More HUGE Credit Card Bonuses in October

More HUGE Credit Card Bonuses in October

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now I did do a best credit card bonuses Video for October but it seems that I Missed a few good ones so let's actually Take another look at some of the best Credit card bonuses out there this October that I haven't talked about Already and if you don't know a credit Card welcome bonus is when a certain Credit card will give you a certain Amount of points or cash back for Spending a certain amount of money in a Set amount of time from when you open The card so for example spend $1,000 in your first 3 months and get $200 cash back all right so the first Card I want to talk about today is the Capit 1 Venture X which is one of the Top high tier travel credit cards on the Market right now the card earns 2 m per Dollar on all purchases that can be Transferred to a load of great Transfer Partners it has a $300 travel credit it Gets you access to the Capital One Lounge and priority pass lounges and Pror premium lounges and it's actually The cheapest way to get meaningful Lounge access from a credit card these Days the annual fee is $3.95 but that's Offset by the $300 travel credit and the $100 Global Entry Credit in the first Year and then you get 10,000 points Every anniversary which are worth at Least $100 but simply this card costs

You pretty much $0 per year as long as You use all of the benefits and credits Effectively now the public welcome bonus On the Venture X is 75,000 points but There is currently a way that you can Get 90,000 points for spending $4,000 in Your first 3 months from account opening And that is through a direct link now Banks sometimes have direct links to Higher offers maybe it's originally Something that they created for their Bankers in Branch to give to clients who They wanted to give a higher offer to And then they can get leaked out Etc no Matter how they you know come about There are these links out there that Give you higher offers now the 90,000 Points link was around a few months ago The older one doesn't work anymore but People have now discovered a new 90,000 Point bonus link and I will put a link To a doctor of credit article below Where they do have the direct link and If that runs out or gets you know Decommissioned and then another one pops Up it will get updated there too okay Just in case you're watching this in the Future all right let's now move on to Another bonus Chase currently has Limited time offers running on their two United Airlines co-branded business Cards you have their tier three United Business card and their tier four United Club business card and on both of these

Cards they are offering 75,000 United Miles for spending $5,000 in your first 3 months of card membership now United Did conduct a pretty devastating Devaluation a few months ago of their Points used to be able to book Polaris Business class from Europe to the US East Coast for 60,000 points that's a $4,000 flight right there but now that Same flight with fully flat beds and Private seats will cost you 80,000 Points well guess what if you do the $5,000 in spending for your bonus on Either of these cards you'll have at Least 5,000 points for doing the Spending plus 75,000 points when you Trigger the bonus for a total of 880,000 Points which is enough for that flight And thus you would have enough for a One-way business class ticket to Europe From New York for example now apart from The bonus these cards don't really earn You that many points arguably you might Be better off with one of the other Chase cards that earn Ultimate Rewards And then you could track transfer those Points to United cuz United is a Chase Transfer Partner but they do have a load Of useful benefits if you fly United Often like both of the cars get you free Check bags priority boarding the Mid-tier one gives you two United Club Lounge passes per year the higher tier One gives you unlimited access to the

United Club I'll put a link to the Mid-tier one the United business card in The description section below if you'd Like to learn more about it all right Now let's check out a card that will Give you $500 in cash as a welcome Boners but first if you have AMX cards Or any other credit card for that matter But especially AMX cards and I'll get Into why that is in a minute you will Love the sponsor of today's video max Rewards it's a smartphone app that does A soft link with your bank and displays All of your credit card balances Transactions points and rewards balances All in one place regardless of which Bank issues your card there's a welcome Bonus tracker and the app also tracks Spending categories even the ones that Change each quarter and always Recommends the best card for every Purchase if you have American Express Cards like we said the pro version of Max rewards Max rewards gold is Especially useful since it activates all Of your MX offers adding them to your Cards so that you never miss a deal and You may use an AMX offer without Realizing it and come home to an email Telling you that you save money that's Happened to me a couple of times and When you activate all your offers new Offers that you never knew even existed Appear in your account and Max Rewards

Activates them too you can get a free Month of the Gold version of Max rewards With my link below or you can just use My link to download the free version Check out the free features okay so the US Bank altitude connect card is Currently offering 50,000 points which Is also redeemable for $500 in cash back As a welcome bonus the important thing Is though the spend requirement is lower Than it used to be which is what makes This news okay it's gone down from from $3,000 down to 2,000 and that's pretty Generous for a $500 value welcome bonus Now this isn't actually that new it's Quite a few months since this bonus uh Spend requirement was lowered but we Haven't talked about it for on the Channel and someone commented the other Day that I should talk about it since It's a pretty good deal so I am spend Requirement is only $2,000 and you get $500 in value the annual fee of $95 is Waved for the first year so that's even Better when it's basically a no annual Fee card for the first year and with This card you earn four points per Dollar on travel and gas and it makes it One of the best gas cards out there so I'm just including this cuz it's a good Deal we haven't talked about it before Probably something you guys might want To check out all right let's now look at The last story of the day and that is

That chase has a couple of transfer Bonuses going on and if you don't know a Transfer bonus is when you say transfer 1,000 points to some Airline and you get 1,200 in your airline loyalty account That would be a 20% bonus so the first Of these bonuses is with Virgin Atlantic And this bonus is for 30% and it runs From October 1st to November 15th so 6 Weeks it's already active now and you'll Be able to find that one in your account I found it in my account without too Much trouble but there is another bonus That people have been seeing and that is For 25% to JetBlue and this would be the First time Chase has ever done a bonus To JetBlue the bonus supposedly runs Until January 10th 2024 personally I Really like JetBlue I took their mint Studio business class to London a few Months ago and I really loved it the Food was great they gave you pajamas There was a huge TV loads of amenities It was really cool I made a video on it Looks like this I'll put it on the end Card of this video but the thing about This bonus is that although it's showing Up for some people in the Chase app I Was not able to find it I did more Digging on Reddit and here is the Conclusion about it from one Reddit user I feel January 10th 20124 is very far Away and it's likely that it's not a Live bonus yet I think it just glitched

And it's showing early for some Chase Inc preferred users somehow so I agree With that guy probably it isn't live for Most people yet if you do see it let me Know in the comments but otherwise look Out for it in your account in the coming Months most bonuses run for about 6 Weeks to 2 months so maybe in late November you might notice it appearing In your account again all right guys That is the video for today thank you For watching don't forget to get a free Month of Max RS gold with my link below Also I'll put a link down there to the United business card if you want to Check that one out and learn more about It and on the end screen we have the Reviews of the two business class Products that I mentioned in this video United Polaris and the JetBlue mint Studio they're there if you want to Check them out thanks very much for Watching we'll see you next time bye-bye

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