New Amex Bonus Rules (STRICT) + How to Get 90k BONUS on Venture X

New Amex Bonus Rules (STRICT) + How to Get 90k BONUS on Venture X

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And yes American Express has done it Again they are bringing in some new Quite harsh bonus rules on some of their Cards and we're going to go through that For you today but there is also some Good news about the Capital One Venture X card and we're going to tell you how You can get a 90 000 Point welcome bonus On that card we'll go into that a bit Later in the video and before we start My name is Ben Hedges aka the credit Shufu we cover all things credit cards Luxury travel and personal finance on This channel if you do want to subscribe On YouTube it's free so feel free to do So you can also follow me on the other Micro content sites like Tick Tock Instagram reels Etc so American Express Is known for its once in a lifetime Language on credit card bonuses I.E if You have got a credit card bonus on a Certain credit card once in your Lifetime you cannot get it again like You get a platinum card bonus you can't Get it again but there was a trick where Different versions of the Platinum Counted as different cards however a few Months ago American Express added this Language to their terms and conditions For the Platinum Card you may not be Eligible to receive a welcome bonus Offer if you have or have had this card The platinum card from American Express

Exclusively for Charles Schwab the Platinum card from American Express Exclusively for Morgan Stanley or Previous versions of these cards so you Can no longer get a bonus on say the Schwab Platinum if you already had one On the vanilla Platinum which is the Regular Platinum now you might be Thinking well Ben that's old news that Happened a few months ago well yes but Now Amex has done a quite similar thing For its Delta Airlines credit cards and They've added some language to the terms And conditions so let's start with the Goal card which is the lowest of the Three you may not be eligible to receive A welcome offer if you have or have had This card the Delta Sky Mars Platinum American Express card the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express card or Previous versions of these cards so Basically if you have had welcome Bonuses on any of the other Delta cards In the series you cannot get a bonus on The Delta Gold let's now look at the Delta Platinum you may not be eligible To receive a welcome offer if you have Or have had this card the Delta Sky Miles Reserve American Express card or Previous versions of these cards you Notice something it only mentions the Delta Reserve so you could actually get A welcome bonus on the Delta Platinum if You had had a welcome bonus on the Delta

Gold before let's now look at the new Restrictions on the Delta reserve and Then I will tell you about the pattern That I see emerging here you may not be Eligible to receive a welcome offer if You have had this card or previous Versions of this card so the Delta Reserve does not mention the other two Cards it just mentions amex's standard Once in a lifetime language I.E you can Only have a bonus on the card once in Your lifetime should I make The Reincarnation joke no done it too many Times already okay so the pattern I see Here is that whatever card you have you Cannot get the welcome bonus on any card Below it IE cards with lower Annual fees But if you started with the gold card Got the bonus you could then go on to Get the bonus on the platinum card and Then after that go on to get the bonus On the reserve card you can go upwards In ascending order and get the bonuses On each card so they've designed it in Such a way that it's okay to climb the Ladder climbing a credit card ladder if You will but if you got say the reserve And then you decided that you wanted to Downgrade and instead of doing a product Change you thought okay I'll do a new Application so that I can get a bonus on Say the gold or the Platinum well that's Not going to work now you're not allowed To do that you won't get that bonus you

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Might as well just do a product change And downgrade your card instead now Danny the deal Guru has pointed out on His website that you might be able to Find an offer for one of these cards Without this language on this website in the past there have Been offers with no lifetime language Through this site so in the future we Might see a language that does not have The restrictions pertaining to other Cards as well but these are for targeted Offers that you may have got in the mail Or email you have to enter your SkyMiles Number and your last name I tried it and I wasn't offered anything I also logged Into my SkyMiles account to see if there Was any difference if you were logged in And all the offers I had on there for The cards did have these restrictions as Well for your information these are the Current bonuses on the Delta Annex cards And guys if you are still interested in The Delta cards despite these Restrictions and the recent restrictions On lounge access I mean the cards do Still have their perks like you get free Trek bags you get a 15 discount when you Book with points as long as you hold the Card which is pretty useful so if you Are for some reason still interested in Them I will put my credit card guide Below now I don't have the Delta cards On my site but if you click through the

