My EXACT Set of Credit Cards for Max Points (Part 1)

My EXACT Set of Credit Cards for Max Points (Part 1)

I'm going to show you the exact set of Credit cards that I use to earn the most Points I can in all my different Spending categories first for dining and Grocery I use the Amex Gold Card which Gives me four points per dollar back on Both of those categories last year on Dining I spent 7 626 and on grocery I Spent eight thousand six hundred and Eighty five dollars I earned sixty five Thousand two hundred and forty four Points for gas I always use the Wyndham Rewards earn a business card which gets Me eight Wyndham points per dollar back And I only buy gas from Exxon or mobile Gas stations using the Walmart Plus app Since it gives me 10 cents off per Gallon I get my Walmart Plus Subscription for free from my AmEx Platinum Card which I also use when I'm Paying for flights since it earns Five Points back per dollar on flights booked Directly with Airlines only time I don't Use the Platinum is when I'm flying British Airways in which case I use the British Airways Visa signature card from Chase then I also have two Freedom cards That I use for rotating quarterly Categories

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