Last Chance for 120K + 3 NEW Credit Cards + 5 Marriott Free Nights!

Last Chance for 120K + 3 NEW Credit Cards + 5 Marriott Free Nights!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a bit of a weekly Roundup For you today with the latest news from The credit cards and points and Miles World we have your last chance for 120 000 bonus points on a certain Southwest Airlines credit card there are three new Credit cards coming out soon from Wells Fargo the Bank of America customized Cash card is expanding its three percent Categories and how to get five yes five Free night certificates on the Marriott Bonboy boundless card my name is Ben Hedges if you like the sound of all that Do subscribe here on YouTube for new Credit card and luxury travel content Almost every day and if you're on any of The other social media like Instagram Tick Tock Etc do follow me there to my Handles and usernames are below alright Let's talk about this 120 000 Point bonus on this southwest credit Card now this is the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards premier me a business card You need to spend three thousand dollars In three months to get sixty thousand Points and then a total of fifteen Thousand dollars in nine months to get Another sixty thousand points for a Total of a hundred and twenty thousand Now I know that sounds like a lot of Spending but this bonus will get you the Companion Pass which basically means You'll get buy one get one free flights

For a whole year for you and one Companion here's how getting the Companion Pass Works earn 135 000 Qualifying points in a calendar year and You'll earn Companion Pass for the Following full calendar year plus the Remainder of the year in which you Earned it so the Companion Pass requires You to collect 135 000 points but this Bonus is only one hundred and twenty Thousand right but the spend requirement Is fifteen thousand and on this card the Minimum amount of points you will earn If you're not spending in any bonus Category is one point per dollar so for The fifteen thousand you'll get fifteen Thousand points plus 120 000 that makes A hundred and thirty five thousand but There is something important to point Out all the points have to be earned in The same calendar year so even though You have nine months you can't spend That long otherwise the first sixty Thousand points would be earned this Year and then the next sixty thousand Would be earned in 2024 and that would Be after Southwest had reset the clock To zero as far as the Companion Pass is Concerned and don't think that you can Be clever and be like okay we'll delay The spending so we'll earn it all in 2024. no no no no because remember the First 60 000 is for spending three Thousand dollars in the first three

Months if you don't spend that much in Three months you won't get that first Sixty thousand you just get the second Sixty thousand so basically you have September October November December you Have four months to do this now I know For some people this level of spending Will be too much but for some other Souvenir with small businesses you do Actually have the spending to hit this Now if you're interested in this offer It does end on August 28th which is just In a couple of days time so do be quick If you want it I'll put the link to this Card in the description below so that You can learn more about it all right Now let's move on to some rumors I love A good rumor video well actually these Aren't so much rumors but leaks we know That there are some new credit cards Coming out from Wells Fargo everyone's Favorite Bank Well yeah but anyway these are three new Business cards and there was a trademark Filed last year for the term signify Business essential and there are also Two other cards that have the word Signify in the name here they are in a Post on Reddit by someone called deals Points signify business cash MasterCard Signify business is Central MasterCard That's one in the trademark and signify Business Elite MasterCard and the Release of these cards now seems

Imminent because this deals for points Dude even found a priority pass landing Page that seems to have been prepared For the three cards let's take a look Congratulations as a valued Wells Fargo Signify business cash MasterCard signify Business essential Mastercard or signify Business Elite MasterCard holder you are Eligible for a complimentary annual Priority pass membership individual loud Visit fees will apply then they go on Into some regular marketing spiel about How they have 1 400 lounges Etc now I'm A little disappointed to see that Lounge Visit fees will apply but since we have Three cars it kind of looks like the Makings of a trifecta obviously the cash One is probably the lowest one then the Essential one would be mid-tier and Maybe the one with Elite in the name Would be the one that gets you on Unlimited priority pass so maybe they Just put that in there because some of The cars will have visit fees I guess We'll have to wait and see but what we Do know is that all of the cards will Offer some sort of priority pass airport Lounge access Wells Fargo is also Showing a coming soon page on their own Website for business credit cards so We'll keep an eye on these in the coming Months and hopefully we'll have more Information for you soon let's now move On to talking about the expanded three

Percent categories on the customized Cash card from Bank of America but first If you do have a lot of credit cards a Great way to keep track of all your Transactions your balances your points And rewards balances is the sponsor of Today's video the smartphone app Max Rewards it pools data from all your Cards even if they're from different Issuers in one easy to use dashboard it Keeps track of bonus categories even the Ones that change every quarter so that You always use the best card for every Purchase and if you have Amex cards the Pro version Max rewards gold is Especially useful because it activates All of your Amex offers adding them to Your card so that you never miss a deal The average user saves over 700 a year Through Amex offers and you can get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below or just download it and check Out the free features so the Bank of America customized Cash Card this is one That earns three percent back in Categories you choose on up to two Thousand five hundred dollars per Quarter well they have expanded two of Their spending categories they sent out A thing about it it wasn't super clear So doctor of credit actually explains it More clearly check this out so the gas Category now includes EV charging Stations and online shopping now

Includes cable streaming internet and Phone plans now I know that this is a Small change but some people do really Like this card since it qualifies for The preferred Rewards program where if You have different amounts invested with Bank of America they increase your Rewards for example if you have the Highest amount a hundred thousand Dollars invested with Bank of America You get 75 percent an extra on your Credit card rewards so that three Percent back turns into 5.25 cashback And a big thank you and also a happy Birthday to one of our followers on Instagram Terrell Moss who actually Pointed this out to me yesterday so Happy birthday my friend and to anyone Else in the audience if you have little Bits of news that you think I missed or Would be beneficial for the show or even Some Insider information uh do DM me on Instagram that's probably the best way To reach me all right let's now move on To our final story about a year or so Ago we had this amazing welcome bonus on The Marriott bonvoy boundless card it Was five free night certificates okay Valued at 50 000 Points each so that Would be the equivalent of 250 000 Marriott points for the welcome bonus This card normally has a bonus of like 100 000 points so it was really Incredible well this bonus is back and

We have a direct link to the offer so This isn't something that you can just Find by searching online you do need That direct link we're looking at the Landing page now and in case you're Wondering you have to spend five Thousand dollars in the first three Months to get that five three night Certificates now there is a doctor of Credit article that includes a link to The offer and also a little bit of Analysis about the card I will put that In a pinned comment somewhere below and In my opinion this is probably the best Bonus ever on this card and the really Cool thing is that you can now top up Marriott free night certificates up to 15 000 points so you can go from fifty Thousand up to 65 000 points if you want To stay somewhere a little bit more Fancy than 50 000 points will allow Again the link to that article will be Below in a pin comment alright guys that Is the video for today thanks so much For watching don't forget if you do want To get that 120 000 Point bonus on the Southwest business card I will put a Link to that card below where you can Learn more also don't forget you can get A free month of Max rewards gold link For that is below as well and also links To other stuff we talked about in this Video thanks so much for watching please Subscribe if you new and we'll see you

Next time bye

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