New Benefits Coming to the Amex Business Platinum?

New Benefits Coming to the Amex Business Platinum?

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And I was checking the credit card Industry news this morning and I noticed That on deals there was this Article potential big changes to the Business Platinum AMX so basically this Guy was browsing the benefits page of His business platinum card and he Noticed that there are now end dates Next to three of the benefits the $400 Perear Dell credit the $360 indeed credit and the $150 Adobe Credit it now says an end date of 12 3124 for those benefits so the end of The year here it is on his website and I Was able to verify it on my account too It's actually on the landing page anyway Publicly now what he is suggesting is That those benefits will end on that Date the last day of 2024 and then Probably will be replaced by something Else actually you may see new benefits Come in even before then and be able to Effectively double up if you apply for The card at the the right time before The old benefits end but after the new Benefits come in this has happened Before with the AMX gold for example When it still had the $100 Airline Credit but the new Uber credit had Already started but alternatively I had A thought that what if AMX is just Writing the end date since it is an Annual credit issued each calendar year

And they will replace it with a new end Date next year and it's not actually Ending at all that would mean they'd Have to update the page every year Though so normally when there is a date With the these things it means that Their contract with those companies Providing those benefits lasts until That date and then it could either be Ended or renewed the author of the Article Andy maderas says he tried to Contact AMX for comment but no rep would Confirm what the end date meant now I Know what I would like to see on this Card and let's talk about that but first If you do have Amex cards or any cards For that matter you love the sponsor of Today's video max rewards it is a Convenient smartphone app that links to All of your credit cards even if they're From different issuers and gives you all Of your balances transactions points and Rewards balances in one place you'll Never miss a bill and you'll always be Able to see which card earns the best Rewards rate in which category if you Have AMX cards the pro version of the App Max rewards gold is even more useful Because it activates all of your MX Offers for you so that you never miss a Deal you can get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below or just Download it and check out the free Features all right so many of these

Credits I do see as useless anyway Except for the Dell credit which I like Because it's valid for anything from I normally buy hard drives Twice a year with it to back up my YouTube videos on and those hard drives That I buy aren't even made by Dell but They're sold on it's still Valid even if you don't need any Electronics you could potentially still Buy something from there and then sell It on eBay just to use the credit and Get your money back but the other Credits are pretty useless in my opinion The Adobe credit only works on certain Versions of the Adobe software for Example the annual prepaid business plan Not the basic Adobe Creative Suite that Most YouTubers use so for me the Adobe Credit is of $0 in value then we have The indeed credit which is for the job Site well I only employ one Person and I hired him after just Hearing about him through Word of Mouth Where I live so I have no use for an Online employment agency credit so That's zero dollar in value for me as Well so I'm actually pleased that these Might be going or at least two out of The three and I'd like to see some Credits replace them that are easy to Use maybe a credit for any monthly Software subscription instead of just a Very specific product by Adobe I would

Say get rid of the employment agency Credit alog together many of the people With this card are small mom and pop Businesses that don't even use an agency To hire people they perhaps just post a Sign in the window of their store or Whatever save the indeed credit for like The corporate platinum card or whatever And as for the Dell credit I would be Okay with them renewing that I think It's pretty easy for most people to get Value out of it like we said even if you Don't want any Electronics you could Just buy something and sell it on eBay But hey why don't we just get rid of all The credits and lower the annual fee go Back to the good old days before you had To jump through a load of Hoops to get Value out of your cards but knowing the Direction AMX is heading in I am Guessing that it is just that their Contract is ending with those three Companies and they will probably find Something else to replace them with and Keep the annual fee the same if that is The case I'd really like to see the $200 Hotel credit from the personal Platinum Come to the business version as well I Find that really useful for booking Hotels through the AMX fine hotels and Resorts collection which I definitely Use at least once a year I hope they Release the information on what they're Going to do soon though because I've

Already planned to cancel this card when The annual fee hits in February I'd like To see if it is worth keeping or not Before then but if we don't know by then I'm afraid I'm just going to cancel all Right guys what do you think about this What benefits would you like to see on The business Platinum instead of these Ones that may be ending at the end of The year leave your comments below and Don't forget to get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below as well Please subscribe to the channel for more Videos like this and we'll see you in The next one bye-bye

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