judging by what we've seen before I Would say probably around two weeks but There are no guarantees with that and I Would say if you want this card with This bonus you definitely should apply Right now and in case you're wondering I

Suspect the bonus will probably go down To 60 000 points when it ends now many People have recently reported being Approved for the sapphire preferred Despite being over 524 okay despite them Having opened more than five personal Credit cards in the past 24 months which Is two years that's Chase's 524 rule Normally they won't give you a Chase Card if you've opened more than five in The past two years but people are Getting approved anyway even though they Are over 524. I've got a video all about That looks like this and there's a load Of data points in there if you want to Know more about that and what your Chances are of getting approved for the Card if you are over 524 if you want to Know more about the sapphire preferred I Will put a review of it on our partner Website that has load of The pros and cons you can weigh up Whether it's the right card for you link For that is in the description all right Let's now move on to talking about this Awesome bonus on one of the AmEx Hilton Cards where you can get 130 000 Hilton Points plus a free night but first if You have an AMEX card or any other Credit card for that matter and you want To keep information on all your credit Cards in one convenient place I Recommend the sponsor of today's video Max rewards it's a smartphone app that

Pulls data from all your cards even if They're from different issuers in one Place so you'll be able to view your Transactions your balances your points And miles and cashback balances on all Your cards in one easy to use app now I Mentioned Amex cards specifically Because if you have the pro version of Max rewards Max rewards gold it'll Activate all of your Amex offers adding Them to your card for you so that you Never miss a deal and when you activate All of your Amex offers new offers will Actually appear in your account that you Never knew existed and match rewards Will activate them too the average user Saves 700 a year through Amex offers and You can get a free month of Max rewards Gold with my link below or just download The app and check out the free features Alright so there is currently a bonus Where you can get 130 000 Hilton points Plus a Hilton free night and that is of Course on the Hilton Honors surpass card Now this is a card that I personally Have and I do really highly rate it and I'll tell you why in just a second but First the exact details of the bonus are 130 000 points plus a free night reward After you spend two thousand dollars in Purchases on the Hilton Honors American Express surprise card in the first three Months of card membership note three Months often Amex is doing six months

These days but this one is three months And we do actually have an end date for This one which is July 19th 2023. so how Valuable is this well Hilton points are Often valued at 0.5 cents per point and And so that makes the bonus 130 000 Points worth 650 at least okay I would Say that's minimum value 650 and then I Value the free night at 650 as well and That's because you can use Hilton free Nights at almost any Hilton property Even the really high-end ones I was able To use uh my Hilton free nights a couple Of years ago at the Oceana Santa Monica That's a nice Boutique Hotel in La that Costs at least 650 per night if not more Of course if you want to stay at really Higher end properties like the Waldorf Astoria and stuff you can potentially Use these free nights for that okay Properties that cost eight hundred a Thousand plus dollars per night but it Gets harder and harder to find award Availability you need standard room Award availability to be able to use the Free night certificate so personally I Would say minimum 650 in value so both Parts of that bonus together I would say Minimum value is one thousand three Hundred dollars but you could probably Easily get more value out of it and to Get that okay it's two thousand dollars In spending in three months so that's Six hundred and sixty six dollars and

Sixty six cents that you'd have to spend Per month the annual fee for the Hilton Honor surpass card is 95 and other than Earning Hilton points on your spending And I'll put the spending categories on Screen now and how many points you can Earn but apart from that Um this card actually gives you a couple Of useful benefits first of all it gives You Hilton gold status just by having The card and that's really useful Because that gets you room upgrades and It'll also get you free breakfast in Fact it's like a I think they're doing Now a dining credit it's like a room Service credit that you you could use it For room service potentially as well but In the past it has been free breakfast So it always covers breakfast anyway Pretty much all right it'll be like a 22 Credit or something depending on the Property but yeah it basically gets you Free breakfast I've had free breakfast At the Conrad for example in DC because Of having Hilton honest gold status in Addition to that the card also gives you 10 priority pass airport lounge passes Per year and and this may be enough for Some people you might not need to go Unlimited priority pass okay because you Might not travel enough if you travel Like one or two times per year maybe With a travel partner actually 10 passes Should be enough to cover you

Um two people for a lounge visit on your Way out and your way back on two trips Okay that would be eight you'd still Have two left over so yeah this could be A really good card great option for Someone to get instead of getting a Premium you know what I call tier four Travel credit card that has an annual Fee of like 500 it could be a way of Getting many of the benefits of that but With a much lower annual fee and now It's got a great welcome bonus the Welcome bonus by the way like we said it Is ending on July 19th 2023 is a limited Time offer um so if you want this one I Would apply for it soon as well and if You want to know more about this one I Have a mini review of it in my credit Card guide on my website I'll link to That below a big thank you to today's Sponsor Max rewards you get a free month Of Max rewards gold with the link right At the top of the description box as Well I'll put some some of the videos That I mentioned in this video on screen Now for you to check out particularly The one about people getting approved For the sapphire preferred even though They are over 524 that's on screen now For you to check out and if you want to See my review of the Oceana Santa Monica Which is where you could use the Hilton Free night that'll be on screen too Alright guys please subscribe if you're

New and we'll see you next time bye

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