My EXACT Credit Card Setup PART 2

My EXACT Credit Card Setup PART 2

The exact set of credit cards that I use To earn the most points I can in all my Different spending categories this is Part two in part one I showed you I use The Amex gold for dining and grocery the Windham Rewards business earner for gas The AmEx Platinum for flights and the British Airways Visa signature card from Chase because it gives me a 10 discount When I book British Airways business Class I then have two Chase Freedom cars Which gives me five points per dollar Back on three thousand dollars worth of Spending every quarter that's double the Usual limit because I have two of them Now let's look at the rest of the system For hotels I have the Hilton Honors Surpass card which earns me Hilton Points when I stay at Hilton and the Marriott born by Amex which gives me Extra Mario points when I stay at Marriott now let's look at business Spending I have the Chase Ink preferred For its three points per dollar on Shipping and the income limited for its 1.5 points per dollar on everything I Also have the business Platinum that I Use for non-category purchases over five Thousand dollars since it earns 1.5 Amex Points per dollar on purchases over that Amount

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