My Version of the Chase Trifecta EXPLAINED…

My Version of the Chase Trifecta EXPLAINED...

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And there is a buzzword in the US credit Card industry and that is the word Trifecta which usually means a Combination of three or more credit Cards that earn the same transferable Points currency now you have the AmEx Trifecta and the city Trifecta but there Is one Bank whose Trifecta is still King If I can only ever recommend three Credit cards for you to have for the Rest of your life these would be those Three these three cards make up what's Known as the chase Trifecta which is the Most popular credit card strategy out There the chase Trifecta is an insanely Powerful yet extremely simple and pretty Cheap credit card setup right so this is A powerful setup of cards that all earn The same Chase Ultimate Rewards Transferable points currency and if You're new to this buy transferable Points we mean points earned on a credit Card that can then be transferred to Airlines or hotels to book luxury or Economy travel for free with the chase Trifecta there are actually eight Publicly available cards that could be Used to make up the system five personal And three business if you add in Discontinued cards that are only Available through product change that Takes you up to about 10 or maybe even More if I missed a few but in general

The trifecta is going to be made up of Three cards that you pick out of those Eight or ten so you would have two cards That earn points at good rates in Categories that you typically spend in And then one more card that gives you Access to transfer partners that you can Get the most value out of and in Chase's Case that one card would also give you Higher value for your points when you Use them through the chase travel portal And in this video I am going to show you The three cards that I chose to make the Perfect Chase Trifecta for me and this Video is brought to you by stash but More on that later so here is my Chase Trifecta now I know what you're gonna Say that's four cards not three now this Isn't eight how many am I holding up Trick how many fingers am I holding up Marv Eight In fact I was only holding up three even Though it looked like four because two Of them were the same car The Chase Freedom yes Chase does let you Have more than one Freedom Card at a Time and will tell you why that is Important in just a second but first let Me point out that my version uh these Are the old Freedom Card that you can Only get through product change if You're a new applicant you could apply For the Chase Freedom Flex instead and

In fact the freedom Flex even gives you Extra point earning categories like Restaurants and drugstores so you'd be Better off with that card anyway so Let's now take a look at what role these Two cards play in the trifecta but first If you're watching this video I know That you are into getting amazing value Out of your payment cards Financial Products and you're also probably into Building your wealth well in order to Build up your personal wealth the app Stash is a great way to get started and A big thank you to stash for sponsoring This portion of the video taking Advantage of Stash's fractional share Feature you can start investing with Small amounts of money like even five Dollars a week for example you can now Invest in some of the most popular Companies like Tesla Microsoft Apple or Disney without having to Fork out over a Hundred dollars for a whole share a key Feature of stash is education both Through stash learn which highlights Financial events and explains Concepts But also through personalized investment Advice to diversify your Holdings which Brings stability something we need in These volatile Financial Times Alternatively you can set up a smart Portfolio in which stash will allocate Funds for you between stocks both U.S And foreign bonds and crypto depending

On your risk level another feature of Stash which I think a lot of you will be Into since this is a video about earning Rewards from payment cards after all Would be their stock back card when you Shop with this card you earn back the Stock of some of your favorite companies Now this is actually a debit card which Is pretty rare to have a debit card that Earns rewards and where some cards earn Cashback or points this card earns stock Back for example fall is almost here and You know what that means Starbucks will Be doing my favorite pumpkin spice latte And now with the stock back card iron Starbucks stock for every pumpkin spice Latte I buy so why not get started today Stash subscription plans start at as Little as three dollars and you can Choose the plan that is right for you And when you click my link below to sign Up you can also get a 25 bonus when you Deposit just five dollars into your Personal portfolio account thanks again To stash for sponsoring at this portion Of the video okay so the two Chase Freedom cards play the role of earning Lots of points in this Trifecta because The Chase Freedom like the Chase Freedom Flex earns five percent which is also Transferable to 5x points per dollar on Fifteen hundred dollars worth of Spending in rotating categories that Change every quarter but if you have two

Freedom cards you basically double that Allowance from one thousand five hundred Dollars to three thousand dollars and in Fact I used to have three Freedom cards From my original allowance was four Thousand five hundred dollars but I Found that I never actually maxed that Out in a quarter so I did actually Cancel one of them so right now I have An allowance of three thousand dollars Per quarter to earn five percent or five X points per dollar on so as long as I Spend one thousand dollars per month 500 On each card I will earn fifteen Thousand chase points per quarter or Sixty thousand per year here's the Cashback calendar for this year we had Grocery in the first quarter easy to Spend three thousand dollars in three Months there then we had Amazon and lows In quarter two again easy and better Than using the Amazon card since its Points rather than cash back points are Potentially more valuable and then this Quarter we have gas EV charging and Entertainment now gas could be harder to Max out because perhaps you don't spend A thousand dollars a month on gas but do Remember whatever you buy from a gas Station convenience store even if you're Not getting gas usually codes as gas Anyway like this purchase here of ice Cream for sixteen dollars from Stuart's Shops coated as gas and triggered the

Five percent bonus and what was that you Don't know what Stuart shops is well Stuart shops is one of the 31 ways you Know you're from upstate New York it's a Gas station that does really great ice Cream too anyway the Freedom Card all The freedom Flex are cards that I really Stand behind they allow you to earn Chase points at a 5x multiplier which is Basically As Good As It Gets with no Annual fee this is a card I'll never Cancel I'll never let anyone take it Away from me Oh radar Now let's move on to the next card in my Trifecta the Chase Ink unlimited now This the Chase Ink unlimited which is a Business card that is my catch-all card For non-category spending it earns 1.5 Points per dollar on all purchases and It has no annual fee now this is a Business card so if you don't run a Business or you're not a freelancer so You wouldn't really qualify for this Card although it is pretty easy to get But anyway if you think you wouldn't Qualify you could substitute this with The freedom unlimited which also earns 1.5 points for Dollar on all purchases But the income limited is great for two More things number one is that there is Currently a 75 000 Point welcome bonus For spending six thousand dollars in Three months and that's easily worth

