Last Chance for BEST EVER Bonus on THIS Credit Card

Last Chance for BEST EVER Bonus on THIS Credit Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a bit of a PSA video for you Today a bit of a public service Announcement because it is your last Chance to get a best ever welcome bonus On a certain American Express credit Card we're going to tell you all about That in this video and you got to be Quick because the offer is ending soon We will tell you when the offer ends as Well but first if you want to get up to 12 free stocks from our sponsor Weeble Do click the link below minimum value For this is six stocks at a total value Of 34 so that's the absolute minimum It's basically free money and maximum Value if you luck out and get all 12 Stocks is several thousand dollars Weeble of course is the excellent zero Commission investing app it blows the Competition out of the water Robin Hood And um when you sign up with our link as Well you can also get an introductory Rate Um of five percent on your uninvested Cash with cash management you can see That on the left hand side as well five Percent guys it's a really good rate so Uh do check out that in the links below Up to 12 free stocks with Weeble so the Card that we are actually going to be Talking about in this video guys is the American Express green card this card is Sometimes overlooked because I know

Obviously the AmEx gold and the AmEx Platinum kind of steal the show because There's sort of the rock star credit Cards from American Express but the Green card is actually a great travel Card a lot of people really like it Um let's let's have a look at the bonus First of all and then we'll actually go Through and we will talk about some of The benefits of the green card and we'll Analyze you know how good of a card it Is because in my opinion it is a pretty Good card and then write the M will tell You when this bonus is ending so you Know how much time you've got if you Want to consider applying for this so Um here's the green card and let's make This a little bit bigger you don't want To look at my face dear so here we go Um the bonus the current welcome offer Still says new welcome offer on that but It's actually ending it's ending in a Few days but anyway the current bonus is Sixty thousand Amex membership rewards Points and that is for spending three Thousand dollars in the first six months And then on top of that you get twenty Percent back on eligible travel and Transit purchases and that is in uh the First six months as well and it is up to 200 that you can get back as a statement Credit on the card so if you do the math Okay it's twenty percent back so you'd Have to spend one thousand dollars to

Get the full 200 Um maxed out okay the full the full deal That's not even that much guys normally This is like oh you get you know Um five percent back up to and you end Up having to spend you know thousands of Dollars to actually Max it out with this You only have to spend one thousand Bucks to max out that deal and get the Full two hundred dollars back so I said that's a really good deal and the Total value for the bonus guys if you Value Amex points of two cents per Point All right and that would be one thousand Two hundred dollars for the sixty Thousand points then plus the 200 Statement credit that takes us up to one Thousand four hundred dollars even you Only value Amex points at one cent per Point which is crazy because you can get Way more value for them but if you're Just booking travel through the travel Portal at one cent per point that would Be 600 in value for the main part of the Bonus and then an additional 200 in Value which takes you up to eight Hundred dollars that's actually still Pretty good value for a mid-tier uh Travel card which is basically what this Is Um but let's now have a look at some of The other benefits of the card we'll Just very briefly go through it and then We'll tell you when this is going to end

Okay because that's kind of crucial Um so the American Express green card it Gets three points per dollar on travel And Transit then also three points per Dollar on dining and one point per Dollar on everything else now that is Pretty good as a the genuine travel card Okay you can use it for your plane Ticket let me get to your destination Ubers subway passes all that is covered At three points per dollar if you're Traveling you're probably gonna dine out Quite a bit so three points per dollar On dining it is a genuine travel card it Has it basically ticks most of the boxes Um of what I'm looking for in a travel Credit card then if we scroll down you Have a 189 clear Plus credit okay so That covers clear membership and uh Clear if you don't know guys clear is Basically uh it's sort of an alternative To TSA pre-check it gets you an Expedited security line at the airport It also gets you expedited security Lines at some concert venues and places Live Events sporting events Etc so it Can be pretty useful for some people Um 189 a year obviously your mileage may Vary if you weren't going to buy it Anyway then you're not really getting The value but if you wanted it this is a Great way to get it kind of for free Then in addition to the clear benefit There's also one other travel benefit

And that is the 100 Lounge buddy credit You can see that highlighted down there And Lounge buddy it's um it's a website That American Express bought a while Back where they basically show you Um lounges you can look up lounges at Certain airports and they'll show you How to get in and the ones that you can Pay to get in you can book through Lounge buddy and that's what this credit Would be valued for on Lounge buddy I Would say a lot of them are fifty Dollars for a day pass some of them Maybe 35 I think the absolute cheapest Is 25 these tend to be outside of the US Like in Mexico and stuff so I'm gonna Say this will probably cover you for two Maybe three Lounge visits per year so I Would say this card is probably good for Someone who you know travels like once Or twice a year possibly on their own so They're not trying to get other people In the lounge so the lounge body credit Probably you know covers them for a Round trip all right going out coming Back Um and you know you get great rates on Travel and and dining which is cool now The annual fee on this card is a hundred And fifty dollars but when you deduct The credits so the lounge body credit And the Clear Credit comes to 289 Dollars together and you deduct 150 from That that gives you positive value

Um of 139 dollars per year so basically This card pays you 139 a year to have This card as long as you you know Actually use all the benefits now let's Look at when the welcome bonus is ending So if you want to get this best ever Offer of 60 000 points and the 200 Credit you need to sign up before August 23rd all right that's when it ends and That's literally in two days okay it's Monday today August 21st just looking at The date on my watch there so you got Two days uh to sign up for this card Um if you want this bonus now guys I Normally I have a link for these cards Affiliate link I don't have one for this Particular card however We do have a credit card guide below Where you will find the annex platinum And the AmEx gold and actually if you Click through the AmEx gold for example And click onto the page there you Probably can actually navigate to the AmEx green and if you see this deal feel Free to use our link to sign up for the Card okay don't feel obliged to do this But it helps us out you could though Just go to annex's site directly and Find the offer that way as well so if You can be bothered to navigate through Our links and find this card then we do Very much appreciate it but otherwise Don't worry just go to amex's site Directly also if you want to support the

Show don't forget you can get up to 12 Free stocks with our sponsor Weeble link For that will be in the description Below as well as always guys leave your Comments below what do you think of this Offer thank you so much for watching Please subscribe if you're new we'll see You next time bye

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