My Specific Chase Trifecta EXPLAINED

My Specific Chase Trifecta EXPLAINED

So here is my Chase Trifecta now this The Chase Ink unlimited which is a Business card that is my catch all card For non-category spending it earns 1.5 Points per dollar on all purchases and It has no annual fee now sure you could Get the city double cash for two City Points per dollar but those aren't chase Points okay and in the chase system 1.5 Points per dollar is as good it gets on Non-category spend now this the Chase Ink preferred is the car that ties it All together firstly it gives me a few More earning categories then the second And most important feature of the Chase Ink preferred is that it allows me to Redeem points at higher values so I can Transfer my points over from the Chase Freedom and the Chase Ink unlimited and They immediately become worth 1.25 cents Per point when I use the points through The travel Port but there is more the Chase Ink prefer gives you access to Chase's 14 Airline and hotel Transfer Partners

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