Over a thousand dollars I use this bonus To fly from London to New York in United's Polaris business class getting Over four thousand dollars in value out Of it then in addition to that the card Also has a zero percent APR offer Basically think of that as an Interest-free loan for the first year of Card membership I'm using this feature To buy ten thousand dollars worth of Furniture for my new Airbnb business Which is starting up next month like all This stuff was bought with that car we Got beds mattresses Bedside tables and much more and we'll Pay it off with the profits from the Business so that is my non-category Spend card and the things I'm using it For like furniture and hardware stores They're not a very common category Anyway so having a non-category spend Card that earns more than one point per Dollar for those categories and whatever Other categories I choose is great now Sure you could get the city double cash For two City points per dollar but those Aren't chase points okay and in the Chase system 1.5 points per dollar is as Good it gets on non-category spend all Right let's now look at the third or Fourth card however you see it in my Chase Trifecta the chase Inc preferred Now this the Chase Ink preferred is the Car that ties it all together now you

Might be surprised that this isn't one Of the Chase Sapphire cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve that would get me Airport lounge access but I actually get My airport lounge access from the AmEx Platinum that offers way better options Than the chase set our Reserve anyway so I actually downgraded my reserve a Couple of years ago and I downgraded it Into one of those two freedoms that I Showed you earlier but the Chase Ink Preferred which is also a business card Allows me to do two things firstly it Gives me a few more earning categories It allows me to earn three points per Dollar on shipping purchases internet Cable and phone services advertising Purchases with social media and search Engines and travel so I used the card For shipping and non-airline travel Purchases like public transport I say Non-airline travel because the AmEx Platinum earns five points per dollar on Flight tickets booked directly with Airlines so I always use that for Flights then the second and most Important feature of the chase Inc Preferred is that it allows me to redeem Points at higher values so I can Transfer my points over from the Chase Freedom and the Chase Ink unlimited and They immediately become worth 1.25 cents Per point when I use the points through The travel portal so those 5x or 5

Categories on The Chase Freedom where You can now think of them as earning 7.5 Percent back in value but there is more The chase Inc preferred like the Chase Sapphire cards gives you access to Chase's 14 Airline and hotel Transfer Partners which include Airlines such as United and British Airways and hotels Like Hyatt and Marriott and it's here That we can get huge value out of our Points I got about four thousand dollars In value when I redeemed sixty thousand Points for that United Polaris ticket That I showed you a little bit earlier With chase points they don't all pool Into one account like Amex points do Instead you have to combine your points On the combined points page in the Ultimate Rewards portal so I'll be Taking points from the two freedoms and The ink unlimited and moving them to the Ink preferred where I can transfer onto Airlines or use the points at 1.25 cents Per Point through the travel portal now The chase Inc preferred also provides Trip cancellation and Interruption Insurance and primary collision damage Waiver for rental cars so this is the Card that you would use for any travel Or rental car bookings from the trifect And it only has a 95 annual fee and in Fact that is the annual fee for the Entire Trifecta since none of the other Cards have Annual fees

So let's now recap the pros and cons of This particular Trifecta setup The pros are that you get good earning Rates on the rotating categories which Will often include Grocery and gas but Just not every quarter you get better Than one point per dollar on Non-category spend you get good rates on Travel and shipping you get 14 Transfer Partners good travel insurance and car Rental coverage and there is a super low Annual fee of just 95 for the entire Trifecta and then one more thing is that Two of the cards are business cards so They don't show up on your personal Credit report meaning that you can Max Them out if you wish without any effect On your personal credit score now here Are the cons first one is that there is No fixed bonus on dining and grocery now These are two really big spending Categories you can fix this for dining By getting the freedom Flex instead of One of the freedom cards in fact if You're a new applicant you'd have to do That anyway since the freedom cards are Only available through product change And the freedom Flex earns three points Per dollar on dining so that kind of Fixes that and I would do this I would Product change the free in Flex if it Wasn't for the fact that I have the AmEx Gold which earns four points per dollar On dining anyway so I use that for

Dining then you could also get the Chase Sapphire preferred which does three Points per dollar on online grocery but That is a bit limiting and this is a Limitation of the entire Chase system Not just this particular trifecta in That they don't really offer a car that Does a good permanent rate on groceries So again you could get the AmEx gold for Four points per dollar on grocery if you Wanted a card with a really good Permanent rate on grocery but don't Forget that the Chase Freedom cards will Typically offer five percent on grocery Or 5x on grocery for at least one of the Quarters each year then with this Particular Trifecta it isn't the best Rate that you can get for the points on The Travel portal okay the Chase Sapphire Reserve gets 1.5 cents per Point on the Travel portal so if you Were someone who did a lot of travel Portal bookings you may want to Substitute the ink preferred for the Sapphire Reserve then another con is That there is no airport lounge access With this trifecta I get my lounge Access from the AmEx Platinum but if you Want to be completely in the chase System and lounge access is important For you again you just substitute the Ink preferred with the sapphire Reserve Then lastly the two business cards may Make it tough for someone who isn't a

Business person or who isn't a Freelancer to get this particular setup But that's my Trifecta guys what do you Think of it leave your comments below And also tell me what cards are in your Trifecta I will link to many of the Cards mentioned in the description below And also don't forget to get a 50 bonus When you sign up for stash and deposit Just one dollar link for that will be The top Link in the description section Of this video please subscribe to the Channel if you're new give this video a Like and we'll see you next time bye

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