AmEx gold it will take you to or you can search by Issuer so you search by American Express And you can find the Delta cards or any Other cards that you may be interested In for that matter and using our links Does really help support us keep putting Out content here on YouTube so we thank You very much if you do all right let's Move on to some good news about the Venture X but first of all if you have a Express cards the sponsor of today's Video may be really useful to you now First if you have just a lot of credit Cards in general and you're looking for A way to keep track of all your Transactions your balances your points And Miles balances all in one place You've got to check out the smartphone App Max rewards it pulls data from all Of your credit cards even if they are From different credit card issuers in One easy to use dashboard it also tracks Spending categories even the spending Categories that change every quarter and It will always recommend the best card To use for every purchase now if you Have American Express cards like we said Max rewards is especially useful because If you have the pro version Max rewards Gold it will activate all of your Amex Offers on your cards for you adding them To your cards so that you never miss a Deal the average user saves around 700 a

Year through Amex offers I personally Have accidentally used Amex offers while I'm out shopping and I've come home got An email saying I saved some money I Didn't even know I had these offers they Were activated by Max rewards and guys You can get a free month of Max rewards Gold with my link below or you can just Download it and check out the free Features alright let's move on to Talking about the Capital One Venture X So with the Capital One Venture X which Is one of the most popular new travel Cards out there there is some good news And some ever so slightly bad news now The bad news came out about a week ago And I haven't talked about it on this Channel yet so we'll talk about it now And that is that the 300 travel credit That refunds about 75 of the annual fee Has changed from a statement credit to a Discount so how it works is that when You book travel through Capital One Travel you apply like a coupon at Checkout which lowers the price of what You're booking now you might think isn't That the same thing well it kind of is But The crucial part is that because it Now gives you a discount instead of a Statement credit that full price of the Plane ticket or hotel reservation is not Charged to your card it's already Discounted at the time of purchase so You're not going to earn points on that

Amount of money covered by by the travel Credit previously you would be charged The full amount you'd earn points on Everything and then a statement credit Would be applied to your account now Personally I think that this really is Not a big deal now I'm pretty old and if You've been in the credit card game as Long as I have you will remember that Back in 2016 when the Chase Sapphire Reserve was released Sapphire Reserve Has a 300 travel credit along with a Load of other things like there was a Hundred thousand Point bonus at launch Date the travel credit was calendar year Not card member year so you can get it Twice in your first year Etc and the Card at that time was just sort of too Good to be true it was only a matter of Time before benefits started getting Chopped and about a year later they did Basically the same thing that Capital One has just done with their travel Credit but they did it in a slightly Different way they just added terms to The terms and conditions saying that the Money that you spend that gets refunded By the statement credit will not earn Points so in my opinion this change with The Capital One Venture X it's a very Obvious change a standard way that Credit card companies start to tighten Their belts save a bit of money after They spent a lot on a big launch and it

Really isn't a big deal let's now move On to talking about some good news to do With the Venture X so the current public Bonus is 75 000 points but there is a New secret 90 000 Point welcome bonus That you can get now this guy on Reddit Was able to find it he's posted the link Here and you can see below he says keep In mind the travel credit got nerfed Earlier this week which you know that I Don't think is a big deal but anyway if You click through that link he's posted On there it really does take you to Capital one's website and it is a direct Link to 90 000 points for spending four Thousand dollars in your first three Months and credit card companies do Often do this they have extra URLs that Are not public and that give a higher Bonus than what is publicly available And we often see this before that higher Bonus actually comes back with a public Offer so my guess is in a few weeks Maybe you will see a public 90 000 Point Bonus on the Venture X perhaps and that Would be close to the all-time high of a Hundred thousand points that we saw on The launch of this card but until then You can still get this through the Secret link offer and I will put a link To that Reddit post where you can find The link in a pin comment below all Right one final bit of positive news About the Capital One Venture X and that

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Is that there is currently a 15 transfer Bonus when you transfer Capital miles to Avianca there is a landing page that Explains the promotion and basically Whenever you transfer your Capital One Miles over it's Avianca that gives you a 15 bonus so you will not see this in Your Capital One account but you will Get that extra 15 as long as you do it In the promotion period which is September 15th to September 30th 2023 so You have just like two weeks to do this A navi anchor it's a pretty good Airline There are apparently some pretty sweet Spots in their reward chart that you can Get some pretty good deals so do your Own research in that you can Google it Look at all the usual travel blogs and Stuff to find out information about it But uh there definitely are some sweet Deals you can get through anchor and Guys that is the video for today I hope You have enjoyed it I'll put links to a Load of the stuff I talked about in a Pinned comment below don't forget to get A free month of Max rewards gold with my Link you can also check out my credit Card guide as well please subscribe if You're new we'll see you next time bye

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